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Sunday, March 30, 2008

i am alive

haha got a little message from Chris asking if I was alive and okay! - Sorry about that blogger friends I have had a TEETHING child and I do not think we are going to be a good teether! That plus preggo plus Andy working on the OTHER house everyday after work this week really wore me out! We had a great Easter - I took Tatum to my mom's early, we went to the house and worked until 1:30ish and then came here showered and went back to my mom's for Easter Dinner. Of course the Easter Bunny visited us there. Tatum got a cute little basket and lots of neat goodies. We read her some stories out of her baby bible and came home! It was very nice ... didn't get ANY pictures with my camera - what a big dork I forgot it! However my mom did get some, but she doesn't know how to upload or share them yet! I have to go teach her this week!

Now are you ready for the BIG NEWS - ... are you ready ... are you sitting down?! I enrolled Tatum in Day Care this past week too! (cry cry sob sob) She starts on the 7th and I know I am going to do worse than her by far! I wanted her to start when she was a year old anyway, but I thought with the new baby on the way, the change in houses soon and all that we have going on that it may be better to start her early and try to get her "used" to it before the move and the baby. He (still no name, but right now Hayden is on the top of the list) will be here in August and that gives her most of April, May, June and about 2 weeks of August to get "used" to school. I did not want her to think she was getting sent away because of a new loud crying thing ... haha
I hope she loves it. I was hoping to find one closer to our new house, but I did not like any of the ones near us ... so the one I did pick is close to our house now and will not be too far out of the way once we move ... anything for her! My parents (dad really) drove me to Charleston, SC 2.5 (there and back) hour drive EVERY Monday and Wednesday after school during High School to play soccer. So a little extra 20 min each way drive will NOT hurt me that is for sure! The one I had my hopes up so big over was the WORSE one ... I left the place crying and weeping. (uncontrollably) that must be Baby Boy Kemp. Haha

Anyway I am alive I am sorry I missed a week of blogging hopefully our teeth ... YES multiple will HURRY up and baby Tatum will go back to sleeping again! Love to you all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Girl loves to eat

Make sure you have your sound on ... she is so cute! When she eats ... she makes this noise ... um yum um yum. It tickles me! Hope you like it too!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Legs

Many of you asked about the "leggins" Tatum was wearing in her picture ... well I first saw them on A Mommy Story and I LOVED them. So I asked were to get them and here ya go ... BabyLegs! They have them for babies and toddlers. They are great for sunny weather, and for crawling. They are wonderful for changing diapers and they have HUNDREDS to choose from! I love them!

A few older pictures of her in some baby legs

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby #2 is a ...

Today was our visit to Prenatal Peek we were there for a while approx 20 minutes and the tech kept saying move for me move for me, then all of a sudden she said okay "Buddy" so me your stuff. This was the conversation:

Me: Buddy?

Tech: well we are not allowed to say if we aren't 100% sure but I am 99.9% sure it is a _____I just can't get that money shot.

Me: So you think it is a ____.

Tech: Yeah I do. Do you have to go potty?!

Me: I could go -

Tech: Well go and drink your juice on the way and then come back -

I walked down the hall drinking my juice and went potty I got back to the room and sat back down - Andy was smiling saying I hope she gets the money shot -

Tech: You ready

Me: yep

Tech: Freeze - money shot -


I tried to scan the photos but my darn scanner is broke - I will send the pictures to work with Andy tomorrow and he can scan them for me!!!!

Now let me brag about Tatum -

Happy 9 months my little baby girl! She is amazing - she is crawling now, and it is a REAL crawl not a jump crawl. She is going to be walking soon - she walks all over the house using the couches and tables to get where she wants to go! She still has NO teeth, but is starting to drool some, but I don't know if it is teeth or not. Her gums are not showing signs of teeth.

Here are some pictures of Tatum!

She loves to stand at the table

Hi everyone look at me!

This is the sneaky Tatum!

Mom, no more pictures PLEASE!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

He was born in 74

Christopher J. Ball
My Best Friend in the WORLD ... why did he have to go?!
I ask myself that everyday ... everyday!

I was home for Spring Break; I was in college. I brought so many friends home with me and SO many of my SnowBEs were staying down the road from us. We weren't actually SnowBEs then, but I to this day feel that is the bond that tied me to them. His birthday was on a Friday ... he was celebrating it up on his new bike. The Harley he always wanted. He worked for my Dad, even though they were years apart they had a bond I don't think I have ever witnessed in anyone else. My Dad and his business partner Roland fixed his bike for him for his B-day. He rode with his friends all weekend ... me and my friends partied all weekend. That Friday for his B-day we bought the Pay-per view boxing match at his house. Most of my friends stopped by and we all hung out until the late late hours of the night. He told me and my Dad SEVERAL times that "THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY I HAVE EVER HAD!!!" I remember on Saturday him and his friends drove by my parents to say hey and that they were having the time of their lives! He just wanted to tell my dad thanks for all he did for him. As he drove off I have no idea it would be our last talk. I am so so glad that I hugged him and told him we all loved him! I am so glad he knew we loved him.

It was Monday morning I was in bed, with my then boyfriend (at my parents ... wow was I daring) the phone rang, I remember like it was this morning ... it was my Dad; it was 7:23 on my clock "Kim, Kim .... it's Chris, he's gone" That is all he said. I woke the HOUSE up! Everyone of them up. I called Lisa's Grandma's house and said get up, get up, put (my then best friend) Olivia on the phone ... I thought I would die too! I cried the entire way to the office, with my friends telling me I would be okay. NO NO I wouldn't and I still am not.

