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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Photo Shoot

"The belly picture" wasn't the only photo that I LOVE from the photo shoot ...
Belly picture (see below on my wild card post) ... was Provided by Terri - you can view her web page if you would like

These 3 were taken by Kim Jones

Still No Date Set

Well today was what I thought would be "B-day" announcement ... but once again I thought wrong! The Dr's would like to me to report to one more VISIT ... before they pick a day to induce us! I know some of you are saying "why is she pushing for an induction?" Let me begin by telling you that the PUPPS are back and they are far worse than they ever were before ... I am not sure if is because I have been off of the steroids for 10 days ... but it is really HORRIBLE! I called the Dr yesterday in tears begging for more steroids ... and yes they gave me another dose of them! Which today is say 2 so they should start kicking in soon ... I hope that is soon like NOW, but we will see!

Anyway today at the Dr my blood pressure was way high so they made me lay there of course on the left side and of course half naked ... until it went down ...

So here I am PITIFUL, MISERABLE and ready for this baby to come show us her pretty face! Next appointment is Thursday next week at 10 am ... they will hopefully then talk about what day we will induce. Today she said the earliest would be the 11th! Not to much longer!

PS today she measured at 7 lbs 4 oz

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wild Card Wed and I am alive

I told a few I would play and told a few I would not ... but here I am playing.

Oh Friday the hubbs and I had "our" belly pictures taken ... I still have not purchased or decided on the exact ones I want so please excuse the writing across the picture, it is one I will purchase, but have not yet ... so here is my wild card ...


PS- Ultra sound and Dr appointment tomorrow I will update you all!

Monday, May 21, 2007

2 quick things

1st - I have changed my profile name to MBKimmy ... that is also what I am on my MySpace page. I wanted to make sure that NO ONE got confused ... KimmyK and I have been leaving comments on pages back to back and I thought it was going to get confusing to some people out there ... so not that any of you were confused but just to make sure you still knew it was me! Haha
Second thing - A Mommy Story lead me to this wonderful site offered by google - check it out!
It is called Light Iris and it is a google search engine specific to New Mommies ... check it out - you can search mommy stuff without all of the SPAM and PORN ... hope you like it and Thank you Mommy Story!

That's it for now, I go to the Dr again on Thursday to discuss how early they will induce or is it enduce ... which ever. We have another US scheduled for May 31st and I think that we are having our pictures taken this Wednesday at the Castle ... I will of course post some when we get them back!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Young Love

Okay so the Hubbs and I went to dinner tonight ... we went to Miyabi's ... one of those OH SO great Japanese restaurants, you know the kind where they cook in front of you. Well we eat there at the least every 2 weeks. Sometimes we eat in the sushi bar (just in case you were wondering I have only eaten shrimp and crab both cooked since we found out I was preggers) ... anyway we either eat in the sushi bar or at the grill. We have a hard time eating at the grill when it is HOT outside because it is so darn hot inside! With the birth of this baby not far off we decided that we should go eat there as much as possible ...
Okay I will get on with the young love ... the cook comes and asks as always if anyone is celebrating anything special ... all of the cooks know us so we just grin and let them do their deal. The first 3 people at the table say nothing and then the VERY YOUNG couple seated next to us says ... "our anniversary." I look at Andy with that OMG how old can they be look ... maybe at the MOST 20. Then they proceed to say we are celebrating our 9 month anniversary ... I look over for the surprise on my husbands face. Yep they have on rings, they are married and here they are celebrating their 9 month anniversary. I was in shock not only that they were really their celebrating their 9 month anniversary, but that they were also ALL OVER each other. MY GOD GET A ROOM! Did they really think I wanted to sit right next to them groping and oohing and ahhing. Oh well ... Young love. How nice that 9 months was such a HUGE Milestone that it resulted in a night of going out and showing off all of your PDA moves. At the end of dinner when I stood to leave ... the Young love girl's eyes GOT HUGE ... which she then responded with a WOW how much longer do you have ... my response 4 weeks, can you believe I have been this way for almost 9 months?! .... HA AHA
Anyway should I feel bad because I thought it was silly they were there celebrating 9 months or should I feel bad that my Hubby and I didn't get all mushy like that at 9 months? Maybe I should feel bad that here I am SO HORMONAL that I am actually taking the time to write about some YOUNG COUPLE that is so in love it made me sick!
With that last line I am getting off of here ... Good Night and I wish the YOUNG LOVE couple the best of luck on the next 20 years ... or months for that case!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

