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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let Summer Begin

Um can we all say BUSY?!
Memorial weekend was the start of all of it for us ...
Saturday we went to the beach,
Sunday we went to the River,
Monday we had a cook out and pool party!
My kids are exhausted!
I am exhausted!
This weekend we are going camping ...
Local to Pirate Land!
With 10 other couples and kids too!
I think all in all there will be 24 of us ... not including any visitors!
Next weekend we are camping again ...
Out of town for my Hubby's Family Reunion!
The weekend after that he has a catering!
The rest of the summer consists of 2 weddings, a bachlorette party and another race!
Tatum and Bowden's Birthday parties.
A trip to Ohio and ending it all with a trip to Cancun ...
Um yeah does that leave any time to breath?!
Pray for us all!

For your viewing pleasure ... My babies

I'm gonna get you ...
Drama Queen

Beach Baby!

River Rat!

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is wrong?!

Can anyone tell me why MY blogger isn't updating me?!
I installed the ever so nice blog roll on my side bar ...
it is supposed to update each blog with their last post?!
It isn't working ... WHY?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's My Birthday

I am 34 ... holly cow I am getting up there!
Tuesday my girls took me out to dinner and to a bar afterwards to celebrate early.
I had a blast, but it was not a good idea to go out on a work night.
It took me all day yesterday to recover!
Like always it is Bike Week ... my birthday is always during bike week
and really I think that it is the BEST present. I am in awwe of all the noise, and bikes.
I wish I were not so afraid of riding my own bike.
I used to ride my own bike ... now I am scared. I guess babies will do that to you!
Of course my husband was wonderful today ...
I woke to 2 cards one from him and the other from the babies ...
The card from him ... is the SAME card I got last year read here.
It made me cry last year and again this year. I told him this am it was the same card!
He giggled and asked why they don't take them from the shelf.
I told him I didn't care if he gave me the same card for the rest of my life!
I still have last years card ... and now I have this one too!
I will keep both forever!
Along with the card I got a gift certificate to shop ... I need new clothes! YEAH ME!
(I am still loosing weight)
He also got me a gift certificate for a spa day!
And a small shelf with a picture frame arrangement on it that spells family! I love it!
So dear Internet ... I am off to have a great day ... getting older and wiser!
Hope you all send me birthday wishes!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Less than a month

In less than 1 month by baby girl will be 2.
OMG where has all that time gone?!
That is the hard thing of having 2 under 2 ~
I feel like I miss so much with each of them!
We will be having a pool party for her in June just after her real B-day.
Anyone have any suggestions for some cool toys?!
I already bought her the Birthday outfit!
I can't wait to show you pictures~!
PS the boy ... slept great for 3.5 full weeks - 7 - 6:30 it was wonderful!
Now we are back to waking up at least 2 times - going back to the Chiropractor!