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Thursday, August 30, 2007

It is late ... but it is still Thursay

What is this ... did she go shopping with a bag lady? Is she on drugs?

I hope Tatum doesn't grow up to be a star!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday - where we show you what ever in the hell we want

Last year I was sitting at my desk at work ... I kept hearing what sounded like gun fire! I asked on of the guys in my office if it was gun fire ... his reply was no that is the guys down the street driving pilings ... well a few minutes later ...

Yep that is a bullet went right through the window frame ... went only inches above my head! Had to call the cops ... some boys were in the woods practicing shooting ... I almost got shot!

Tatum is growing way too fast!

Okay so Tatum is getting better at holding her head up ... check her out!

I think I can do this, I know I can :

But I have to take a break:

Lookie Lookie I did it, I did It I can see the world now!

On Thursdays her Granny Kemp keeps her ... they work out together and just hang out! Glenda took pictures of her last Thursday so Mommy and Daddy could see just how happy she is ... here she is! Happy as a pig in shit ... she loves her travel chair!!

She is such a happy baby! I could just eat her up!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Funniest thing ever!!!

Okay so my cousin's wife ... I am not sure what that makes us to each other, other then friends ... but she sent me a link to this ebay auction! She said it was the funniest things she had ever read in her life ... I go to read it and I be darned if it isn't the funniest ever ... check it out HERE!
While reading I noticed she is a blogger ... so I have added her to my blog roll and I hope that I get as many laughs from her blog as I did her e-bay auction! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Hours Needed

Hello Internet ... oh how I miss you! I miss all of my blog friends and I keep promising Robin that I will send her pictures of the babies room with the Name Sign she made Tatum and I still have not rearranged the furniture in her room ... I want to rearrange so the sign is front and center! I love it that much! She did a wonderful job! (Robin I promise I am trying) The baby really does take up every waking hour I have at home! I have been back at work for 2 weeks now ... my before baby schedule was 6:30 AM - 4pm-ish Monday - Friday~ Now it is like this
Monday 6:30 - 2 Tuesday -Thursday 9ish - 3:30 and Friday is OFF! So all the blogging I got to do at work before hand is now spent really working ... haha! It sucks but I have to get that work done and then when i get home it is baby time! Friday is cleaning in between feedings and changes ... with the occasionally nap!~ Which is not often enough.

The baby (now 10 weeks old) is on a good schedule ... she usually goes down at night by 8 ... she always goes down after a 10 minute freak out before her night night snack and then sleeps until 3 ... wakes at 7. I can handle that ... as long as that 3 am feeding goes away before she is too old! Haha

Last Friday Melbel came to town ... we went to a baseball game in the box! Free food and beer thanks to the bank i do all of our company work with! We had a blast!

Yes I am double fisted! This was my first pump and dump night ... the dumping portion did not bother me like everyone said it would ... "It's like gold" didn't cross my mind ... but the F*ing headache I had did bother me. Not drinking for 12+ months and then going out double fisted was not a good idea! I was such a bad mommy 2 times I got up and used the paci to satisfy my crying hungry baby ... aack! So horrible! So I think I will be limiting the next outing to one hand drinks only!

Other than that not much happening ... all of the SnowBE's come to town for Labor Day next Friday! 18 people will be here staying at Kemp Kastle ... we will have a blast! I hope the little one allows mommy to hang out! I hope she can let me enjoy hanging out! If it is as hot as it has been we wont even be able to enjoy the beach so I hope it is a little cooler out than it has been!

I will be sure to post pictures next week of all of us! Probably wont see you until then!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey everyone ... I am here and I am well! Tired, overworked and underpaid but hey why should that change? Haha
Tatum is getting big we had a Doctor's appt yesterday she now weighs 11 lbz 1 oz and is 23in long ... holly molly she is growing quick. She had to have shots ... 2 in one leg and 1 in the other ... how very very sad! I took it very well ... I thought for sure I would cry and get upset, but I hung int here like a big girl! Tatum however didn't do well ... I think she turned 4 shades of red and had the loudest most painful screech I have ever heard! She is so darn cute! I am amazed everyday how much I love her!
We went to Ohio for a visit ... we go every year in August. We visit family and we attend the HUGE party my Aunt throws every year for FHOF (Football Hall of Fame). They have a great party with all of our family there and it was great to show Tatum to everyone!

Here she is sporting her Panthers gear with her Daddy!

Here she is with her Great Grandma

Here she is showing off one of her new outfits

Here she is at the Rib Burnoff ... making sure she doesn't loose her Paci!