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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

WOW where did I go?!

I hate that I keep posting this but I AM SORRY!
WOW I can not seem to get a grip on posting!
I am sorry!
My New Years Eve was a disaster.
I got upset with my husband, and well ... showed my ass pretty good.
We both own our own companies, so with that, life, 2 babies and well just LIFE - things get hard.
Things get sticky!
You (at least I do) get tired and cranky.
We take advantage of those closest to us and really this is when we should treat them the best.
BUT most of us don't.
Anyway it has been a rough start to a new year.
I am here, we are here and life is still going!
We leave this weekend to go see THE big MOUSE!!!
I can't wait!
I will be back with pictures soon!