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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas ... Came and went ...

Hey everyone ... um yeah the one person who still reads me ...
I am so so sorry that I have not posted since the first weekend of December -
It seems that life has taken over me.
I used to wake with the gut feeling that I had to blog ...
and then 2 house, 2 babies and a failing business later I am here ...
Trying to live life and stay on top of all the laundry and house cleaning.
Lets see what is happening here ...
Bowden is the love of my life - (Never thought I would say that)
if you have been here before you know that the first 8 months of his life were nothing to be desired, and if it wasn't for the hubby and I NEVER being on the same page at the same time he may not be here! He is freaking adorable! I just want to mush his face with kisses.

Tatum - she is the bell of the ball. One of the funniest kids I have ever met - and I must say beautiful ... she is now potty trained and at 2.5 (30 months) old she was just moved up to the 3 year old class. I do not think it was because she is super smart - because she isn't - (Still doesn't recite the ABC's by herself and sometimes messes up counting to 10 - but she knows all of her colors, shapes, can identify her veggies, knows all of our FULL names and she can sing all kinds of songs ... just not the ABC's - But she is funny as all get out and freaking adorable!

My business - SUCKS - last year at Christmas we had a HUGE party - gave out bonuses, and paid the guys the week of Christmas to stay at home with their families - this year ... No Party, No WORK, No Bonuses, and the last year 38 employee line has been reduced to 6 - yes 6 ... that includes me ... I even fired my dad.

My Hubby Business ... well someone was going to buy him out - it was going to put A LOT of money in our pocket, and a good job for him ... that would have been a literal move ... Sounds okay to me - But it fell through ... the Banks wouldn't help the 10 million dollar a year company buy him ... for a mere 2 million?! Didn't make sense to us ... but they will try again in a year and maybe we will get even more money?! Everything happens for a reason right?!

Okay now onto what all of you come here for ... yep the one of you that still Visits (Thanks Mel) Pictures:
We went to see Santa -

Cheese - this is the best I could do to get them to sit still - hahah

Such a Sutie Pie - Look at those eyes!

The Little things that Santa left Tatum ... he left her a Kitchen as a big gift

The little things that Santa left Bowden ... he left him a tent with balls and a tunnel as his BIG thing!

Bowden being a ham! Love him!

Monday, December 07, 2009


Christmas is just around the corner and like ALWAYS it was SnowBE Christmas week. It ALWAYS is the first weekend of December and as always it was a BLAST! Thank you Melanie for hosting.
BK showing us the ornament that MelBel's mom made us!
The 2009 SnowBE Christmas Group!

Our lovely faces!

SnowBE Necklace that I got for Melanie and Naji - wanted to do it for everyone but they were a little $$$ so maybe everyone will get one for their birthday's?!

Me and Amy hiding from the rain.

We had a blast - it was COLD ... we adopted twin 5 year old girls for our "project" each got a new 16" bike, each got a pair of jeans, with a shirt and a fleece jacket. They both then got a smaller toy that was on their list. It was a blast. Hope you are all doing well!

Sunday, November 01, 2009


We were Shreck-n' it!
My Dronkie and Fiona

She just eats him up with hugs, and kisses!

My Dronkie ... isn't he so cute!

Our 3 princesses ...
Left - Right and by age ... hahah Olivia Kate, Tatum and Emily Scott!
The Antols and The Kemps had a blast!

All 4 of our babies riding the motor boats! It was a blast!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travels ...

So I was going to have a blog make over done to this plain jane blog, but I can't get it done. I can't find the hours in the day to do what needs to be done, never mind the things I just want done. hahah So you are stuck with this ... blog for now!
Traveling ...
Lets see, we have been camping at Yogi Bear, had family in town for Labor Day weekend, the race in Richmond, Cancun, and a Panthers game since my last post. I can tell you that while all of it was a blast I am TIRED OUT ... too much! Too much for me! This weekend (well tomorrow) we are leaving for the Charlotte races ... yes I just came home from Charlotte Monday ... Next weekend is my mini reunion party that I have been working on for MONTHS! Halloween is open, then Naji and Jarretts wedding, 1 weekend break and then family in town ... weekend break and then headed to Raleigh for my SnowBE's Christmas! Can we say I am ready to be HOME!

Yogi Bear: Our set up ... 4 camper quads and behind us were 4 other campers with us!

This was the "fun" for most of the weekend!

Play-dough time ... the kids LOVED it!

Bowden ... being the happy baby he now is!

Labor day fun:
Most of the gang
Babies at the baseball game!

Bowden playin in the sand!

