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Monday, April 30, 2007

Did my fatness induce my PUPPPS?

Do all overweight girls get stretch marks?!
I was overweight before I got preggo and I know that is my fault, but that is not the point here!
The point here is that I think I was already stretched to my limit before I got preggo, okay maybe not my limit, but I was pretty close! (most of you know I had 9 long months of timed sex before we actually got lucky) Now I am popping up with stretch mark after stretch mark. (I thought about taking a picture for proof, but with the rash and the stretch marks it is really really gross!) So the question here ... is the PUPPPS related to me being fat?! I haven't seen any evidence of that in the research I have done, but in every picture of the rash I have seen it has been on a overweight pregnant woman. So maybe I am on to something here! Second ... all of my skinny friends have avoided stretch marks by lubing up, I tried belly butter and it worked great up until the rash, which by the way is WORSE when moist. So now I try very hard to keep it dry and only use anti-itch cream when I absolutely think I am going to scratch my belly off ... or in this case scratch that baby right out of my skin!

Okay so is the PUPPPS related to me being fat, and do all overweight woman that get preggo get stretch marks?!
Just wondering!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Next Big RV Trip

Well I think I mentioned it a while back but I want to go to the Grand Cannon Sky Walk so so bad. My parents have a RV and yes since I am a spoiled BRAT most of their vacations revolve around me. Now of course they revolve around me, my husband and my dog ... oh yeah and soon a little one ... which I am sure will be EVEN more spoiled than I ever was. But anyway, when I first heard of the Sky Walk (about a year ago) I asked my parents, husband, and my mom's family if they would be interested in going. Amazingly everyone responded YES ... so I have been keep an eye on it in the news ... I awaited the opening, the first walk and yes all of the Hype cause for sure I thought it would never "really" open! But my friends it did and here it is ... a reporter gave a wonderful description of their first steps on it ... check it out: Grand Canyon Sky Walk Adds to the Wonder. I can't wait to go there ... I hope we get to go in September of next year and I know that is far off, but a girl has to have things to look forward to!

As for my travels to come ...
We have 2 more races to attend this year, one I can't go to the actual race. I will be too far along and it would hurt the babies unborn ears! The second is in October, The Martinsville Race, my mom and i have it all worked out ... I will attend the Busch race she will tend the baby, she will attend the Nextel race and I will tend to the baby! If it is cold when we go, I get both races! :)
Then for Christmas this year Andy's family wants to go on a cruise ... so that will be in January I guess then it will be time to start planning out next year! Also this year I have Melanie's wedding in Raleigh, and the LMC SnowBE's Christmas 10 years ... in Banner Elk!

Okay gotta get to work ... enjoy reading about the Sky Walk ... I can't wait to go!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I was a bully

This is serious ... growing up I was a BULLY! From the age of 6 I played soccer on the all boys team. I played Rec League with all boys, I was on the Coastal Travel Team with all boys, I was on the Myrtle Beach Sand Boys team. It may be horrible to say - but I was GOOD ... I really was ... I made the "All Star Team" in every tournament we were in, I was the captain of several of those boys teams and I was always a starter! I was the "talk of the town" the little girl that could out do the boys every time! I had articles about me in the paper weekly and I continued to get better! We did not have a girls team at school and my only choice was to try out with the boys as I always did!

I guess it was my 8th grade year of middle school when we were at a "all boys tournament" and a gentleman named Herm Halter approached my parents asking why I was on the "boys travel team?" My parents replied that we did not have "girls" soccer in Myrtle Beach ... Herm then proceeded to invite me to try out for the all girls travel soccer team in Charleston, SC ... my parents were ecstatic! Anything to keep me out of trouble and away from my home "crowd." You see I hung out the the athletic boys ... yep those boys the boys who knew they were "IT" the boys who carried themselves different that the other boys. Since I was one of those "BOYS" I carried my self different too!

