My Babies

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Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Praying ... are YOU?!

Praying for Stellan!!!
Please pray with me!

Friday, July 24, 2009

SO MUCH Going on I can't see straight!

Last weekend we went to a wedding ...
Lisa and Vinnie got Hitched!
It was in MD!
We had a BLAST!
Missed the babies!
This week it has been Dr appointment after Dr appointment!
Wednesday Bowden went to MUSC to see the GI specialist about his acid reflux.
Wednesday night we went to a Baseball game ... we were in the box!
Tatum fell off of a stool.
Fell right on her head/forehead! Scared me to death!
I called the Dr that moment!
They told me to "watch" her close!
I did ... she seemed fine!
Thursday daycare called at 2 - she had blood coming from her ear!
I went as fast as I could to pick her up and took her to her Dr.
Dr said it was fine - she could have caused a blood clot to bust loose ...
I was so upset I never asked if it was her head ... they told me to take her to the ENT ASAP!
That night I woke her every 2 hours just to make sure she was fine!
ASAP was this am at 8:30! (Thank you Dr Rosner, we love you)
We got there ... Dr said everything was FINE.
Blood clot was from her body trying to get rid of the silicone ear tube!
The fall knocked it loose, it was not her BRAIN!
YES I cried!
They drained and suctioned her ear.
SHE is fine! I however need a drink!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need Bloomers

Can anyone tell me where to get cute bloomers for Tatum ...
All I can find is the long ugly old ones!
All of her Dresses up until now have come with them ...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Family Night Out

Well I am not that great at just "doing!"
I am sure if you have been visiting my blog for sometime
that you know I am not great at differing from my schedule.
My Children are VERY scheduled!
(note the VERY)
Breakfast between 7 and 8 am ... 7 m-f 8 on the weekends
they are obviously on a schedule at daycare
even at home ... they are scheduled ... on Saturday and Sunday
we have 2 snacks one in am one after nap
we still do nap around 12 - and it lasts 2 hours
Dinner between 5:30 and 6 (no matter what day of the week)
Bath no later than 8 (usually is around 7)
and bed is usually no later than 8 ... we have been off the 8 pm bed time 4 times ...
Tonight was one of those nights!
For the FIRST time since Bowden was not considered a new born we went to dinner.
Dinner OUT ... yes we did. I was so so worried ...
but for the most part my kids rocked it!
We only got the eye roll from 1 person in the restaurant and really it was not worthily!
Bowden was "talking" loudly, but it was not a scream and it was not a cry ...
BaBab Dada Mama NiNi ... that is what he was saying and while she could hear it ...
she was definitely a BITCH ... old and must have been past her bed time! hahah
Anyway it went well ... we are home and in bed ... they made it to bed with bath by 8:15 ... so still not bad! I know this means we can do it more, but it wont be OFTEN! Stresses me out!