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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visit from a friend and 11 comments :)

Hey Internet - hope you are doing well ... things here are still NUTZ! Yesterday Miss Tatum had a BREAK DOWN in the am. She did not sleep well Monday evening, you see she sucks her 2 middle fingers and when you have a stopped up nose, sucking those fingers is nearly impossible! Anyway long story short - THANK GOD that DH was at home to help me get her ready, because she was FREAKING OUT!!! Got her into the car for Day Care and she was asleep before I pulled out of the driveway ... so now what do I do?! With gas prices I can't just drive around ... um I'll just go get breakfast ... which by the way is way out of my way ... but I go get me 2 plain biscuit, and some of their great southern tea ... and start driving back the way I came from to take her to school. I drove about 7 miles under the speed limit - and I let her get a 40 minute nap in. When I dropped her off she was screaming mamma mamma as I was walking out - I wiped my eyes dry told her teacher call me if I need to come back and good luck. I got to the car ... cried my ARAS off and sucked it up, after all I have to go to work ... I didn't work Monday because I had to pick her up from school then. (With the not so busted busted lip) Okay the long story short isn't going to be so short after all ... DH goes to pick her up yesterday and they have ANOTHER injury/incident report for him to sign. Seems Tatum Bell fell off of the climbing matt and got some carpet burn on her forehead. (it must be getting better at least they didn't call us)
Wednesday is Daddy's day to take her to school and get her ready all by himself ... I go to work early on Monday and Wednesday (6:30) and he takes her to school. He called this am after drop off to tell me that this morning was one of the best mornings he had had with her, she was a JOY and very happy to be at school. MAYBE just MAYBE today will be a good day!

Okay now my visit ... Little Lisa (from my SnowBE's) came to visit us last night ... She wanted to see the new house and Tatum. She missed Tatum, she was already in bed ... but loved the house! She now lives in MD and her boyfriend flew here to surprise her ... she got into town on Monday and He surprised her that night at dinner ... her mom picked him up from the airport and he hid in the car for a while until he knew that she wouldn't be looking for him. How romantic! I love it, love that guys think of us like that ... she has been out and about traveling seeing a lot of our friends (other SnowBE's and people I don't know) and she wanted to skip home to see her mom and dad while she was down this way! Well ... get this everyone sit down ... Vinny (the boy friend) came to town JUST to ask her mom and dad for her hand in marriage ... he told my hubby that he was very nervous ... of course they both said yes, but ... they TOLD HER! Yep ... of course she asked and would have begged and pleaded, but they both told her that he asked. He was bummed ... and as we sat on our back deck last night laughing ... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time about how it was all ruined and how he would now have to pull off the engagement I was so happy for her! I think the FUNNIEST idea was him saying he was going to now pop the question at South of the Border, with signs saying Perdro says ... will you marry me! Hhaha I laughed so hard I almost cried! Anyway it will happen soon ... we all hope and I am glad that she stopped by to say hey and visit with us! He is a great guy and you can see the love he has for her in his eyes!

Okay this long post is almost over if you all are still with me ... Thank you and if you gave up reading I am sorry I was so long winded today ...

11 comments! Did you see that?! I had 11 comments last post! OMG I hit a double digit! A small double digit, but a double digit! Every time I read one of my many blog posts from my blog roll and I see that they have 20+ comments I day dream ... one day I will have 20 comments ... one day! Well I am 1/2 way there!

Here are some pictures from last night ... a barge went by the house and we were amazed with it ... hope you like them!

Here it is coming up the river - it is as tall as the condos on the other side!

Just in front of the house!

The thing is HUGE!!!

Of course I can't post pics with out one of Tatum!

Thanks for visiting Lisa ... you look great and hopefully congrats will be sooner than later! I love you!

Monday, July 28, 2008


We didn't have such a good day today ...
It started with Andy having to open at work ... that means he is up at 3:30 AM and at work no later than 4am. Monday is not my day to take Tatum to school ... Andy is supposed to. But his people at work are all trying to get their time off before the arrival of Bowden. So ... I get up get ready go into her room to wake her up ... she is covered in snot ... yep dry snot nasty snot ... FIGURES Andy had it 2 weeks ago and then me ... so it was time for her. I called my work and told them I would be late IF I would be in at all because she was sick. We get to the Dr. ... NOTHING wrong with her. Clean ears, clean chest, clean mouth ... NOTHING! Okay so I am freaking out ... I KNEW she was sick I really thought she was.
So onto daycare she goes ... I drop her off at 9 am ... she is usually there by 7:15 ... I get a call at 11 ... "Tatum has had an accident, we can't calm her down, She split her lip WIDE open and I think you may need to come down here!" OMG I am freaking out ... what do you mean WIDE OPEN ... all I could picture was her lip hanging off, stitches needed and a freaked out baby. I could hear her screaming in the back ground! I was freaking ... I get there ... GUESS ... Just Guess ... She was sitting on the floor sucking her fingers NO TEARS, NO BLOOD ... just chillin'!
OMG ... oh well I guess the upside of all of it is that she is not sick, she is not hurt and I love her!