After trying out for the Woman's Charleston Travel Team "CTUSA" and making it ... I was invited to try out for the Olympic team. Which I made too ... I was not too far away from playing with the "big girls" and by big girls I mean Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain , yep I was good. I never made it to Alternate - who is someone named to step in in case someone else gets hurt but I was only 1 step out! My Soccer life was a blast I met so many people and made so many friends ... but it wasn't until I started to play College ball that I realized I was MEAN! I really was. I carried myself different than all the other girls, and I always blamed it on others ... "well she started it" "it wasn't my fault." 1993 my coach at LMC sat me down and said "Kim, you don't have to be Billy the Bully anymore ... you are "it" no one can take your spot, you are the one in charge of your life. You have one choice to play for me ... you will grow up and you will stop all of this!" It wasn't until then that I realized I carried myself different, I held my head WAY HIGH, I gave looks to those that didn't deserve it ... only because I was trying to prove myself ... but to who?! I Guess that all started when I was "one of the BOYS!"

Why am I telling you all of this ... well this weekend someone from my past ... a girl from High School left a very mean comment on one of my MySpace pictures. I checked it all out and this girl left a blog about me on her MySpace. It wasn't enough that she called me FAT on my own page but then she wrote this blog about me on her page saying how mean I was ... that I ruined her life and how I beat her up and stuff ... (which I never did). I remember being not so nice to her ... she was one of those "different girls," She dated my boyfriends best friend ... she was a vegetarian, she protested Procter & Gamble because they tested things on animals, she was just different. Not that those things are bad, but in High School when you are young and dumb different is different no matter why it is that you are different. (by the way I don't use P&G products because of her, so I must have listened to her) I can remember getting into 2 debates with her, never any fights but debates ... anyway she wrote this blog about how mean I was and how fat I am ... and I am here to say I am glad that I had the past I had. I am glad I was the athlete I was, I am glad I was mean enough to get the life I got out of soccer, however I am not PROUD that I was mean to anyone. I am not that person anymore ... 1993 that was 14 years ago. I have changed SO MUCH that it isn't even funny.

While I am very upset that this girl threw me out there, trashed me and called me FAT, I am sure in her eyes I deserved it ... so this is MY APOLOGY to anyone out there that I was mean to! I am sorry, I honestly am ... that was then this is now. If you would give me a chance you would see how much I have changed. For this girl I hope that she can move on and let it go ... it was 14 years ago, my goodness ... I have asked for forgiveness and I hope that God knows how sorry I am. As I am sure he does ... I have been asking for forgiveness since 1993 ... my freshman year in college. I grew up and all thanks to two men ... Herm Halter for taking time out of his day to invite me to Charleston to play with girls and then my College Soccer Coach, thanks to both of them for seeing in me what I could not!!

I am moving on now, I was mean, I am not anymore! I was young and dumb, I am now married with child on the way and I hope and pray that Karma does not treat our daughter the way I treated others!

Thanks for listening to me ramble and if I have ever in anyway been mean to you ... I AM SORRY!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

31 Weeks and ITCHY AS ALL GET OUT!

I think all the bragging about how “easy” and “normal” my pregnancy was going finally caught up to me. I had to go to the Dr yesterday because I had this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE itch on my belly. My skin had started to become raised up and very puffy. I went to the Dr … they said I have a condition called PUPPS.

But if you want the broke down version it is basically a rash that is caused by pregnancy it usually surfaces around 32 weeks and lasts 6 – 10 weeks. Most cases dissolve after birth bust some last up to 2 weeks after. It is very itchy and they said the only way they knew to describe it to Andy was that if you have ever had Poison Ivey, Oak or Sumac that you could multiply that by 10 and then you have it. I personally am not allergic to any of those things … I have never had any of them … but if this is what it is like I AM SORRY TO ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE EVER HAD POISON! I can only rub the infected area … if I scratch it, it can spread, if I touch it skin to skin it burn like the worst SUNBURN I have every experienced in MY LIFE!!! I can take benaydrll by mouth and cream, if that doesn't help by Tuesday they will give me a cortizone shot to help! Here is a site that has some pictures if you are interested in seeing what it "looks" like … NOTE: these are not pictures of mine, mine is not near as bad as these women and I pray that it does not get that bad, if it does I will GO NUTZ!
Rash Pictures
Other than that not much going on … only 9 weeks to go, this weekend I am starting to wash the clothes and get things into the "ready" stage. Please pray for me and my rash … maybe the prayer chain will help aleve some of my itching!

