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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Without bad luck we would have NO luck

Well I know I said that I was making a come back ...
I lied!
Not intentionally!
But I did and I am sorry!
This is my last few months:
In no particular order ...
Our house was on lease to buy - the lady backed out
When they moved out she messed a few things up
My work ... we lost our law suit YEP $451,000 gone
lost it. not only did we not win, but we have to pay the OTHER lawyer $50,000+
SO the pay cut I got a little over 2 years ago that I thought would be fixed this year is a NO
We went to Disney ... got there and realized I left my camera charger at home, and the camper had 3 problems! (all minor, but problems non the less)
Our ac/heater in out kitchen went out ... yep we have 4 of the dang things ...
we had 5 when we bought our house - got it down to 4 and only use 3 - well 1 of the 3 bit the dust
we replace said unit and the BRAND NEW one doesn't work
we have a renter in our house they are great people, but for whatever reason thought that we wouldn't put the house back on the market -
we have missed 2 months of house on market
Tatum ... she has been sick since Christmas
yep had strep while @ Disney.
She was strep positive just before Christmas and has yet to go a week without antibiotics or a positive strep test.
So now we have surgery scheduled for Tuesday ... to remove her tonsils!
So if you can spare them please say a quick prayer for me to have some strength to make it through all of this ... I know I will but geese!