Tatum building a sand castle with her daddy!

I have so much more to post - but for now this is it ... we went to the Charlotte Races this past weekend and this weekend I have a reunion! I will be back with more pics soon!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Could we be 5?~

So I know that I said be on the look out for a change, but geeze the change has still not happened ... and I was holding out for another post until it did ... but I am giving up on my blog make over. 2 reasons ... 1st I am broke! Broke as a JOKE! Just cut my pay in 1.2 at work to "save" my company. Down from 36 employees to 5. 2nd gave up on the makeover when I figured out that I have to find all of the art work ... OMG that is hard! I can't do it right now!!!

Okay I am rambling ... let me move onto the could we be 5 ...

Over the last 3 days I have been wondering if it is normal that after 5 months of crying (when i found out I was preggo with Bowden) then 3 months of praying for him to hurry up and get a little older so we could get past ALL of HIS crying ... begging people for help because I could NOT handle him, his constant crying and I could not handle the fact that I had 2 babies under 2 ... So after all of that How can I sit here and miss it. Miss my babies, so small and wrinkled ... miss the new born stage with missing it HOW ON EARTH could I have actually said to Andy "we could have another!" He looked at me like I was growing a horn out of my eyes. Bowden walked into day care today. Holding my finger of course, but he walked from the car to his room, then asked me to pick him up, (pull on pant leg and grunts) of course with his big blue eyes and his dimples I could NOT resist! I love that boy ... how could I have so seriously HATED the infant stages with him. He was such a rough baby, really he was ... at 8 months old he was still waking 3-4 times at night. It was tough. It put a lot of strain on me and Andy, our relationship, Tatum, our parents (he was to stay out of day care with them until 1o months, we sent him at 7 months) But my GOSH he is such a good boy now! He is SO SO loving, hugging, kissing and smiling! I want to eat him up! For several split seconds I have thought about WHAT IF ... What if we had another ... I am hoping here that Kimmy will snap me out of this and tell me that it is normal, it is a phase and I am just weird!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look for a CHANGE

Hey everyone ... all 3 of you that read. I am sorry I have been absent. I knew that 2 would be hard, but then when you throw in ALL the other stuff that we do I am way behind. Bowden had a great 1st birthday. We didn't do anything big ... kept it small and had 3 different small celebrations. Tatum thinks that everyday is "Bubbie Burfday" now. It is too cute!

Andy has asked me to make a camping blog ... so rather than doing another one I have decided that this blog is now going to have a BIG CHANGE! I will if needed blog about other things, but I will be mostly posting our camping things.

The first one will be this weekend ... we are going to Tabor City, NC. Yogi Bear Camp Ground. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I think I will become a Dr.

This is serious ...
Pay attention!!!
Last Wednesday we left Myrtle Beach to go to Ohio.
We go to Ohio every year to see my family.
(Well my mom and dad's family)
Thursday we arrive ... have to call my Aunt's Dr and BEG them to see Tatum.
She was diagnosed with the Croup.
IT IS VIRAL ... which in turn means NO MEDS for you ... good luck with cranky baby!
Friday Bowden started to get very very cranky.
I chalked it up as a tooth (that has been trying to come out for MONTHS) and the "Croup!"
He ran a fever ALL day ... but as you know NIGHT time is 100% WORSE!!!
So at 4 am we woke with a 103 fever ... his legs were swollen and he was SCREAMING!
We finally left for the ER around 6:30 am.
They sent us home ... "it is viral, it will play it's course."
That day was rough ... a lot of crying and in and out of sleep ...
That day was not SO FUN!
Saturday night was HORRIBLE ... he cried all night HOURS and HOURS of screaming!
FINALLY at 4:15 am Andy and I decided that it was NOT viral and it was time to go back to ER.
(now remember we were in a RV with 4 adults and our 2 kids, also a MEAN ASS dog)
On the way to the Dr I called our local Dr. Crying ... yes of course I was crying!
She told us to go back to ER and demand that we not leave UNTIL they tell us SOMETHING!
X-ray, Blood work, and a catheter ... still NOTHING!
Things from there started to get a little better, but not great ...
He had a low grade fever and we decided to come home a day early ...
We packed up and headed home on Monday!
We got home Tuesday ... swam in the pool and river ... relaxed and just hung out!
I kept them from home on Wednesday ... thought that they needed a "break!"
Thursday I took them to day care ...
We didn't even make it to 11 and they called!
He was miserable ... has a rash and high fever, wont stop crying!
We go get him and take him to our Dr.
Guess ... just Guess what they said ...
VIRAL ... NOTHING is wrong with him!
Are you shitting me?~
They did give him a steroid to try and kick his body into getting better ...
I am loosing MY MIND!
I am going to go to school to become a Dr.
I think it would be cheaper than ALL the visits to the Dr.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Praying ... are YOU?!