Have a good night!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vaulted Room

Okay not many pictures of this room ... all we did was install a new fan, and paint. But here it is before and after ... enjoy!

NOTE- the corner entertainment until is not pushed into place - we are still waiting for our cable to be hooked up! Since the thing is so heavy we didn't put it into place to have to turn around and move it back out - that is the corner it is going in, but it needs pushed back!

Room white and plain ... ugly fan

New Big Pretty Fan!

Paint ...

Furniture added ...

All we need is blinds.

Whatcha Think?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Living Room

The day we put the bid on the house:
The room was divided by 3 sliding glass doors, the floor in one room was lower than the other and this room was not heated or cooled.

The other side of the doors: Check out the mirrors ... hahaha

First things first - remove the doors and the casing ... add steel plates and beams:
removing the old drywall
You can't really tell in this picture, but the floor is still not level and the wall with all the windows has been tore down, there are only temporary columns holding up the walls here ...

Floor is now level and the steel plates are in place, the wood columns will be covered with decorative wood columns soon ...
Michael putting the new stemple ceiling in/up ...
Ceilings done. New fans installed ... A/C and heat vents ran, waiting on the new floor -
Here it is ... the finished room - less the furniture I ordered. The red sectional stays where it is ... the beach theme chair you see off to the left will be moved to the corner and 2 more tan couches will be added. With 2 coffee tables and 4 end tables ... sorry about all the baby toys - the picture was taken the first Monday we were in the house, and it was a little hectic!
These black couches belong in the "Man Room" which is not finished yet, so we put them here temporarily ...
The Babies x 2 ... haha toy area ... this is off to the far left corner of the room ... the old owners had a dinning room table there ... we are going to use it as the toy cubby!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Our Kitchen remodel in pictures

Day one - The day we put the bid on the house!

Kitchen Clean Up - DH trying to talk me into keeping it this way - with just new paint -

Me: it would look so much better with new floor and paint ... Tile been pulled up

Taking down wall that had vent to NO WHERE ...

See ... not even vented to outside ... what in the world?

Wall Gone -

Honey ... you know with new cabinets it would be AWESOME ...

Cabinets GONE ...

Starting to install new cabinets ...

From pink to red over night ...

New Fridge

New cook top

New Dish Washer and Sink

New Floor

Sorry the picture is so bad - but here is the kitchen DONE ... from garage entry

Kitchen DONE from back yard entry ...

So dear Internet - whatcha think?! Let me know ...

Last night Tatum and Daddy played in the pool after school and work ...

Look Dada a boat ...

Bringing me the turtle she caught!

So then it was her dinner time and bath time ... off to bed she went - Then Andy and I had our own dinner and QUIET TIME ... we ate looking at this ...

We had a great night! I am fat and swollen beyond belief ... this was last night too ...

Can we say Kankales ...

Monday, July 14, 2008

We Have Moved -

Well this weekend was busy busy busy -
Thanks to my mom and DH mom we got A LOT done -
We only have 2 cabinets left that need to be moved and a little furniture at the old house that is staying there while it is on the market. Andy's mom does not want the house empty - says it wont ever sell - I don't get that but whatever - we have PLENTY of furniture to stay there so ... it is staying until we HAVE to move it! The River house is just about DONE - the Master Bedroom is complete except for pictures and finish things. Same with master bath ... only needs a small shelf and 2 little deco mirrors hung. Baby x2 room - I say x2 cause we are making them share for a while - well Bowden will be in our room for at least 3 months - in pack in play in corner - then if he starts to sleep through the night they will be in same room for a while - I just couldn't put Tatum down stairs ... seemed SO FAR away! haha Baby Bath DONE - upstairs laundry - DONE (less a washer and dryer.) Vaulted room DONE - except for putting up all the CD's and DVD's. HUGE Living room is done with all the painting, but the furniture is not here yet - well the 1 sectional couch is there, but the other 2 couches, the 4 end tables, 2 coffee tables and entertainment center is not here yet. The pool table that goes in there is still at the "OLD House" we are trying to find someone to move it - or if we move it for them to set it back up!
Kitchen DONE!!! 1/2 bath DONE. Guest Bed - hang pictures = DONE! Down Laundry - DONE! Man Cave - Not close to done - we are taking a break! Loft - hasn't even been touched - haha

So that is where I am - 28 days until new baby is here, 7 days until Tatum goes to her new Day Care, and in our new home - we still don't have TV/Cable or Internet so I will be missing you all at night - sorry about that! AND 20 days until ROBIN is here!

