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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cards Ordered

OMG I love Shutterfly!
I just used my code and got 50 free cards.
Which saved me over 1/2 of my card costs!
NICE! Merry Christmas to me!
They also gave me a link to share our Christmas card ...
It is in the mail!
If you don't get one in the mail - come back here
Jan 1 and I will post it!
Love it!
I also got free shipping - you can get free shipping on any order over $25 with the code ship25!
So will you get your cards from Shutterfly?!
To be honest I had a little bit of a hard time getting the free cards - IF you do it make sure that you chose a 5x7 STATIONERY CARD the link to those specific cards is attached.
I picked a "photo card" and it was not considered a stationery card. Go figure!!! But I called customer care and after a short wait was helped by a very nice man!
Thank you Shutterfly!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Card

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house and I am ready to design my Christmas cards! Have you ever used Shutterfly for your Christmas cards?! I used Shutterfly last year for my cards and I loved them!

My favorite card this year is one that allows me to add 5 pictures to it! You can go here and see if they have a Christmas Card you would like. They have so many choices, I really liked the ones with a monogram section but I really liked the one I picked.

I also used shutterfly for the birth announcement of Bowden - IT was adorable!

You know what else is nice about Shutterfly ... they have invitations too! Yes invitations ... you can look at those here.

I have been trying to create a calendar for our parents this year - and Shutterfly does those too. What could be a better gift?! A personalized calender for the grandparents with the little faces they love the most?! Can't think of anything better!

How bout you ... are you doing personalized Christmas cards?!

Did you know that Shutterfly will give you 50 free cards if you blog about it?!

YES you read that right - 50 free cards is you blog about it!

WOW Shutterfly you ROCK!!!

I did a @ home photo shoot yesterday with my kiddos trying to catch a few good shots for our card ... one is above ... and I can promise that Santa was not harmed in the making of the photos!
Did you know if you blog about Shutterfly you can receive 50 free cards too?!
You didn't?!
Well all you have to do it go HERE! It is easy breezy!
Thank you Shutterfly you make photo sharing easy!

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well we got all of our Christmas decorating done this weekend -
I LOVE this time of year!
Our yard looks kinda mix matched because the kids LOVE the big blow up items and I like the more traditional items, but you know it is all up to the kids.
We usually put up 3 trees, but this year we only put up 2 and I love it!
I love to wake to the trees lit, the stair banister covered in lit garland and all the decorations.
Love it!
How bout you?!
Have you decorated yet?!
Pictures to come ... but for now how bout this sneak picture of what I hope to put on our Christmas card -
Our Elves on the Shelves - do you do this?!
Ours are Charlotte and Wilbur
yes the babies LOVE Charlotte's Web!!

This is my attempt in trying to get a good photo for our Christmas cards ... hahah

I did get some good ones but you will have to wait and see it in the mail!

Take 30 -

Tatum being silly with our roses from the garden!

Take 200 -