Praying for Stellan!!!
Please pray with me!

Friday, July 24, 2009

SO MUCH Going on I can't see straight!

Last weekend we went to a wedding ...
Lisa and Vinnie got Hitched!
It was in MD!
We had a BLAST!
Missed the babies!
This week it has been Dr appointment after Dr appointment!
Wednesday Bowden went to MUSC to see the GI specialist about his acid reflux.
Wednesday night we went to a Baseball game ... we were in the box!
Tatum fell off of a stool.
Fell right on her head/forehead! Scared me to death!
I called the Dr that moment!
They told me to "watch" her close!
I did ... she seemed fine!
Thursday daycare called at 2 - she had blood coming from her ear!
I went as fast as I could to pick her up and took her to her Dr.
Dr said it was fine - she could have caused a blood clot to bust loose ...
I was so upset I never asked if it was her head ... they told me to take her to the ENT ASAP!
That night I woke her every 2 hours just to make sure she was fine!
ASAP was this am at 8:30! (Thank you Dr Rosner, we love you)
We got there ... Dr said everything was FINE.
Blood clot was from her body trying to get rid of the silicone ear tube!
The fall knocked it loose, it was not her BRAIN!
YES I cried!
They drained and suctioned her ear.
SHE is fine! I however need a drink!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need Bloomers

Can anyone tell me where to get cute bloomers for Tatum ...
All I can find is the long ugly old ones!
All of her Dresses up until now have come with them ...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Family Night Out

Well I am not that great at just "doing!"
I am sure if you have been visiting my blog for sometime
that you know I am not great at differing from my schedule.
My Children are VERY scheduled!
(note the VERY)
Breakfast between 7 and 8 am ... 7 m-f 8 on the weekends
they are obviously on a schedule at daycare
even at home ... they are scheduled ... on Saturday and Sunday
we have 2 snacks one in am one after nap
we still do nap around 12 - and it lasts 2 hours
Dinner between 5:30 and 6 (no matter what day of the week)
Bath no later than 8 (usually is around 7)
and bed is usually no later than 8 ... we have been off the 8 pm bed time 4 times ...
Tonight was one of those nights!
For the FIRST time since Bowden was not considered a new born we went to dinner.
Dinner OUT ... yes we did. I was so so worried ...
but for the most part my kids rocked it!
We only got the eye roll from 1 person in the restaurant and really it was not worthily!
Bowden was "talking" loudly, but it was not a scream and it was not a cry ...
BaBab Dada Mama NiNi ... that is what he was saying and while she could hear it ...
she was definitely a BITCH ... old and must have been past her bed time! hahah
Anyway it went well ... we are home and in bed ... they made it to bed with bath by 8:15 ... so still not bad! I know this means we can do it more, but it wont be OFTEN! Stresses me out!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tatum goes to the Ball Park
Um yeah this was one of 3 times that the child has been up past 7:30 pm.
I am a freak about her schedule ... it really stresses me out if we are not home and in bed on time ... but we did a late nap and guess what ... she did GREAT! Not even 1 melt down!
I think it helped that we were in a box with food and place to run!
The crowd cheered for a good play ... she joined them!

Tatum and her friend Kaylie ... so glad her and her Daddy joined us!
I love this one ... she was sitting on my lap ...

Bowden Gets Tubes ...

Just like his sister ... I couldn't resist the pictures in that cute little gown ... Of course we were again the only ones in the place with a camera! HAHA

To see Tatum in her gown click HERE

We arrive at the surgery center at 6:30 am

Bowden is STARVING ... hasn't eaten since 11:30 pm

I woke him to feed him knowing if I didn't this would be a bad day

he was happy and really was a good baby!
Look at that diaper hinney ... don't you want to pinch it?!
He has no idea they are coming to get him!
Arrive Surgery at 6:30
Leave by 8
Home playing by 8:45

He did GREAT!

Fun in the Fort!

My mom bought Tatum a tent/tunnel thing for her Birthday ... She has been begging Bowden to go through the tunnel ... but he wont! I decided we (me and dad) needed to play with her ...

Um yeah ... check this out:

Mommy crawls through the tunnel ... Tatum came over top of me and out of the tunnel also!

Daddy trying very hard to get out of the tunnel!

Bowden trying to tell Dada that it is okay ... he IS here to help with a pat pat pat!


