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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Small update (same as sorry!

Short Update not much has been happening ...
I have been feeling pretty good, I have a cold still, but I really think it is from the pollen. I have never really had a problem with Pollen, but since I am preggo it is hard to tell. My sinuses are all jacked up and out of wack which is making my throat all sore and raw. Gross I know!

Also the tired stage has come back ... Sunday when I got home from out of town I was in bed by 7:45 and that was pushing it. Monday I was in bed by 8 and yesterday I left work at 2 went home, napped until 6 got up to eat with Andy and was back in bed by 8:45 ... am I old or what?! I feel like I can barely function it is all I can do to stay at work a full 8 hours. I have quit bowling ... it was killing my belly, maybe my ball was too heavy, not sure but it is time to get a sub!

The LMC Girls threw Kim and I a double baby shower last weekend ... it was WONDERFUL to see everyone and I got SO much great stuff. I have another family shower on the 28th and then the Murrells Inlet crew is throwing us one I think on the 5th of May ... I am so so so Thankful for all of our wonderful friends and family that have helped us out ... I can't wait until she arrives!

I just got the call that the baby furniture will be delivered tomorrow between 8 and noon ... I am so so very excited ... My Mom stopped at Sherwin Williams and got us some paint samples so we can pick our colors before Friday ... mom and I will start painting this weekend and hopefully have it all finished by May 6th ... I guess we will keep the furniture and all the other stuff in the garage until we get done then it will be time to start washing and putting up all the great clothes we already have!

We go to the Dr on April 5th and then start to go every 2 weeks, and of course I will keep you all posted!
Our Pretty Cake
It was so so tasty!
Mommy 2 B # 1
Mommy 2 B # 2
Snow BE's in the house!
Kim and Kim "Bare" all!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I think I am crazy

Well last week when I went to the Dr, she asked me "what if she is not an Abigail?!" I was like, "What do you mean?" She went on to tell me this story about how she had both her babies named before they came and then when they came she named them something completely different ... so now I am dwelling on that. What if i have chosen the WRONG name?! Andy likes it because he wants to call her Tatum anyway! So now here were are back to square one with the nursery theme ... yes i took the sheep stuff back ... and now with the name too ...

Please vote:
Abigail Ann
Tatum Ann
To be Determined when baby arrives?!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Okay Okay I was doing so well at keeping you all updated and now it has been like 3 weeks ... I am so sorry! I am alive and I am almost well. Mentally still off but I am starting to see the end of this horrible cold. Yes a second cold ... and this time it was MUCH worse than the first. I actually had to be put on antibiotics and a decongestant. (I tried to avoid that for Abi, but my nose ooze had started to turn green.) Other than that the Ohio trip was a success, my Grandma's 93 Birthday was great ...

Then my Aunt and Cousin threw me our first baby shower ... it was amazing ... we got SO MUCH stuff. A lot of cute clothes, the highchair, open cradle swing, bouncer and a lot of great books. The best ... cut little pink Crocks ...

Aren't they the so cute! I can't wait for her to get here!
Even got a couple blue outfits for Andy to dress her in! He begged I not go Pink crazy, but since that is already my Favorite color I am not sure if that will happen!
Here is the last belly picture taken: Feb 24th I was 23 weeks.
Well again i am sorry I was so slack and I will try better ...
we leave Wednesday to go to Atlanta ... NASCAR in the house! This will be the first sober race for this chick we will see how I like it! Haha
Then the 21st is the Double K Baby Shower, with all my college girls ... it will be a blast!
I will keep you posted!