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Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Girl's Bling Bling

Took the baby girl to get her ears pierced on Friday - have been trying ever since to get some good pictures of them, however she is just like her Mommy and LOVES the camera. So I had a very hard time getting pictures of her ears instead of her beautiful smile. Haha - I guess that is a good thing for picture day, but not for ear day! haha

Anyway the only ones I got were of her playing with her Daddy and her eating, so sorry they aren't great, but you can see her ears!

Love to you all!

Eating her dinner like a BIG girl!

Hey ya'll!

Eating a fist full of Peas!

New game - get the bottle lid on my head!

Last but not least - Mommies FAVORITE!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I miss everything

Today the boys - my Dad and Andy went to the house to work - I cried! I hate it, I am the worker, I am the nailer and the measurer, I am the handy one! Damn it and here I sat all freaking day watching the baby which by the way is becoming a chore because she is now sitting up on her own and there for she can now STAND up in her crib! She pulls her self up and stands over it looking like King Kong. So it about kills me to put her down for a nap! Haha

Anyway the boys were at the house, doing what I want to do and guess what - the lady that we bought the house from stopped by - yep I missed it. Andy took her picture and walked the house with her for 2 hours. Yep 2 hours! I would post her picture but he didn't ask her if I could, but I will tell you this - she looked like the old lady from Titanic - just like her! It was amazing! Of course when I saw the pictures I cried again.

Well that is it for today!

Friday, February 22, 2008

So sorry

I know I said I would post pictures and tell you all about Daytona and I AM SORRY, but I am exhausted. With my mom not having a car, trying to catch up at work and trying to get the NEW house back on track I am about to DROP!~
So not much to say today ... I am off to bed - but I do have 2 things for you
1st - I took Tatum to get her ears pierced today - pictures later
2nd - Katie at Cup of Joe - this is for you -
for real you guys I was watching Amer*ican Id*ol and OMG rewind rewind - it was a R**ms To Go commercial and it was just for Katie - And YES I did take a picture of my TV I searched high and low for the commercial on tv could not find it!

You like my oranges? They are real, My oranges!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Home, Alive and Glad NO ONE was hurt!

Hey everyone - we are home - many many pictures to come, but now I have to take a bath and go to bed! We are home it took about 3 hours longer than it should have ... because we tow my Mom's (brand new) Ford Explorer behind our RV ... well this time (the first time we have towed THIS car, but have towed many others) the hitch broke off and the car went flying down the street. YES you read that correctly ... Andy was driving my dad was napping, I had just put Tatum back in her Car Seat from her lunch feeding and I heard Andy say "Ron we lost the car" I looked up from the sofa and out the driver side and yep there was the royal blue explorer going down the road all by its self - it was about to pass us. For SOME unknown reason Andy took 17 South (a 2 lane/4 lane road) instead of the usual 95 South. Thank GOD! If we would have lost the car on 95 it would have been a car pile up with many many injured people. The car did go through a construction site and I am not sure how but NO ONE was injured. The Forman said he had JUST 30 minutes prior sent his workers home because of the rain. I will post pictures from the race, and the car wreck tomorrow - good night glad to be home!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gentlemen start your engines

Well - Last night marked the first race of a LONG race season. I say LONG because again for the second time I am preggers - which by the way I am getting a little more excited about. Notice I said little, the house is moving along and I am really getting excited about that! Here is a list of all we have done:
New Roof
New Paint
Removal Green house out side
Removal of laddis over fish pond
Removal of dry wall on wall to be removed between 2 rooms
Removal of all TILE in entry way from garage, hall, 1/2 bath and kitchen
Removal of 1/2 wall beside spot for refrigerator
Removal of all sliding glass doors
Removal of "vent" and 1/2 wall over glass stove top - vent to no where - grease all in wall!
Removal of small pantry with piece of crap central vacuum
Removal of stair climber
Removal of ski-light in (one) of the babies room
All ceilings scraped in down stairs - starting second story now
Removal of built in "desk" in attic/playhouse
Re-wire of hot water heater
Clean and power wash all outside - including fish pond
NEW alarm and fire system installed with alarm clicker for key rings
What else?! Oh yeah have started removal of all HVAC under house - the entire system - all 5
units are being replaced only duck work from under house is being replaced -
I think that is it so far - it is amazing how much we have gotten done - but the de-construct is the EASY part the Re-construct is the Hard Time Consuming $$$ part !!!
Other than that Tatum is feeling better - she still has a deep cough but the snot coming out of her nose is better! We leave Tuesday for Daytona - the 50th year of the 500! I would probably be a little more excited if I could chug back a few beers and get a little crazy after Tatum went to bed - but Andy just keeps reminding me - "hang on Honey - it will be 2 years and our life will be somewhat normal" "after bedtime that is" haha I have to say I agree - it is just getting to that point and to bed time - which in our house (knock on wood) is a piece of cake - that is one thing Tatum can do - she can put her self to sleep with ease!

