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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Baby

Okay ... TOO funny not to share!
Daddy told Tatum and Bowden that they could go to *Wal*Mart if they were good on Saturday while he was away ...
We took them today to pick their toys.
Tatum picked THIS DOLL
She begged Daddy to let her take it to bed.
He tucked them in, read them a story and kissed both of them night night.
He said the "baby doll" was sleeping as well as Tatum when I got done putting Bowden down.
I got a tea, snack and sat down with my lap top, not 2 minutes later ...
Tatum was SCREAMING and CRYING like she was being HURT.
I went running in ...
me: "Honey what is wrong?"
Tatum: "My baby wont stop crying"
me: "it is okay baby, sometimes babies cry. she needs her paci"
I then put her paci in her mouth and started to sing and pat both of their backs.
I thought "they" were both asleep
Tatum: "mommy why did she cry?"
me: "sometimes babies cry honey"
Tatum: "well you take her to your room, I need to sleep"
are you kidding me ... I almost fell on the floor!
Just like her momma!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Out of it

I am out of the blogging world -

haven't even been reading other blogs.

Somehow I have lost interest -

I have tried all week to get a post together

I have tried all week to read other posts and for whatever reason I am BORED!

Weird! I guess I am in a FUNK!

I am tried - it is our go go go go season.

I thank my Dr everyday for tying my tubes because Bowden is so darn cute he makes me want another baby - haha!

Tatum is freaking so smart is scares me - I am afraid of her growing up too quickly!