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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today Bowden is 2!

WOW! How time flies!

Just 2 years ago I was coming home to a 14 month old with a brand new baby in tow.

Bowden was born on August 11th exactly 14 months after Tatum.

He was NOT a happy baby at first.

It took several months for him and I to love each other.

But NOW ... wow the love I have for him is almost breathless.

He is such a handsome, fun, happy baby boy!

His hair is still curly and as blond as blond gets.

His eyes are crystal blue and will melt ANY ONES heart!

I love him so much my heart aches when I look at him!

To my baby boy -

You are growing so quick.

You are so smart!

You already know all of your colors, you can already count to 10.

You LOVE Mickey Mouse and all of us!

You are the MOST LOVING little boy I have ever met.

You will NOT go to bed until you give EVERYONE a hug and "Iss!"

Every time I drop you at day care or leave you with a sitter you chase me down and say hug hug when I hug you, you say "Iss, Iss" and plant a huge kiss on my lips while hugging and patting my back!

I Love you with my WHOLE SELF!

You are the most wonderful unexpected blessing I could have ever gotten!

Please stay MY baby boy for ever!
I love you! Happy Birthday!