  • Bowden got tubes on Tuesday, he is doing well! No GREAT changes yet, but I think things will start to get better with his breathing and his constant ear aches.
  • I have tons and tons of pictures I want to share with all of you and NO (NONE) time to do that right now!
  • I am not sure who I let schedule all the things for me that are on my calendar, but I say it every year ... I wont do all of that again.
  • I am not so much into blogging that much anymore ... why you say?! Well I really feel out of control. EVERY blog I read is struggling with; loss, money, posting, romantically, or even with pregnancy. It is not building my spirits any and yes I am one struggling also!
  • um yeah that is about it for me ... I am out ... love you all ... sorry I have been absent and I will be back to post some pictures!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do you think she is excited?!

Tatum LOVED, LOVED the cake, singing and the candles ...

all she wanted was more more more!

My baby is 2

I am so not sure where all the time went, but it has been 2 FULL years since my Tata was born. Today my sweet baby girl turns 2. I can't believe she is 2. I messed up her 1 year birthday party ... it was HOT, I was 7.5 months preggo and it snuck up and screeched out the door before I knew it. This year I am a little more prepared. We are having a double birthday party for her and one of my best friends daughter. Kaylie is turning 3, Tatum is turning 2. Since we would have invited ALL the same people we just doubled it up. We are having a pool party Saturday in the day and then that evening all babies go to Grandparents and the adults are having a cook out at our house! I can't wait! Melbel found this cute outfit for me on Etsy for Tatum ... check her out ...

Baby girl I don't even know where to start. The last 2 years have been the best of my life. I can remember my parents telling me to enjoy high school, that those days would be some of the best in my life. Now they are telling me to enjoy your baby years, that soon I will miss the sleepless nights and the cries, rocking and diapers. I see it already. You are growing like a weed. Your smile in infectious and your laugh is breath taking. You are my sunshine. I look forward to your hugs, smiles and "isses", yes even with open mouth. You are such a joy, hardly ever a bad baby. A great sleeper, great eater and a wonderful big sister. You know exactly how to make people laugh and when you catch onto them laughing you will do it every time you see them ... just to make them laugh. I love you, I cherish every moment we have together and I look forward to every moment we will have in the future. I love you, you are my sunshine and hope you have a great birthday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let Summer Begin

Um can we all say BUSY?!
Memorial weekend was the start of all of it for us ...
Saturday we went to the beach,
Sunday we went to the River,
Monday we had a cook out and pool party!
My kids are exhausted!
I am exhausted!
This weekend we are going camping ...
Local to Pirate Land!
With 10 other couples and kids too!
I think all in all there will be 24 of us ... not including any visitors!
Next weekend we are camping again ...
Out of town for my Hubby's Family Reunion!
The weekend after that he has a catering!
The rest of the summer consists of 2 weddings, a bachlorette party and another race!
Tatum and Bowden's Birthday parties.
A trip to Ohio and ending it all with a trip to Cancun ...
Um yeah does that leave any time to breath?!
Pray for us all!

For your viewing pleasure ... My babies

I'm gonna get you ...
Drama Queen

Beach Baby!

River Rat!

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is wrong?!

Can anyone tell me why MY blogger isn't updating me?!
I installed the ever so nice blog roll on my side bar ...
it is supposed to update each blog with their last post?!
It isn't working ... WHY?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's My Birthday

I am 34 ... holly cow I am getting up there!
Tuesday my girls took me out to dinner and to a bar afterwards to celebrate early.
I had a blast, but it was not a good idea to go out on a work night.
It took me all day yesterday to recover!
Like always it is Bike Week ... my birthday is always during bike week
and really I think that it is the BEST present. I am in awwe of all the noise, and bikes.
I wish I were not so afraid of riding my own bike.
I used to ride my own bike ... now I am scared. I guess babies will do that to you!
Of course my husband was wonderful today ...
I woke to 2 cards one from him and the other from the babies ...
The card from him ... is the SAME card I got last year read here.
It made me cry last year and again this year. I told him this am it was the same card!
He giggled and asked why they don't take them from the shelf.
I told him I didn't care if he gave me the same card for the rest of my life!
I still have last years card ... and now I have this one too!
I will keep both forever!
Along with the card I got a gift certificate to shop ... I need new clothes! YEAH ME!
(I am still loosing weight)
He also got me a gift certificate for a spa day!
And a small shelf with a picture frame arrangement on it that spells family! I love it!
So dear Internet ... I am off to have a great day ... getting older and wiser!
Hope you all send me birthday wishes!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Less than a month

