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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tatum is 3

WOW how time flies - My baby girl is 3!
I cried on her Birthday (Friday) I can't believe how fast it is going.
My husband makes fun of me for snapping SO MANY pictures ...
boy oh boy am I glad that I do!
My Dear Tatum,
You are the brightest star in my ski.
You amaze me everyday, your smile melts my heart.
The way that you love and share with your brother is a breath of fresh air.
You are fearless, but a little shy too.
You are so so smart. You passed your 3 year old assessment as a 4 year old level.
You are SO FUNNY and make me laugh so hard at times I think I may fall over.
You have the best hugs, kisses and the BIGGEST tears.
You are great at throwing a fit and trying to get JUST what you want. I struggle EVERYDAY not to give in. But for you and your future I am doing my best to stand ground when I think it is needed.
You so peese and tankyou with everything and have finally started to say wlcome after each and every thank you that I give you.
You are a great swimmer, you can swim without your swimmies (only under water) from one narrow side to side of the pool.
You love the be outside. You really don't like TV but you will ask every night to watch Mickey Mouse.
You love Minnie Mouse SO MUCH that right now you often call yourself Minnie if anyone says you are "goofy or silly" "No I'm Minnie" and I laugh EVERY TIME!
You love to sing "You are my sunshine."
Your favorite color is pink and no matter what it is is HAS TO BE PINK!
You are getting very good at talking on the phone, you actually listen and answer no instead of just a nod of the head.
You know your birth date, our names and your name.
You can count to 20, sing your ABC with pride!
You know Tons of songs and can recite so many books that we ready daily.
You know all of your colors, what to mix to make more colors and you are getting very good at tracing your name, and drawing T's and X's.
You love to color and love to paint.
You love to swing and BEG to go HIGHER HIGHER before I am even done pushing you.
You almost know my phone number ... you mix up the first part but someone could find me if needed!
You are getting better at goodbyes and hugs. You haven't always been a "lover" you were more of a "this is my space girl" but you are getting more affectionate (even your teachers think so.)
You are in gymnastics at school and you LOVE IT!
You are currently also taking swim classes that you hate!
You love to go see Daddy at work and pick out your own 'Fruit!"
I love you with all my heart, you have changed my world.
You have changed my relationship with my mom. (in good ways)
You are a joy, a ray of sunshine and I am blessed to call you mine!
I love you with all my heart!