32, 35 and Crazy

Well Monday was my Birthday ... I am now officially 32 years young. I feel like a old hag but I really do not thing that 32 is old, nor do I think I look like a 32 year old woman. The 35 ... 35 represents how far I am with the pregnancy. I am officially 35 weeks tomorrow ... baby should be measuring 5 lbs and the Ultra Sound we had on Wednesday determined she is weighing
5lbs 15oz. Not as far off as they made me think it would be ... I kept telling them I was just fat ... maybe next time they will listen to me! Haha At the Dr. appointment today they did say they will probably induce 1 - 2 weeks early. I have another US scheduled for May 31st and we will see how much she has gained, then they will determine how early we will induce. No talk of a scheduled c-section just talk of induction ... which is fine with me I AM READY to meet the princess that has been kicking the tar out of me for the past 8 months.

Here are some Pictures from my Birthday ... Enjoy!
32 years old ... 35 weeks preggo
Me and my wonderful Hubby!
Me and Susan!
Pretty flowers from the wonderful Hubby!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Pregnant Race Experiance

My Pregnant Race Experience
Well being at the Atlanta Race was not all that bad seems how I was not surrounded by people I knew. The Darlington Race however is a different story ... well I guess being 8 months preggo and swollen to the hilts did not help! I think it is fair to say that I was MISERABLE ... never mind the fact that since the PUPPS hit I have taken 2 - 3 baths a night for 2 months and I was out of town in a camper with no bath for 4 nights!
Everyone was drunk as hell ... with the exception of my parents ... my dad will drink a few, but I have only seen him drunk 2 times in my life and both were at college parties I threw. I have seen him with a buzz since then, but it is very very rare ... my mom on the other had will only drink a beer every once in a blue moon - I have never seen her drunk!
My Husband was on his race binge as usual ... and don't let me leave out the ever so wonderful comment "I want to get the party out of the system before Tatum gets here" what the fuck is that supposed to mean?! I have had to be a responsible MOM for 8 months now and I am assuming that will not go away anytime soon ... so this get the party out now shit really stuck a nerve this time!
This was the extent of my race experience:

Yep I bought a fan at Wally World ... it was the best $12 I have spent in MONTHS and I sat my Fat Ass in a reclining chair with the fan blowing on me, barking orders at my DRUNK hubby to get me H2O and Juice watched TV and chilled ... got a tan too!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Off to the Races

Well I am outta here ... I am off to the races ... my last big outing before becoming a MOMMY! Holly beegeejesus ... I am getting nervous. I sat up all night on Monday worried to death about "to do lists" and such ... I thought I would have 6 weeks and now that may not be the case! I am sure a planner this is very hard for me to grasp! Haha
Other than that the meds (Prednisone) they gave me are wonderful ... the ITCH is gone and I feel great! I have a slight headache from the meds but I will take the headache over the ITCH any day! If anyone out there knows if that Prednisone will help develop babies lungs let me know ... since they are talking about taking her early ... just because she is BIG does that mean she is READY?! I am ready but is she?! Any feed back is welcome and I will catch up with all of you Monday after the race!

Monday, May 07, 2007

I Will Be a Mommy Sooner Than Expected!

Well here it is your latest baby update from The Kemp House -
I went to the Dr today just for a check up on my rash ... it has gotten much worse and is spreading fast ... all the test results came back and it is defiantly PUPPS. They were trying to narrow it down from 2 things ... the other (which I can't remember right this minute) has been ruled out! With my rash check up the doctors have determined that the Baby is LARGE! By large I mean she is already measuring a 40 week length and she should only be at 33.5 weeks. I will be 34 weeks on Friday. I am gettign ready to google I am not sure how early they can "take" her but they way the Dr sounded was it will be before end of May!
I have not dilated or thinned any ... I had a ultra sound scheduled for June 6th ... they have pushed that back to May 16th ... the ultra sound will give them a better "measure" and they will decide from there to induce me or schedule a C-section.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The ITCH gets worse

