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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sleep ... what is sleep?

Well ... thank you, thank all of you for the well wishes and the advise on putting the baby in her own room! Things have really gone pretty well ... Sunday night Andy slept in the room with her ... on a mattress on the floor. Tuesday and Wednesday night was my night ... I know some of you are thinking why are you in the room with her ... well our little princess uses a paci (that ugly pink thing in all of her pictures) and if miss thing looses it and can't find her hand she cries. So with her room being all the way on the other side of the house and mom and dad needing sleep we have taken turns staying in her room . Tonight I am going back to my own room and so is Andy ... I don't work on Friday so if I have to get up and walk over there no big deal! I am hoping I will be able to let her cry it out a little more now! For the most part things are going great ... if you have any suggestions on letting her cry it out I would love to hear them!

Now for your Tatum fix:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Send luck!

Well tonight is the night ... the baby has officially been moved
to her own room. She has been in our room in her pack-n-play.

(It doubles as a bassinet) This was her first day home that was only 3 months ago and she has already moved to her own room ... ((SOBS SOBBS)) My baby is growing up! ((Sobs))

It was easier to have her close to us ... her room is in the OTHER side of the house. Since it has been 3 weeks of 12 hour nights of sleeping I decided I could give her the freedom she needs ... the hubby (The Wonderful) Hubby is on the floor in her room on a mattress and she is in her crib for the first time!!!! ... he stays home with her on Monday and I go to work ... he said, "I will stay with her, you get some sleep." OMG I am stoked! I will probably toss and turn all night trying to hear her breathing cause that is what I do now ... I wake every hour or so just to make sure things are okay.

Well I think this transition will be harder for me than for her ... so send luck her way and prayers mine, I will need strength to let her start growing up ... ((sobs sobs))

PS - here is Tatum and my dad ... he is doing much better with her, still not all by himself but he isn't far off. This was his Birthday night out - we took him to dinner! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


For WWC I got a little crazy ... just kidding I was crazy before Wednesday and this was planned ... but I knew it was happening on Wednesday so I figured it would be a great picture: So check me out ... I got RED hair with blonde highlights ... my hair in my old age has turned into a dirty brown and when I say dirty it really does look dirty if I don't put some color in it ... so I thought this time we would have a little fun ...

Sorry the picture of Tatum and I isn't very good but I thought you could see the color of it pretty good in that picture!


On another note~ Check out our little Panther's Fan! Isn't she just ADORABLE?!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Karma is a BITCH

I knew it was only a matter of time until he screwed up! What a Piece of Shit!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I missed my Blog Birthday

I was just looking back to see when I joined this crazy thing that not only am I addicted to writting all my crazy shit down in but catching up on you ... I read bloggs by 26 people each day and I love to go to your pages and see what is new in your life ... anyway back to the point ~ I started this blog on June 12th 2006. Well on June 11th my baby girl was born so on my blogb-day I was in the hospital with her, not that I would have known it was my 1 year mark ... but now that I know it is the day after one of the most important days in my life I think I will remember!
ps only 123 posts since June 12th of 2006 ... I think I am SAD! That is it! 123 there are 365 days and I didn't even do half that in more than a year ... very sad I will try to do better!

I recovered

Well the night out bowling was very fun ... and yes I did have a big headache but it was still very fun! Things here are still all messed up. Update:

Warren - his next appointment is next week and then they will determine what the next step will be and when his treatment will start. How strong to push and what to expect!

Andy and A & A - he made some demands ... some of those were met and some (actually only one) was not met. He told his mom and dad several times that he wanted an apology from her and she ignored the 3 request for apology and his dad laughed and told him "you know your momma, she wont apologize. So if that is what you are waiting for good luck" That to me is very very sad! Sad that she dislikes Andy's control - which he learned from her and she dislikes his strong opinions and abrasive ways ... which he also got from her. Andy I think has 2 personalities .. one for work and one for home. I hear from his workers, his dad and my mom (She worked a fruit stand for him last summer) that he is harsh to the point and can be mean at the drop of a hat at work ... at home he is very caring, very calm cool collected and very hands on lovey. He leaves me love letters at least 3 days a week - send me flowers at least 2 times a month and helps with laundry, cooking (he does all the cooking) helps with the baby and cleaning too! So you see I got the best part of him ... as for his workers I am sorry to all of you! So I think he is going back to work on Tuesday under with most of his "demands" being met ... the one that was not met is the one that I THINK IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!! However it is not my decision and I stand by my man!

Tonight we are taking my daddy out for his birthday which was Friday, but we had a wedding to cater on Saturday so we cooked all night Friday and then were at the wedding on Saturday. He and mom got themselves a new camper ... see picture below! Mom got his a HUGE cover for it and we got him some tool for the yard that he wanted! Fleetwood Revolution LE

I just hope they let us use this one ... they would never let us use the old one ... which this one is nicer, but something about it being your second ... who knows!

