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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night we were playing the OH so fun "where's Tatum game?"
She was running around "I runnnnin" the house.
When she would put the bag on her head she would stop dead in her tracks ... 
We would all say "where's Tatum?' 
You all know the game -
Each time she removed the bag we would say "There's Tatum" 
okay so here is the funny - 

After about the 3rd time of me saying "there's Tatum" 
she would pull the bag off her head and say "thre she is" 
the next time she would say "I fnd her" 
It was so funny I almost peed my pants! 
She also got to the point where she would have the bag on her own head and say "were tata."

She is amazing me with all that she is saying now! 
PS I tried to video it, but every time I tried she would stop. 
Gotta get her used to the camera - when you pull it out she says "picher cheeeesss" and pauses for you to take her picture - she doesn't get that we are trying to take video! hahaha   

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am whispering this post ...
I am afraid if I say it out loud it will all change ...
The BOY ... the Hell Pest ... the one I haven't been enjoying ...
He has turned the corner!
He is human!
He still has his moments, he still spits up a few times a day.
He still requires being rocked to sleep.
BUT ...
He is sleeping so well!
He is NOT crying near like he was!
He is smiling a lot!
FINALLY at 8.5 months he is giggling.
That is the best sound ever ... I never thought I would hear him laugh!
But yep he is ... he is giggling, and he is too too cute!
Thank God he is so cute or I wouldn't have gotten to see this part of him! hahah
Please keep praying for us ... I hope this post doesn't bite me in the ass!
PS he has been doing better for about 3 weeks ... I was scared to write about it before now! haha!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Me and My BE otches

We call ourselves the SnowBE's.
We all went to college together.
As the years have passed we have all be there for each other!
This weekend was just another one of those weekends.
It was Lisa's Bachlorette Party.
She is finally getting a middle name!!!
I had fun, and it was so nice to get away from the babies and the hubby.
But to tell you the TRUTH ... I missed them so so much!
It was almost like a panic would just take over me.
I would be sitting there laughing having a ball then BAMM I would be crying.
It is SO overwhelming to be away from them.
I love my girls, I LOVED my time with them,
but I hope that leaving my babies will get easier soon!

I will see them all again soon ... we have Lisa's wedding in July.

Naji bachlorette party in August, and her wedding in November.

I love you all ... I had a blast!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No words

I am in a rut ... I don't have much to say other than WHEN?!
Wont you all pray that the courts will hurry UP and get us in to hear our case.
Oh wait ... have I told you?! Do you know what I am talking about?!
Work -
My work sucks right now. We are on the brink of bankruptcy.
2 weeks we have had to hold off payroll and my dad and I have had to wait 2 weeks for our pay.
We have a $451,000 lien on a job. Not to bore you ... the contractor bonded it off.
So the job was able to get the CO (certificate of occupancy) and now we just wait.
The Lawyer said it could be MONTHS ... Months ... are you serious?!
We wont make it months.
So you add that to having 2 babies under 2, a workaholic husband and the fact that my dad is 63 and does not deserve this ... you can say I am a mess! Yep a mess!
Pray for me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great day

So yesterday was the ABSOLUTE best day EVER with Bowden.
He was an angle ... I don't think he cried all day ... matter of fact I know he didn't!
He took 3 naps ... 2 20 minutes and 1 that was almost 45.
He played and smiled all day! He was so much fun!
However ... Tatum was SICK! She ran a fever on and off all day! Runny nose and bad cough!
Today Bowden was back to his same old ways ... cried all day and didn't sleep at all.
He now is sick and has the fever and cough. It is horrible!
I am glad that I had yesterday with him ... makes all of the bad days worth it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sorry it is late - here is our Easter in Pictures!
Tatum is taking her Bubbie down the slide with her ...
This my friends is why I have not given him away yet ...
isn't he just adorable!
HAHA this is what they would say if they spoke adult language:
Bowden - "why is she yelling like a cheetah?"
Tatum - "OMG give me my basket!"
Bowden - "Hell no - not until you quit hitting me in the head!"