So on Wednesday when I went to the Dr the "rash" seemed almost bearable ... of course until Friday afternoon when it seemed to get worse ... I called the Dr that afternoon just before lunch. I told her I had been in on Wednesday and that the Dr told me if the rash got worse to call in they would get me some relief called into the pharmacy. So I tell the nurse that the ITCH is killing me I can't handle it! She says no worries I will get a script called into CVS right away! I said thank you have a nice weekend.
Keep in mind my Dr's office closes at 2:30 on Friday. I leave work at 4pm and go to CVS ... I go through the drive-thru window to pick up my meds ... I get my bag and shake it with delight ... AWWH drugs ... wait no shaking. What? What is this? No Drugs? Where the HELL are the pills? Where is the reliefe?
They had called me in a topical cream ... yes that was the size of a eye dropper ... what in the HELL do they want me to do with this?! Apply it to 1 centimeter of my rash .... it is all over my body ... if this a joke?! I am starting to cry and the Pharmacy tech sees it in my eyes ... "Honey are you okay?" "No, No I am not okay you see I have this rash and I don't need this freaking cream I need a cure ... this wont even cover an inch of the damn itch." I get my card back and leave.
Immediately I call the after hours number to my OB ...
Nurse: hello, how may I help you?
Me: (Sniffle Sniffle) I called in today to get a script for my rash and they seems to have misunderstood what I was looking for
Nurse: mama is this an emergency
Me: Well my rash is much worse than what it was this morning and I want to scratch my legs and belly off
Nurse: mama I can't call the on call Dr for a script
Me: (now hysterically crying, and barely heaving out my words) I AM NOT CALLING ABOUT A SCRIPT I AM CALLING ABOUT THE RASH THAT HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. I am not trying to get you in trouble, but you see this rash is all over my body and they have given me a cream that wont even begin to cover the infected area. (Still weeping) I guess I will just go to the ER cause I can't handle this.
Nurse: mama I am so sorry I didn't realize you were so upset, please calm down I will call the Dr right away! How can she reach you?!
Me: (Still sobbing) I am sorry I didn't mean to yell or scare you ... she can call me at 843- ... - ....

So by the time I get home from CVS which is only 4 miles from the house ... I talked to the Dr 2 times. Still hysterical and apologetic to her, I must have said I am sorry 15 times. Within 45 minutes I was in the tub, out of the tub and back on the way to CVS for round 2 of drugs.

I take a HUGE Glass of water so I can gobble down what ever it is I get ... I get there get the script, take one immediately. By the time I get home ... the Wonderful Husband that I so carefully picked out if the sea ... had started to fix me a bath ... I sit on the couch to wait for the bath to get ready and before I know he is asking if I am ready ... I died ... yes died! The drugs didn't really stop the itching but they KNOCKED ME OUT! Kinda hard to itch when you are dead asleep! He puts me in the tub and checks on me several times ... wanted to make sure I wasn't drowning!

I slept through the night for the first time in weeks ... woke up ate breakfast took another miracle pill and slept until 1. YES 1 pm ... got up and got ready for my last shower and the
Cinco De Mayo Party Andy was throwing after the shower.

I felt great all day and night ... hardly no itching ... until this am ... now the itching has turned into bright red spots ... little spots almost like ant or bug bites ... all over from my knees down. My belly is still itchy but not near like my legs ... it is unbearable. It is 5:30 pm ... I woke up this am at 7 am took a shower (Water is the only thing that seems to relieve some of the itch) Took another pill, and was back in the bath by 10, another bath at 2 and yet another at 4. I have another Dr appointment on Monday and I HOPE they can give me some kind of solution for this ITCH. I think I will die if they don't!

PS The Cinco De Mayo party was a hit ... I think we had 50 - 60 people stop in to eat and hang out ... it was nice to see all of our friends together ... but very hard to digest the drunks ... being sober isn't always easy ... haha!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Taking Time Now!

I keep reading blog after blog by mothers and fathers who have young (under 2 years of age) children who can't seem to find time in their love and joy of having that baby at home to write a blog, or respond to a comment or send e-mail or send snail mail (and no it isn't just you Steph) ... so I AM TAKING MY TIME NOW!
A friend asked me last week how I find time to update this and to change pictures on my myspace ... well I can put it to you simply - I cheat at work ... haha I do! I am a owner, I can do that! If I get my work done then so be it, right! (And you better not question me) But now I am sitting here asking myself what will I do when I am home those couple of weeks with the baby away from my work, where I cheat and update all the loved ones in my life? When I FINALLY have that precious baby in my arms and I am coohing and caahing all over her, how will I do it?! I have to work from home before that 6 week period is up, but I KNOW I WILL NOT WANT TO CHEAT THEN! Why would I cheat at home, when I can spend time with the baby, bathing, napping or just sitting staring into space. (I have heard you do a lot of that staring in the first few weeks, haha)
Anyway I am sad already cause I know I will neglect you all ... all 1 reader I have ... haha! I will try hard not to, but when I do please don't get mad at me!
Have a great weekend!