Well miss me while I am away from the computer - I will return next Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EDD August 21st

Estimated Due Date ~ August 21st 2008~ I should have been able to tell you all that last visit to the Dr - but I never even thought to ask her, and today when she told me I had to ask 2 time again to remember - she finally wrote it down for me. Baby is doing fine - looking good - they could not find he/she heart beat so they had to do a ultrasound and thankfully it wasn't the "ouch" kind if you get my drift! Haha I saw the baby kicking and moving all over it was like a little Mexican jumping bean I had to giggle because Tatum NEVER did that at one of the Dr appointments - anywho baby was fine, heart beat was great and all is good here in SC! I told her how I was feeling and again just as all of you have she told me it was NORMAL, I AM NORMAL ... I have never been considered normal so that is good! So as I sat there talking to the Midwife/Dr I told her I had been down in the dumps and I was worried that it would effect the baby and that with Tatum I was happy happy happy - she told me to take it easy on myself if I could try to find the good that would be better then drugs (which by the way I agree 100%) so again I left with NO drugs and I am happy about that - she is right I need to dig I need to find it and make it work - don't be such a worry wart it will be FINE. I have a wonderful Hubby, wonderful parents that help out a lot, wonderful friends (near, far, and in the internet) and we have money - not that we are rich but we aren't killing our selves to get by. So with that said today NOW is a new day! Wish me luck!

Thank You Thank You

To all of you Thank You so much for your kind words and the time you all took to lift me up- I love my Blog Family! I am lucky to have all of you in my life! I go to the Dr today I will share all of my feelings with her and we will see what her suggestions are. I do feel better know that I am not the only one who questions my ability as a mom and the ability to be a mom to 2. Thank You again.

Party of Five - how do I find your blog?!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I am here and I am ALIVE

Hey everybody - I am sorry I have been so absent! I am going to play the "Oh Wow" is me card for a minute so bare with me -
As you all know we are expecting baby 2 in August - I have not been happy since we found out and I KNOW really I KNOW well my heart does that this is a blessing I should be jumping for joy! I should be so excited and I should be so maternal and loving - however as I said my heart knows that but my head isn't allowing it to happen. You see I am scared to DEATH! I am in a depression and I really have been doing a GREAT JOB of hiding that from everyone but MelBel and Andy. I feel so bad for Andy - I take a bath nightly that is "MY CRY TIME" he comes in every evening with a tall glass of ice water and a kiss that "things will be okay honey. I love you, we can do this, if you need me yell I will be listening." With that he leaves me to my sobs, heaves, tears and doubts. You see I don't even know if I am doing a good job with Tatum. I think I am - she is growing she healthy - well this week she has her first cold - but I think every child gets them. See there I go - I second guess EVERYHTING I do for her - am I feeding her right? Are her naps right? Am I allowing her to do things on her own? Am I spoiling her too much? What if this is wrong or that is wrong?! How will she learn that failing is OKAY? That she does not have to be perfect for us to love her with all of our heart. So with that then I start to think - OMG we have another on the way - Tatum will just be walking/running and into everything - will she understand "easy" and "love" the baby - will she understand that we still LOVE her?! So here is the OH WO is me - I am scared as all get out - what the hell am I doing?! What the heck was I thinking - how did I miss the info that I was a baby making machine. You know it took us 11 months to get preggers with Tatum and I NEVER IN A MILLION Years thought that THIS would happen. I really am having a very hard time with all of this. A new house, a house to sell a baby, and another on the way. For real I want to crawl under a rock and HIDE, HIDE from me, from my family, Andy everyone ... yes even Tatum. I want to run away as fast as I can - or maybe I can travel forward in time and they can already be in school, potty trained and old enough to understand that we love them both. I joined Caf* Mom*s and joined the "stair step kids" group but really all it did was make it worse - I made it to the 12 week mark and I still doubt it every morning that it is really happening. As will Tatum I DO NOT feel preggers, I am not sick, my boobs are not sore I am not having cravings and really I am just here - floating along. The only difference was that with Tatum I was so very excited I could hardly stand it. I looked at the baby site everyday to see what the baby was doing how it was growing and trying to find out what would be next - now here I sit mad at my self that I am not happy, mad at myself that I am not overflowing with joy - woman around the world want babies and some can't have them. This is a blessing from God - what the heck is wrong with me?! We have been blessed with another baby - get excited and get over it - Andy keeps telling me I need to get happy - Tatum is the PERFECT baby - we are lucky she is always happy - she is even sick and she is still happy (during the day that is) and most of that we believe is because during her 9 months I was HAPPY, I was calm, I was a JOY! Now here I am a big FAT lump on the log and what are we going to have ... a bump on the log?! I need to step it up and get happy - going to the Dr tomorrow we will talk about all my options to get happy - until then if you can prayers are needed!
Thanks for listening to me moan and cry ~ it felt good to say it!