In less than 1 month by baby girl will be 2.
OMG where has all that time gone?!
That is the hard thing of having 2 under 2 ~
I feel like I miss so much with each of them!
We will be having a pool party for her in June just after her real B-day.
Anyone have any suggestions for some cool toys?!
I already bought her the Birthday outfit!
I can't wait to show you pictures~!
PS the boy ... slept great for 3.5 full weeks - 7 - 6:30 it was wonderful!
Now we are back to waking up at least 2 times - going back to the Chiropractor!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night we were playing the OH so fun "where's Tatum game?"
She was running around "I runnnnin" the house.
When she would put the bag on her head she would stop dead in her tracks ... 
We would all say "where's Tatum?' 
You all know the game -
Each time she removed the bag we would say "There's Tatum" 
okay so here is the funny - 

After about the 3rd time of me saying "there's Tatum" 
she would pull the bag off her head and say "thre she is" 
the next time she would say "I fnd her" 
It was so funny I almost peed my pants! 
She also got to the point where she would have the bag on her own head and say "were tata."

She is amazing me with all that she is saying now! 
PS I tried to video it, but every time I tried she would stop. 
Gotta get her used to the camera - when you pull it out she says "picher cheeeesss" and pauses for you to take her picture - she doesn't get that we are trying to take video! hahaha   

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am whispering this post ...
I am afraid if I say it out loud it will all change ...
The BOY ... the Hell Pest ... the one I haven't been enjoying ...
He has turned the corner!
He is human!
He still has his moments, he still spits up a few times a day.
He still requires being rocked to sleep.
BUT ...
He is sleeping so well!
He is NOT crying near like he was!
He is smiling a lot!
FINALLY at 8.5 months he is giggling.
That is the best sound ever ... I never thought I would hear him laugh!
But yep he is ... he is giggling, and he is too too cute!
Thank God he is so cute or I wouldn't have gotten to see this part of him! hahah
Please keep praying for us ... I hope this post doesn't bite me in the ass!
PS he has been doing better for about 3 weeks ... I was scared to write about it before now! haha!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Me and My BE otches

We call ourselves the SnowBE's.
We all went to college together.
As the years have passed we have all be there for each other!
This weekend was just another one of those weekends.
It was Lisa's Bachlorette Party.
She is finally getting a middle name!!!
I had fun, and it was so nice to get away from the babies and the hubby.
But to tell you the TRUTH ... I missed them so so much!
It was almost like a panic would just take over me.
I would be sitting there laughing having a ball then BAMM I would be crying.
It is SO overwhelming to be away from them.
I love my girls, I LOVED my time with them,
but I hope that leaving my babies will get easier soon!

I will see them all again soon ... we have Lisa's wedding in July.

Naji bachlorette party in August, and her wedding in November.

I love you all ... I had a blast!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No words

I am in a rut ... I don't have much to say other than WHEN?!
Wont you all pray that the courts will hurry UP and get us in to hear our case.
Oh wait ... have I told you?! Do you know what I am talking about?!
Work -
My work sucks right now. We are on the brink of bankruptcy.
2 weeks we have had to hold off payroll and my dad and I have had to wait 2 weeks for our pay.
We have a $451,000 lien on a job. Not to bore you ... the contractor bonded it off.
So the job was able to get the CO (certificate of occupancy) and now we just wait.
The Lawyer said it could be MONTHS ... Months ... are you serious?!
We wont make it months.
So you add that to having 2 babies under 2, a workaholic husband and the fact that my dad is 63 and does not deserve this ... you can say I am a mess! Yep a mess!
Pray for me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great day

So yesterday was the ABSOLUTE best day EVER with Bowden.
He was an angle ... I don't think he cried all day ... matter of fact I know he didn't!
He took 3 naps ... 2 20 minutes and 1 that was almost 45.
He played and smiled all day! He was so much fun!
However ... Tatum was SICK! She ran a fever on and off all day! Runny nose and bad cough!
Today Bowden was back to his same old ways ... cried all day and didn't sleep at all.
He now is sick and has the fever and cough. It is horrible!
I am glad that I had yesterday with him ... makes all of the bad days worth it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry it is late - here is our Easter in Pictures!
Tatum is taking her Bubbie down the slide with her ...
This my friends is why I have not given him away yet ...
isn't he just adorable!
HAHA this is what they would say if they spoke adult language:
Bowden - "why is she yelling like a cheetah?"
Tatum - "OMG give me my basket!"
Bowden - "Hell no - not until you quit hitting me in the head!"

Did you guys know she could wear something other than pink?!

My gosh we make pretty babies!