Stay tuned for pictures - I will try to start working on a post a day for a room!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frustration WITH DH

Over here ... Stephanie's Addiction , Stephanie leaves a very funny, but close to home blog ... which inspired me to write mine. You see she was PISSED (only for a short while) at her husband ... it seems that he said he was going out side "real quick" to feed the dogs, saying he would be "right" back. 20 minutes later she looked out the window to see him "hanging out" with the neighbors and she was inside that entire time taking care of a still sick baby ... okay so you get it. She started to express her frustration about her hubby not only saying I'll be right back but then not being there to help deal with crabby child ... so this is my suggestion ... lets have a BITCH blog titled FRUSTRATION WITH DH. When ... right now of course -

Here is mine ...
as you all know at this point I am 8 months preggo, we have a 13 month old daughter and we are in the middle of moving, looking for a new Day Care and working. As if that isn't enough ... DH works very weird hours ... he owns and operates his own Produce Distribution Company ... 2 days a week he goes into work at 4 am and gets off around 4 pm ... since we are in the middle of a remodel and a move ... he then goes to the "River House" to get things ready ... this is not my complaint! (I love him and all the hard work he is doing to get us in and I know soon he is going to FALL on his face tired) the other 4 days he goes in around 6am and off around 4pm and works at house until at least 7ish. Now here is my problem he has this Crack Berry (Black Berry Phone) That thing is his LIFE LINE ... he even uses it to answer e-mails while we are at the Dr appointments ... he has all these different rings for everyone ... all these alarms to tell him Text Massage, E-mail, or just a plain ole phone call. His Produce Co has gotten so large since he/they bought it that they are now running a night crew ... we get calls all hours of the evening ... did I mention I go to be by 9?! Never after midnight, but usually up until 11ish. We get calls at dinner because someone didn't get their Spring Mix or someone is out of celery ... he handles it gets someone over right away ... so you see he is in CONSTANT use of this CRACK BERRY ... Ya'll still with me?!
So yesterday I called him 4 times ... once to see how Tatum was when he dropped her off at school ... you know a mom worries about stuff like that. (He didn't answer) Another was to remind him to go check out the new day care. (He didn't answer) Are you seeing a pattern here? The third was to ask him what THE PLAN was for the rest of our "move" (he didn't answer) and last I called to tell him that if he was home to go hide, I was going to try to put Tatum down for a short nap after school so we could pack some more ... if she sees him it is over ... after all HE IS FUN DADDY! (He didn't answer)
So this to you my dear friends ... what the HELL IS HIS PROBLEM?! HAHAHA
This is my only beef with DH ... oh how I love him, but he NEVER answers MY call the one he should he doesn't. I did however get several e-mails from him yesterday ... asking if I was okay and was everything alright ... you see he would rather text or e-mail it is "easier" .... damn maker of that Crack Berry should be SHOT!!!

Will you play??? What is your Frustration with DH ... you can only list ONE!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another I can't do THIS day!

I am fat ... people seriously I am FAT! Not only was I FAT before I got preggo, but now here I am 8 months preggo ... it is HOT as HELL outside and I am FAT! Never mind that I am FAT chasing a 13 month old, but it is HOT ... I have a 13 month old and we are in the middle of moving ... OMG! I can't do this! Who's idea was all of this ... I know I know get over yourself ... suck it up, you are a mommy to a beautiful baby girl, you are moving into your dream home on the river and you are having a baby in 33 days! Get over it ... YEAH all of you that say that PLEASE PLEASE lets trade places for the last 4 weeks.
I am so tired, I am having a very hard time carrying Tatum around ... you see I have this HUGE belly and did I mention that it is hot?! I am trying to pack, take care of her and stay healthy for baby 2. I am so so happy I am a mommy, don't get me wrong here ... I am glad we are having another baby, but seriously why and how did it all come down to being so so close together ... I know everything happens for a reason, God wont give me more than I can handle ... well would someone please tell him I can't handle anymore?! I tell him every day and he isn't listening yet!

Pray for my sanity people, pray!

