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Monday, January 28, 2008

River House ... Update ...

Please note this is the 2nd post of the night ... so please see THE HOUSE FOR SALE BELOW!

We came home from the cruise and the house has been painted ... today the pool deck was power washed and the roofer was contracted. So this week and next week we will have lots of pictures ... but here ya go ...

BEFORE During and Soon to be AFTER!!!

pool is getting there ...

FOR SALE ... Would you Buy me??

Okay so here is our house:
It is 4 bedroom 3-1/2 bath
HUGE Bonus Room
Sun room, Breakfast Nook, Formal Dinning Room
2-1/2 car garage - 1/2 is for golf cart
My Favorite Feature: Master and 1 other bedroom downstairs that is GREAT for small child or in home office this room has it's own FULL bathroom.
Kitchen has all stainless appliances granite counter tops with a very large island.

Would you buy me?!
Ready for Pictures ... here ya go:
Outside, back and garage side:

Down Stairs ... Master Bedroom with sitting area, Master Bath (with Jacquie tub and 2 headed walk in shower 2 vanities) Bedroom 1 with full bath, 1/2 bath, Sun room, Kitchen, Breakfast nook, Laundry Room and Formal Dinning, Entry Way, Living Room, and Stairs

Master Bath

Bedroom 1 and full bath

1/2 bath

Sun room/breakfast nook


Laundry Room and Formal Dinning

Entry way, Stairs and Living Room

UP- Stairs ... Hallway/Corridor, Full Bath, Bonus Room, 2 Bedrooms

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Okay where to start ... First let me start by saying that we were very very lucky that we had Andy's parents with us. I do not ... repeat DO NOT suggest ANYONE who has a "baby" on a specific schedule to take a cruise by themselves. Tatum can take a NAP anywhere no big deal ... she can differ from her eating schedule 30 minutes either way but her bed time schedule is NOT to be messed with ... which by the way is now 6:30pm - 6:15am! YIKES RIGHT ... well we did not all 6 get to eat as a family together EVER! (for dinner that is) they originally set our dinner for 8 ... even though we requested 6. We argued for 6 several times, never did we get it. Which in the end would not have worked anyway since the baby goes down at 6:30. Thanks to Andy's parents we were able to eat at 6 by our selves 3 times and then one night we ate with Adam and Susan (Andy's brother and his GF) and one night with his mom and dad (thanks to Adam and Susan!) They have never kept her before and we were worried she would wake up while we were out ... she never did! (Good girl) Anyway ... Dinner was a NIGHTMARE however the rest of the cruise was wonderful!

Andy and I got off by ourselves in the Bahamas, Tatum stayed with Grandma and Grandpa!

Here are some random pictures ... hope you enjoy!

Tatum & Mommy

Tatum & Susan on the pool deck!

Tatum with the pirate at St Thomas

Naked baby ... it was so so HOT!

All dressed up!

Tatum riding the camel in the casino!

Chess anyone?!

Tatum with her towel Elephant

me and Andy Dressed up for dinner~

our little PiRaTe ... check out her baby legs!

I have a lot more pictures ... 218 to be exact ... but I do not know how to link them to you ... anyone can tell me I will do it - they are on Kodak ... if I need to I can create a flickr account ... and add them there too!