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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Daily Buzz

Tuesday July 25th
Dare someone to run through a yard sprinkler with his or her clothes on. Then do it yourself.

Monday July 24th
Look for opportunities to prove to friends what a good friend you are.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend Bash

This weekend Melanie and William came to town! They got here around noon and we headed to the beach with my parents. We stayed at the beach until around 3 then headed to the house to get ready for the 38 Special concert. (one of Williams favorite bands was a HOB, Andy got us free ticks) Anyway we got the house and all decided we better get a start on our buzz ... We played Drinking Yatzee ... Before the end of our 3rd game we had each downed 4 beers. Andy got home, we all started to get ready and Steve one of Williams friends made it to town. We waited for us to get ready and we all loaded up to go grab a bite to eat ... We ate at Yokoso in NMB and then headed over to the House of Blues ... We had a blast and the beer and shots were going down WAY to easy. Steve and William both ended up getting sick, but a great time was had by all!
You can't take a camera into the HOB so this is all we got ...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I scream, you scream ... We all scream

I have a subscription to the magazine Real Simple ... I love it! It is the best magazine EVER! This month it had a article about a FREE ice cream block party ...
Win Free Ice Cream
Check it out ...
If you win you better invite me!

Slack Ass

I must call myself slack ass today ...
The whole reason I started this blog was so I could post my Daily Buzz saying with out flooding everyone's e-mail on a daily basis ... and wouldn't you knwo it ... I haven't even been posting them ... What a SLACK ASS! Ha ha well here they are ... a LOT of them hope you enjoy!

Wednesday July 12th
Remember, truth as you see it is never exactly as someone else sees it!

Thursday July 13th
Take good care of your body; you can never trade it for a newer model.

Friday July 14th
For the things you believe in, pray like a preacher and fight like the devil.

Saturday/Sunday 15th and 16th
On your anniversary, dine at a restaurant you can afford only once a year.

Monday July 17th
Enjoy life even when it's far from perfect.

Tuesday July 18th
Remember, there's never a convenient time for weddings, vacations, or doctor appointments.

Wednesday July 19th
Never miss a deadline.

Thursday July 20th
Remember that preventing a problem is usually easier than solving one.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Pic 1: Jeff doing my Tat
Pic 2: Cheri taking a Tickle My Pickle
Pic 3: Cheri and Kim self portraits
Pic 4: Cheri blowing chunks!

Okay so the deal all week (last week) was for Cheri and I to go straight to Jeffs' tottoo shop after work on Friday. The plan was to have a couple of drinks, hang out and then me get my tattoo. Well lets just say that plan worked great. We left work around 3:30 stopped at Kroger (who had NO coozies in stock, did I mention it is like 100 degrees here?) Then headed over to the shop. We got to the shop and the plan was in effect ... Jeff was working on some other guy and Cheri and I started to drink. We both had beer and Tickle My Pickles ... Guess what ... Our fool asses drank the whole bottle of Tickle My Pickles. Before the night was over we were both Trashed, I started picking on Cheri cause she can be mean to Jeff ... *Note- she was not being mean, but can be mean. Well my drunk self was so "picky" that Jeff even started standing up for Cheri! Wow can you imagine being sober having to put up with me and Cheri? She was actually very mellow due to the alcohol and a small pill she had taken earlier ... She ended up "blowing chunk's" behind the dumpster at Shoney's. *NOTE- we didn't even eat at Shoney's it was a "pull over please I am gonna hurl" ha ha anyway it was a blast, Cheri now calls me the DEVIL and all I can do is laugh!
I think next time we venture out into the real world we should both drink a little less and leave the pills at home!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The new Snow BE

Here it is everyone ... And holly wow it hurt really bad ... Which I thought getting drunk would help ... It didn't. Oh well it is over now and I love it ...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tattoo Time

Well today is the day ... I am going to get 3 more tattoos ... Well it wont really count as 3 but as 1 if you ask me. I am getting a Bee ... For my SnowBe's on my left foot (top of the foot by my toes) and then I am getting a Lady bug on each foot. One on my Big toe Right foot and one on another toe left foot. Cheri and I are going right after work! I am so excited ... PS we will be drinking Tickle My Pickles, well i will Cheri is going to try them!! Stay tuned for pictures!

Take your dog to work day

The other day I saw a blog that mentioned a take your dog to work day contest ... Well as you know we bring Dudley to work EVERYDAY ... So I filled out the form, uploaded his picture and guess what .. I won! Actually I guess 50 people won ... But I was one of the first 50 people to enter my dog. Check us out ... choose photo gallery and we are on the second page.

We won the following:
3M Skin & Paw Crack Care
3M Liquid Bandage
3M Deodorizing Shampoo
3M Heavy Duty Pet Wipes
3M Ear Cleaning Wipes

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Daily Buzz

Wednesday July 12th
Remember, truth as you see it is never exactly as someone else sees it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Daily Buzz

Tuesday July 11th
Revive the custom of simple courtesy.


Okay so on Saturday we ordered the UFC fight between shamrock and Ortiz. We invited almost 15 people to the house with 10 showing up. We are eating, drinking and have a great time ... Until we turn the TV to the Pay-Per View channel to watch the pre game show ... And it is not on! OMG Andy is cussing he sat on the phone for nearly 1 hour ordering this fight. It isn't on ... We decide to try and purchase it through the TV it's self .. Nope wont let us! Okay so we all leave and head to Jud and Julia's to catch it on their TV ... Andy is still cussing. "I'm going to call Time Warner and tell them _____ ___ ___ " I laugh. Andy calls Time Warner on Monday to see why in the world we couldn't get the fight ... The lady on the phone continues to tell Andy that our Bill is past due ... His first reply is "when I was on the phone with the lady to order why didn't she tell me that?" "Sir, i am not sure, I was not the one on the phone with you." Then all of a sudden a light in his head ... Wait a minute ... "You automatic draft our payments!, How can it be late?" "sir, we just switched over or billing system and some people did not have their auto pay taken out last month." "Okay so that is my fault HOW?" Stupid Bitch ... How can we be responsible when they don't draft our account?! Anyway that was my bitch session and you can count on the fact that we will be calling some new cable companies!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Daily Buzz X's a lot

Friday June 30th
Remember, people have to jump over their own fences; you can't do it for them

Saturday/Sunday July 1/2
Help someone in trouble

Monday July 3rd
In everything, put your marriage first. By giving it all the attention it needs, your children will get all they need.

Tuesday July 4th
Display Old Glory at home and work.

Wednesday July 5th
Challenge yourself to fight for what you know is right, not for what most people find acceptable.

Missed YOU!

Okay so now I know FOR SURE I am hooked! I missed blogging over the long weekend. I know I know I have a computer at home ... But it just wasn't the same without the daily buzz's! Ha ha!
Well my 4th of July was pretty relaxing. Saturday I cleaned the house up and down, okay well maybe just the 1st floor, but it was spotless! Sunday the plan was to go to the Inlet with Shauna, Brandon and Yvonne. Andy and I get to the Inlet and Brandon's boat took a stand and said NO MORE! It would not start, everyone was so bummed especially Brandon ... But Yvonne saved the day we went to her mom's pool and chilled out all day! It was awesome! Monday I did laundry and hung at the house trying to stay cool ... It was ridiculously HOT! For the 4th I went to the Inlet with T & D ... it was awesome! The sun was hot, the beer was cold and the friends were out in numbers! It really was fun! The plan was to go to eat at T & D's when Andy got off work, but he was too tired ... We were in bed by 9.
Other than that I relaxed caught up on TV and me and Dudley time!