Hope you all have a great Sunday ... we will be watching FOOTBALL until dinner time! GO PANTHERS! Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wow that is really all I can say ... I am not going to spell check or anything liek that ... I jdut finished bowling .. mom had to stay with dad cause he still can't stay with baby ... her name is tatum ... however the lanes broke and we were gfiven free shots and free pitchers so I am trashed! good thing i pumperd befreo er went to the alley ... hhahahah hubbs - still no job - mom still not sais sorry and "he don't know what to do" so that is where i am ... drunk non working huib and and baby that will wake up at 7 screamiong tpo be fed ...
mayve work will ve okay for me ... doubut it found one of our guys getting high on the JOB on monday ... fired him and he was our best ... now wehat> Fuck this sucks ...
however I love my life I lov emy hubby he rocks ,... he love me no matter what drunk and all baby fat and all ... and I need to suck it up and be a good wife -
hop[e you all laught at thiw ...
have beer with me!
Love you all -

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wow prayers really needed

Well in a nut shell I have a lot going on here in Myrtle Beach ... is starts with the fact that my Husband works for a family run produce business. Him, his mom, dad and brother all work there. Andy is a bit of a control freak okay a lot ... at work I have never seen this side of him with me. Adam is sort of a laid back if it works it works kinda guy. Andy has no problem with working 18 days straight to go out of town for 3 days (feel like I need to add that while away for those 3 days he is on constant contact with work) ... Adam will go out of his way to make sure not only that he can go out of town for those 3 days but that while getting ready to go he doesn't miss his 2 days off a week. Basically they are like black and white, oil and water, Jekyll and Hyde .. hope you get the point. Well I guess that things have just been getting worse and worse and my Andy decided that he could take NO MORE of it ... so today he quit. This is the 3rd time he has threatened to quit, but with all times before he went running back ... this time he cleaned out his office and has posted his resume on Monster ... he came home bummed that his family was arguing, depressed that he yelled and disrespected his mom but excited that he was going to start a new venture and step away from them.

That good mood last about 6 hours and then his Aunt called.(Tammy, his mom's sister)She called to tell Andy that he really needs to think about his decision to walk away because his dad had gone to the Dr earlier today to find out that his cancer has returned. (He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 2 years ago, they removed it and all has been going well ... now it is back) I guess that they have said he will need approximately 35 rounds of Chemo and they mentioned a 5 year life span. (I thought they didn't do that anymore, but whatever) so now ... after that call he is very very torn. How can he help his dad, how can he stay happy with life ... as you all know not happy at work makes one not happy at home! With a wife and new baby that is not really an option. But this is his family! So that little devil is on his shoulder telling him to walk away don't look back, the angle is on the other telling him to run run fast to take care of them ... run back to take care of A & A the produce company needs you.

So I am asking for prayers ... pray for us that he finds the strength to either walk away and build on their family relationship, not the work relationship, or that he finds the strength to accept that his mom and dad will ALWAYS treat him and his brother differently and that they will never be expected of the same things and that he need to deal with it, ignore it or get over it! With that most importantly pray for Warren his Daddy he will need all the strength he can get to get through this!

Just for prayers sake .. here is my Father in Law with my Dad and Tatum on Fathers Day:

My Dad is on the left Warren is on the right ... Tatum is the little one :)


Today is 9/11 thousands of people lost loved ones ... I hope to God I never lose u. (Haha all 6 of you that read me) Have a blessed day!

on another note - please keep Andy and I in your prayers he has had a very bad day at work and may be pounding the pavement for another job tomorrow!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Go Gamecocks

Yeah that is right ... we got those Dawgs ... Kicked them off thier own porch! Sorry ~ to all of you who are GA fans! I hope this is a sign of good things to come!

Video ... for this Dummy

I hope this works ... I hate my voice in it ... but it is so darn cute! Why do adults always sqweel while talking to babies???

Friday, September 07, 2007

He couldn't do it

I met my husband at the bowling alley ... yep that is how we met! His dad and mom had known my mom and dad for years, but our paths never crossed until we met during a bowling league several years ago. At the time he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. His boys kept asking me if he asked me out would I say yes or no ... he never asked. Then summer was over and the league was over and all was said and done. About a year later his dad called me at work to ask if I could make something for them ... sure no problem I said. I guess his dad told him that he had ordered it from me and that was the end of it ... Andy begged to go pick it up. When he picked it up he asked me out. He and his girlfriend had JUST broken up a few weeks prior and my Boyfriend and I had been broke up for several months. That was it ... 3 months later we were engaged and I could have told you on the second date I would marry him . I bet now you are saying so what couldn't he do? Well it wasn't him that couldn't do it - it was my Dad!

Bowling just started back up and for MONTHS my dad has said that on Wednesday night ... bowling night he was going to have Grampy and Tatum night. He would come to my house, and sit with her while we were out ... my mom bowls with us. (dad hates bowling ... says it is a sissy sport - I personally think he hates it cause he sucks!) Anyway this Wednesday we went bowling ... my mom hurt her hip last week so she said she would stay home with my dad and stand in the back while he DID EVERYTHING ... remember Tatum is only 3 months old ... well we walk in the door and my dad looks at me and says ... call 1-800-dial a baby sitter! I almost died. He can't do it.

This coming from the man that was begging me to give him a grandchild before I was even married, the man that I call Dad! It broke my heart ... it broke my heart because I know how bad he wants to keep her, broke my heart because I know he can do it ... he did it with me, he is just older and more "nervous." Broke my heart because for the FIRST TIME in MY LIFE all 32 years he told me he couldn't do it! I have never heard those words from anyone in my family and I really thought I would cry!

We found a 5th bowler to sub with either me, mom or Andy until Dad can get used to her ... he says he did fine changing, burping and feeding her, he just can't handle it when she cries. She gets crabby when it is time to go to bed - mom said he looked like the dog in a thunder storm ... scared shitless with no where to hide.

Anyway he can't do it ... yet I told him! You will get used to her, and she will get used to you ... you can't do it yet ... his reply ... boy did I teach you well!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


This one is on me ... a reminder that horizontal stripes don't go well on fat people ...

PS I was preggo - but still a very bad top!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

Today's "theme" was WCW Wishes ... my wish is to get a Vinyl Fence installed in the back yard. i don't have a picture that I have taken ... Sorry I this from a web site. I hope we get it this month!