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Monday, August 28, 2006

Daily Buzz

Okay so I have totally dropped the ball in this department ...
Here are 2 that I thought were really great:

Don't confuse "doing your best" with "doing what's necessary."

Remember, your potential is determined by your dreams;
your value is determined by your actions.

Weekend trip to Raleigh

Hey everyone ... I am not real sure why I say everyone cause I am not even sure anyone reads this thing ... but if you do thanks for visiting and checking in on me! Now onto my blog:

This weekend I went to Raleigh to visit Julie. (check out my "mySpace" she is one of my favorite sisters ) she is now 5-1/2 months prego and oh so cute ... she has a little pooch starting to show. While we didn't do too much we had the absolute best time. I think that I laughed harder this weekend than I had in a VERY long time and it was wonderful ... my tummy muscles and cheeks still hurt last night when I got home. Her and Rick are in their first owned home and it is awesome! Very nice sized rooms, large kitchen with a square like island, a very large master bedroom and bath. The babies room is already painted, I think she called it Sweat Pea ... it is a very pretty green color. I loved it ... anyway while I had a great time I am glad to be home with my hubby who got to go to the Bristol Races this weekend ... he was so happy he was like a pig in shit.

Well not much time left until we go to Jamaica ... 40 days to be exact ... and yes I am counting!
Some SnowBE's come to town this weekend and I am looking forward to another weekend of great laughs!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FootBall Hall of Fame Party and Parade

Dawn Reene and her BFF Lori

Bud Light Hummer in Parade!

My mommy, her sister Judy and their Friend
Patty (Friend from Elem School)

Myrtle Beach Congrats Harry Carson he is
from Florence, SC

Me and Dawn Renee My Cousin!

Grandma Herrmann @ 93 ... Wow!

The family
Aggie (Dennis' wife)
My Dad (Tall flowered shirt)
My mom (in the back)
Dennis (my dad's brother, striped shirt)
Me on end
Grandma upfront and center!


Proud Mom and her Boys

Me and Grandma!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is for you Amy A.

Holly Beegeeze ... It has been way way too long ... For that I am sorry! I can make excuses all day but the truth is I AM ADDICTED to my "My Space" check me out!
It really is a lot of fun. I have gotten in touch with SO many people that I haven't heard form in so long ... But, now that I am set up and running I will make a bigger effort not to neglect my blog and those of you who check up on me!

Anyway check out my "My Space"

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Britney Spears

Hello all I am home from Ohio and the trip was wonderful ... Very busy busy but wonderful! I will write all about it once I catch up at work and get my photos off of my camera ... Right now I am at home with Andy and we are watching Hell's Kitchen ... I love it!
However, after missing my morning show for a week I went to the web site to catch up ... I am total obsessed with Britney Spears ... I am not sure why ... But I find her white trashy ass so entertaining! Anyway on Ace and Tj show they bash her every week and I love it! I can't get enough ... So if you are like me .. Check out this web site ... It is full of her stupid ass things! I will catch you up with Ohio hopefully before Friday!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Very Random Thoughts

1st random:
We leave today ... Me, Mom, Dad and Murphy ... yep going to Ohio to see our very small family and kick off football season with the Football hall of Fame! It should be fun ... We are going to Cleveland first to see my Grandma ... 93 and god bless her her brain is great her body is falling apart. Every time i talk to her she says she has to watch basket ball from the other room (Forrest Gump) because she gets so excited about Labron James and the Cavs that it makes her heart race to fast! Ha ha
2nd random:
I haven't heard anything from Courtney today ... I got a text message yesterday saying she was headed to the hospital but no word yet ... Calling Chris now! No answer straight to voice mail!
3rd and last:
I recently sent a e-mail to Donnie Sanders ... God I love him, he truly is a great friend and all around nice guy. Anyway I sent him a e-mail asking him if he know Eryn ... My secretary's BF, she is a jewelry designer out of NY ... You know testing that whole 5 degrees of separation ...
Anyway he didn't know her but would like to get to know her ... So he can publish an article about her ... He just started writting for a web site ... Check out his latest article it is FABULOUS!
From Donnie:
"Click the link for my most recent story about Vintage stores in NYC. "

Enjoy it is a great article!

Love you all and please keep me informed on Courtney ... I will be leaving the computer at noon!