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Friday, November 23, 2007

What you have been waiting for ...

Here she is ... Our Little Turkey!

Sorry for all the slobber ... we went through 6 bibs on Thanksgiving ... I think we are trying to get a tooth!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am THANKFUL for my wonderful Husband ... he is so understand, gentle and loving. He accepts me for who I am and really if I am feeling blue, down, tired or hurt he ALWAYS know just what to do to make me feel better!

I am THANKFUL for our wonderful daughter. She is a good baby ... she very rarely cries ((knocks on wood)) she is BEAUTIFUL and is very understanding when mommy gets confused or stressed about being a first time mommy!

I am THANKFUL for our parents ... even though I bitch, complain and curse them at times, they are wonderful loving grandparents and parents! I thank God everyday that they are here to help us!

I am THANKFUL for my BEST FRIEND Melanie, she is the best in the world. She just returned from her honeymoon and I thought for sure I would DIE while she was out of town. She knows what to say and when to say it ... I call her about EVERYTHING and really I fill her ears on a daily basis with the SHIT in my life and she still LOVES me!

I am THANKFUL for our house, our cars, our jobs and the "Kosher" life we have!

I am THANKFUL for TIVO! Okay I know this one isn't a "life" thing but with out it I would be LOST! I don't know what I would do ... um maybe clean ... haha

I am THANKFUL for my blogger friends. I really like the ones that comment ... haha

I am THANKFUL for our Neighbor's Adrian and Giny ... Adrian is our Handyman ... no matter what time or what the problem is he is willing and ready to help us! Thank God ... Andy is not handy but he sure can cook!

I am THANKFUL for online banking! Without it I would die. At times I really think I have OCD.

I am THANKFUL for the sounds and motion monitor we have for the baby. Without it I DO NOT think I would ever sleep!

I am THANKFUL for MY LIFE ... my life in full. Even though I bitch I really have NOTHING to bitch about! My Husband is wonderful, our baby is wonderful, our family is very loving and really we live a very nice life!

I am THANKFUL for MY SnowBE's ... I love them all so much I even have a tattoo in their honor ... they are the best friends anyone in the world could ask for! We still get together at least 2 times a year and sometimes even more ... I love you all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Want to let eveyone know that Tatum will NOT be in a Turkey for her Turkey Pictures! haha But she does have 2 very cute Turkey Day outfits - so stay tuned!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am here, I am ALIVE!

Hey everyone ... so so sorry that I have been absent ... for a few days I did try to read your blogs and keep up, but somehow I got so far behind at work that I can't even think! I is nutz ... this happens every year at the end of the year!

I hope you all are well and I am sorry I have not been here ... I have been thinking about all of you! I will write more soon - maybe I will do a blog about our "Little Turkey" soon!

For now here is a Picture of my BF Melanie her and William Tied the Knot on the 10th!

Here we are being silly at the Hockey game on Thursday night!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

*My Little Pumpkin* Updated

One of the girls I bowl with asked me if I was putting Tatum in a pumpkin ... "what" I said ... yeah you know a pumpkin ... well here she is!

Our Little Pumpkin