PS the BH (Braxton Hicks) have kicked in FULL BLAST and I am also now in pain!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Moving right along

Well we spent all weekend packing up and moving. We started with the things that we don't use on a daily basis. Then we went to things that we know we want to have at the new house but can live without! All in all we got about 1/2 the kitchen (pots, pans, Tupperware, etc) moved, the china hutch the dinning room table. We also got the sun room furniture moved - it is now in the Vaulted room and looks very nice. A little big for the room, but we weren't about to buy new furniture since that was only 3 years old and barely used. We move the couch and the end tables out of our bedroom (we had a sitting area) and they are now in the bar area at the new house ... looks OKAY, not what I want, but again we are out of money from everything else so it will due for now! We got a all of baby Bowden's stuff moved and ready to be washed and separated. We got all of the pantries ready and shelved for the stuff that will come over ... I would say we did a lot! I am exhausted and ready for us to be in and relaxing watching the boats go by!

Other than that we had a uneventful 4th - I was in bed by 9 and Andy was asleep int he recliner by 8. He opened on Friday and Saturday at 4 am so he was exhausted too! Saturday night we went to a friends house to watch the race and the UFC fight ... I love that stuff ... I stayed out so so late and now I am still struggling from it! We got home around 2:15 and up by 8 to continue moving stuff ... then to the baseball game with our bank. They have a box, free food, drinks and fun! Loved it had a blast but had to leave early - Tatum was too tired!

Hope you all had great weekends and be on the look out for updated pictures!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th

Got this over here ... from Boom
Will you play?!
Have a great 4th of July!

1. Where is your cell phone?........van
2. Your significant other? ........recliner
3. Your hair? ........Bun
4. Your mother? ........helpful
5. Your father? ........overworked
6. Your favorite time of day? ........bedtime
7. Your dream last night? ........vivid
8. Your favorite drink? ........Mojotio
9. Your dream goal?
10. The room you’re in?
11. Your ex? ........young
12. Your fear? ........kidnap
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? ........river
14. What you are not? ........calm
15. Your Favorite meal? ........sushi
16. One of your wish list items? .......SOLD
17. The last thing you did? ........bath
18. Where you grew up? ........SC
19. What are you wearing? ........pajamas
20. Your TV is? ........on
21. Your pets? ........none
22. Your computer? ........overused
23. Your life? ........hectic
24. Your mood? ........emotional
25. Missing someone? ........always
26. Your car? ........van
27. Something you’re not wearing? ........Shoes
28. Favorite store? ........lowes
29. Your summer? ........HOT
30. Your favorite colour? ........PINK
31. When is the last time you laughed? ........Earlier
32. When is the last time you cried?
33. Your health? ........preggers
34. Your children? ........sleep
35. Your future? ........busy
36. Your beliefs? ........Jesus
37. Young or old? ........Young
38. Your image? ........fat
39. Your appearance? ........fat
40. Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? .......yes!

Your turn! If you fill it out too, send me a link to your blog so I can read your one word answers.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Well ... I am having another bad day! Seems like I have been having a lot of those lately. We have hired out some help on the house ... not much but a little ... with each and every person it is like they work work work and work good for the first few hours, days or week ... and then SHIT! Crap I tell you - they all go to crap. So that my friends is disappointment numero uno!
Numero dos is we have asked favor of "Friends" that can do things we need done ... just like the hired help they are great the first few items and then either they tell us they will be done by a certain day or time and they aren't or what they said they could do ... they really can't!
Number 3 - haha I ordered baby furniture - we made the decision that both babies will share a room upstairs until we are sure Tatum is sleeping through the night and until we are comfy with the new house ... The master bed room is up with one other room. At our current house the master is down with Tatum's now room and 2 beds up. I am much more comfy with her up by herself than down by her self ... crazy? I dunno. Anyway I wanted Tatum to have white but when I found out she was a girl I had already ordered brown ... so boy this time ... he will get the old and I will get Tatum new ... so I order NEW BEAUTIFUL white stuff. It was delivered about 5 weeks ago ... we never opened the boxes because we couldn't put it together here ... and then move it?! So I kept it rapped up all safe and sound until today ... it is CRAP!!! CRAP I tell you ... I could have gotten better stuff from the thrift store! Serious ... mom and I started to put it together at the NEW house and several pieces were dinged up, scratched ... no biggie we can touch up the paint ... however it is very poorly made ... very flimsy! I left in tears ... said I had to go ... I HATE IT!
So what a great way to start my long weekend ... unhappy! Geesh will it ever be easy?!
Hope you all have a great 4th and a better start to a long weekend than I am having!

Oh yeah I can't send it back due to being delivered so long ago!