Did you guys know she could wear something other than pink?!

My gosh we make pretty babies!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

In honor of Madeline

I am so confused, scared and concerned for this family.
I have been a lurker of their blog for a long time.
I never really commented ... I didn't want them to see me complain about my baby boy, when they had real problems. So when I went to the site and it said that she was in the hospital I started to pray. I don't know what happened or why. I have no words to express just how horrible I feel for them. I have no thoughts or ideas on how to make them feel better. I AM going to donate, but really will that help?!
I will be praying, praying for them to find comfort within each other, in God and with the fact that little Maddie touched us all. I am so glad that they had the chance to know her, to live with her, but WHY WHY did she have to go?! I didn't even get a chance to meet her and I just want to lash out and yell at the top off all mountains ... BRING HER BACK! Love to you all and my you find peace with this some way or another!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Camping ... but not in the rough

My company (I am part owner of the construction company I work at) did SO bad last year that I got HUGE taxes back. Now ... since we did do so bad I offered that money back to my company. I offered it up, and my dad told me NO! (I love you daddy, haha hehe can you tell I am spoiled) Said company pays my taxes every year, but when I tried to give it back my dad said we deserve a break ... to go and buy something we want, but would NEVER finance or buy ourselves. SO ... we did it ... we bought a Travel Trailer!
It is 30' with 2 slide outs ... one in the living area/kitchen table and one in the kids bedroom.
We bought it 2 weekends ago (C*raigs List) and didn't waste anytime taking it camping ... We went to a local campground, Ocean Lakes. It was awesome! My Parents have a RV ... 36' 3 slide outs and yes it is very very NICE. Nicer than some people's homes. We usually go with them, but when we went on the last trip it was hard with 4 adults, 2 kids and a dog ... so Andy and I started looking at Travel Trailers. Knowing it was just a dream until our other house sold ... but when my DADDY gave me back my taxes we JUMPED on it!

The inside of the camper ... living area
Master bed room ... not much room on either side of the bed, but we just jump on it and go night night!

The back bedroom ... it has bunks and a entertainment area ... we used it as the diaper changer ... haha has just enough room for the pack-n-play!

We put a baby gate in the door way ... I heard very bad things about the doors not latching well ... Bowden loved the camper, he didn't sleep well at all! (not unusual) but he was happy the rest of the time.

Tatum enjoying a snack on her rocking chair. She loves the RV ... she has been in my parents too many times to count and she LOVES ours - she can't wait to sleep on the bunks ... we are trying to make something to make sure she can not fall out of. Also because Bowden still doesn't sleep well she slept in a pack-n-play in my parents camper.
OF course the campground was on the BEACH ... I can't wait for consistently warm weather!

Bowden's first hand full of sand!

He is going to be walking very very soon!

Me and my babies. Even though being a mommy to Bowden is by far the hardest job I have ever taken on I do love them both dearly! Thank you God for my beautiful babies!

My Family!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Different Dr

Well I have been doing some research ... and some asking around ... it seems that some mommies SWEAR by they chiropractor to help with Acid Reflux. SO .... today my friends I took my 7 month old son to the chiropractor! I was so so scared, however when we got there it was easy as pie. NO crying, NO whining, and really it went all too well. NOW ... wait and see if it helps at all. We were asked to come back tomorrow, I guess to make sure that he is still in line. The Dr showed me the 4 trigger points on the body that effect Acid Reflux and all 4 trigger points were "out of line." I hope that this works. - Best part of all of it ... IT WAS FREE!!!! Our Chiropractor doesn't charge on children until the age of 18. OMG why didn't I try earlier?! He had mentioned to my mom that we should take him in, I was just scared. Our 10 days of meds is up, we will be going back to the Dr. this week and getting a referral to a specialist ... maybe the Chiro will fix it all?!

Stay tuned tomorrow I am posting on our first family camping trip ... we bought a travel trailer and we went to a local camp ground. We had a blast, the babies did well ... all except for baby Bowden and his sleeping. OH Well one day he will sleep ... I just pray it is soon!