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Monday, April 06, 2009

Different Dr

Well I have been doing some research ... and some asking around ... it seems that some mommies SWEAR by they chiropractor to help with Acid Reflux. SO .... today my friends I took my 7 month old son to the chiropractor! I was so so scared, however when we got there it was easy as pie. NO crying, NO whining, and really it went all too well. NOW ... wait and see if it helps at all. We were asked to come back tomorrow, I guess to make sure that he is still in line. The Dr showed me the 4 trigger points on the body that effect Acid Reflux and all 4 trigger points were "out of line." I hope that this works. - Best part of all of it ... IT WAS FREE!!!! Our Chiropractor doesn't charge on children until the age of 18. OMG why didn't I try earlier?! He had mentioned to my mom that we should take him in, I was just scared. Our 10 days of meds is up, we will be going back to the Dr. this week and getting a referral to a specialist ... maybe the Chiro will fix it all?!

Stay tuned tomorrow I am posting on our first family camping trip ... we bought a travel trailer and we went to a local camp ground. We had a blast, the babies did well ... all except for baby Bowden and his sleeping. OH Well one day he will sleep ... I just pray it is soon!


Anonymous said...

praying that this works & that it'll give him some relief.

AND, that it'll allow him to sleep thru the night...or as close to it as you can get!

if not, baby b & i will have a little "heart to heart" when i come see you. ha. :)

love you much & miss you tons.

Boom said...

A chiropractor?! SO interesting. I can't wait to hear if it works out!

The Smith Family said...

I would have never thought to take him to a chiropractor. I really hope it works out for Bowden.

Keep us posted. Can't wait to see pics and read about camping. My husband is dying to get the boys camping this spring/summer. I have been hesitant. Maybe you can persuade me it'll be alright. :-)

LCP said...

So how is the chiropractor working? I did the same thing for Jack and I think it made a big difference. He also directed me to tap on those trigger points and that it helps too. Boy, sure hope that works for you guys!!