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Friday, September 02, 2011

Ok Blogger You WIN I give up!

I used to love blogging.
Loved sharing about my family.
Our Travels
Our Problems
Our Prayers
Our Work
Our Love of all things
I am lost ... I can't comment any ANY ONES blog
so I read and then get angry and leave!
I am so far behind on all things that have happened to our family!
I am so far behind on your families ...
SOMEONE PLEASE tell me how to fix this!!!

I MISS BLOGGING! Frustrated beyond reason!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Comment

I can not comment on any ones blog that is with blogger
I don't understand - but I can't
I log in and fill our the comment box, put in google account
type in the security word and then Poof it takes me back to the log in place -

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mothers Day

Mine was horrible - how bout yours?

Again ... year 7 of going to the races.

They were wonderful

The weather was THE.BEST we have EVER had

and the race was AWESOME.

But the day we packed up to go home ...


Did I already say that?!

Hope yours was better!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Lift me up!

I am in tears, have had a horrible couple of days -
I guess this is me reaching out!
Hope my days get better asap!

Friday, April 15, 2011


So I told you we were going camping ...

Well it isn't the type camping you would call roughing it!


18 campers (travel trailers or RVs)

36+ Adults (+ because each night we have visitors)

14 + children ages 18 months - 8 years old (+ again due to visitors)

and we HAD A BLAST!

We went ahead and booked our sites for next year -

It will be our 4th annual get together at Ocean Lakes

We are already up to 21 campers reserved for next year and

HOPE TO get more!

Do you RV? Camp? Want to join us?!

Bowden showing his mad 4 wheeler skills! Tatum loving swing time with Grampie! This is only a portion of the "young'ns" A view down our road! Tatum trying out a friends bike ... she LOVED it as you can see!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Forcing myself

Forcing Myself

As of today

I am going to FORCE myself

to post 1 time a week

I just looked back in time

and I am missing so much that I used to keep up with

How do you all do it daily?!

I mean who has that kind if time?

We go camping Thursday

18 campers =

36 adults and 14 kids

should be a BLAST!!!

I am sure that will leave me with all kinds of stuff to post about next week?!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Without bad luck we would have NO luck

Well I know I said that I was making a come back ...
I lied!
Not intentionally!
But I did and I am sorry!
This is my last few months:
In no particular order ...
Our house was on lease to buy - the lady backed out
When they moved out she messed a few things up
My work ... we lost our law suit YEP $451,000 gone
lost it. not only did we not win, but we have to pay the OTHER lawyer $50,000+
SO the pay cut I got a little over 2 years ago that I thought would be fixed this year is a NO
We went to Disney ... got there and realized I left my camera charger at home, and the camper had 3 problems! (all minor, but problems non the less)
Our ac/heater in out kitchen went out ... yep we have 4 of the dang things ...
we had 5 when we bought our house - got it down to 4 and only use 3 - well 1 of the 3 bit the dust
we replace said unit and the BRAND NEW one doesn't work
we have a renter in our house they are great people, but for whatever reason thought that we wouldn't put the house back on the market -
we have missed 2 months of house on market
Tatum ... she has been sick since Christmas
yep had strep while @ Disney.
She was strep positive just before Christmas and has yet to go a week without antibiotics or a positive strep test.
So now we have surgery scheduled for Tuesday ... to remove her tonsils!
So if you can spare them please say a quick prayer for me to have some strength to make it through all of this ... I know I will but geese!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

WOW where did I go?!

I hate that I keep posting this but I AM SORRY!
WOW I can not seem to get a grip on posting!
I am sorry!
My New Years Eve was a disaster.
I got upset with my husband, and well ... showed my ass pretty good.
We both own our own companies, so with that, life, 2 babies and well just LIFE - things get hard.
Things get sticky!
You (at least I do) get tired and cranky.
We take advantage of those closest to us and really this is when we should treat them the best.
BUT most of us don't.
Anyway it has been a rough start to a new year.
I am here, we are here and life is still going!
We leave this weekend to go see THE big MOUSE!!!
I can't wait!
I will be back with pictures soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Do you need to keep track of notes?
Do you work in construction?
Want to remember every little detail of your pregnancy?
Need to keep track of your trips?
Anything that requires a time or date stamp?!
I found the PERFECT program!!!!
Jot down recipes?
It is awesome - go check it out -
I own/run a construction company
and it is imperative that we keep notes on jobs -
A daily log of weather, conditions, problems, # of people on site, hours worked, anything!
The notes come in handy especially if it is a time sensitive job.
I can track problems and delays that would have cost extra time - especially if the problems, or delays are not our fault!
Thank you STC Computers I am glad I asked for your input on which program would work
It is awesome!!! And today is only first day using it! I can't wait to get elbow deep in it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forgive me

For my lack of posting -
it seems that my family is on a sleeping strike.
I never thought about the nightmares, and dreams starting
or what age they would come ... but they are here and in FULL affect!
I am a person that needs sleep - I don't need A LOT but what sleep I get
needs to be uninterrupted and good sleep while I get it.
I think it has been 3+ weeks since we have had a full night sleep.
I keep trying to remind myself that I will miss this when it is gone.
Any suggestions about how to get my 3 year old to sleep through the night when she is clearly scared?! We are in the works of remodeling so we can put her room up and ours down ... she will be closer to her brother and not all alone - I pray that this will help her stress some!