You see it was foggy that day, he drove his bike to work and some IDIOT pulled right out in front of him ... so close that he T-boned the driver side door of his truck. Because this IDIOT had his business in his wife's name they would not cover the accident; not that any amount of money would have made it better, but they didn't even cover his burial. NEVER MIND the FUCKER never even sent flowers or a sorry to his mother ... sorry for the bad language. We got to the hospital first, my dad had to identify his body. His mom got there and I puked. As soon as I saw her I tossed my cookies ... right there in the floor in front of everyone. Gross I know, but you can't imagine the look on her face.

You know I can't even remember the EXACT year it was because after that I was a DRUNK, I too a lot of drugs, pills ... popped anything I could get my hands on ... that with LOTE OF BEER = BLACK OUTS. It was 99 or 2000. I am almost sure it was 99 but hey who cares?! Not me the only thing I care about is that he is NOT here with us.

My favorite memory of "us"
it was summer, I was home for break ... we were driving around town in my Amigo ... it was pink ... we had the top off, he was driving cause I was TRASHED ... I was singing Ace of Base at the top of my lungs. He was laughing and dancing, telling me he loved me ... loved me like a sister, like the girl he would never have and mostly likely the woman he would one day marry. AWESOME!!! I don't think we would have ever dated, or married ... but the question was always there ... he was very attractive, but he was one of those guys that was too nice for me. Haha So was Andy but the time was just right.

Anyway thanks for listening ... to my friends that supported me that year THANK YOU! I would died without ... literally I would have. I appreciate all of you still here with me and the one that isn't (Olivia) thank you too! You made a difference back then.

To Chris I love you, I always will! I try very hard to keep in touch with your mom. I try to send flowers to her for her Birthday, Valentines Day because that is what YOU would have done. I make SURE to send her a card for all Holidays. I don't call near as much as I should and I am sorry for that, but I try to stay in touch with her as much as possible. Every year the week of your Birthday and Death Day I send her a dozen yellow Roses and a dozen purple Iris ... those were YOUR favorites and that is WHAT we cover your casket and grave site with. I love you, I will NEVER forget you! You are the BEST FRIEND I have EVER or WILL EVER have! I talk to you, do you here me?! I know you like Andy ... So many times when we were dating, things would happen and I knew it was you .... you with us approving and telling me to Go to him!
I wish you could have met Tatum ... she is wonderful! She is my EVERYTHING and I know she would have been yours too ... next to your kids of course. I am glad we are the only ones you left behind, your mom, me, my family and your friends. Not that I am happy you left us, but I am glad you didn't have a wife and kids yet. God needed you more I understand! God took you from us when you were young, but he didn't take your memory; IT will forever be with me! I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU! I see you in my dreams I know you are here with me! I WILL see you one day soon, I hope it is much later, but I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tag ... I'm IT

Got tagged from KimmyK, thanks for thinking of me, I love to play games!

Rules: [because there are always rules]

You must post the rules before you give your answers.
You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name.
Each fact must begin with that letter.
If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.
After you've been tagged, you need to update your blog with your middle name and answers.
At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.

My middle name is now my Maiden name - Herrmann geeze thanks mom and dad!
So here I go and how in the hell will I tag that many people?

H- Heart - I have a very big heart until you piss me off!
E- Eeyore was and still is my Favorite Pooh bear friend! "well I kinda liked my tail, it went with me everywhere."
R- Rich - Rich with love and friends rich with money in my dreams!
R- Racey I am a very racey driver unless of course Tatum is with me and then I am a turtle!
M- Mean yep I am mean mean to my workers ... most of the time they deserve it!
A- Animated - I am very animated about everything Andy says I OVER react no matter if happy or sad!
N- Nosey really I am very nosey I love to listen to STRANGERS in a mall
N- Nasty - I have a gas problem - Thank God it is a smart gas problem and it all comes up ... but really I can burp like a man!

Okay so now I have to tag these people ... yikes I don't even think 8 people read me ...

H- do I know a blogger that starts with a H?
E- got no damn e either
R- Robin -
R- Random and Odd
M- MelBel
A- Anthony and his sick mind
N- Naked Steve
N- don't have another N?!

Geeze am I lame or what - Sorry KimmyK I tried my best to play by the damn rules - I told you I wasn't a good girl growing up, guess I still have some of that in me!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ideas Please!

Okay so we are remodeling this house ... most of you know that! haha
The bathrooms that are upstairs are backwards - the BIG bathroom is in the hallway access for the quest/baby room.It has a HUGE tub and a HUGE walk in shower with 2 shower heads it also has a 2 sink combo! The master bath is tiny it has a tiny shower, the shower in our RV is larger than it is, No tub a toilet with 1 little sink and no cabinet under it. Okay so the bathrooms are only 5' wide - there for the HUGE bathroom has a step up into tub - see below!

Okay so that tub is huge and nice, it is very deep however like I said it has to go - I am so short that I can't get out of it - I need a step ladder and God for bid I or Andy ever get hurt or sore we can't get down in it ... haha so this is where I need ideas -

When we switch the bathrooms around we are thinking of putting a corner jet bathtub unit in the master end - so my help is this ... the DO NOT make a corner tub/shower unit, but they do make a corner jet tub that has a lip to install a bath back splash! So have you ever seen a corner tub/shower in use?! Is that okay?! Is that normal?! Ever seen it?! Help!