Monday, April 16, 2007

30.5 Weeks

Well on Friday I will be 31 weeks ... and for some reason TIME SEEMS TO BE STANDING STILL. It has been moving so fast and now all of a sudden it is not. My friend Aundria and her mom got us a package to Prenatal Peek for a baby gift ... they got us a 2 part package ... the 1st pictures were posted here for week 20 and I wish I was neat like all of you and I could reference it, but I you are lucky I can do what I do ... so look back and find them if you want ... haha!

Anyway today was our second visit ... the 3D pictures are amazing I can't believe how much of the baby you can actually see ... I love it! As of Friday only 9 weeks left and I am sure I will be keeping you all well informed!

Say hello to Tatum:

Friday, April 13, 2007

Local Newspaper

Every morning I read the column in the local paper by Issac Bailey ... most days we do not see eye to eye on the subject. Most days he seems to be very anti "white" and very "pro black" this morning his words were RIGHT ON! I really enjoyed reading his column and I wanted to share it with you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, if not sorry!

Exit niche, change the world

The Rev. Al Sharpton can change the world today ... if he joins forces with the former Duke lacrosse players who were wrongly accused of rape. Together they can help re-establish the lost ideal of innocence until proven guilty and fight justice system inequalities.
The boys were unfairly demonized, and Sharpton years ago led protests in a rape case that turned out to be a hoax. Symbolically they would make a powerful team that would be hard to ignore.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson can change the world today ... if he publicly forgives Don Imus. Jackson years ago was caught saying "Hymietown." Imus is roasting in the aftermath of his own racist comments. No better pair could illustrate the power and purpose of forgiveness.
The Rutgers' women's basketball team could change the world ... if its members began a speaking tour on high school campuses and told young girls they are not the helpless victims a sympathetic public is trying to make them out to be. No one is in a better position to help the younger generation recognize that being called a dirty name today is almost nothing in comparison to the days when black men were lynched in the public square. What better way to illustrate that young people can - and will - determine their own worth, no matter the circumstance, no matter what some strange man behind a microphone says.
Black people could change the world today ... if more of us began to believe that there is no shame in nappy, kinky hair. Too many of us believe the lie that only a particular skin tone and hair texture make you beautiful.
CBS Corp. can change the world today ... if now that it has fired Imus, it also pressures its colleagues at the Black Entertainment Network to stem the tide of demeaning videos flooding the airwaves. If it's not acceptable for an old white man to make disparaging remarks, it shouldn't be acceptable for young black ones to make them either. What's more demeaning? A shock jock making a joke about "nappy-headed hos"? Or a video by a top black rapper smiling into the camera while placing a credit card in an intimate part of a half-naked black woman's body?
Activists can change the world today ... if they realize that getting loudmouths fired won't advance equality. It is like trying to defeat terrorism by trying to shoot all the terrorists. It may resemble progress but only makes the fight harder.
You can change the world today ... if you love when others demand you hate.
The world won't change until we elevate selfless courage above moral outrage.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Damaged Goods

The babies furniture came in last week ... I never thought to check it all out until the room was ready and wouldn't you know it ... when I did open it the ONLY piece that came assembled was DAMAGED. Now we ordered 4 pieces of furniture ... 3 we had to put together our selves and 1 (the dresser) was already put together for us, YEP YOU GUESSED IT ... the dresser was damaged! But here are pics of the Crib, Changer, and Book Case ... Dresser to be added after they deliver a new one and pick up the old one!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

We got a lot done this weekend

Well Saturday me, Mom and Andy worked really hard to cut in and paint the babies room. Then Mom and I went to Julia's baby shower ... Andy called Brandon and asking him to come help him put some dresseres and a shelf together ... they continued to work on the room until very late at night. They constructed 2 dresser systems and a shelve on the wall. This morning Mom and Dad got here around 8:30 and the rest of the decorating began! Dad hung the chair rail, mom and I sized the walls and then hung the border. While Dad was working on chair rail mom and I painted the Kemp letters and that is my favorite! I had SO MUCH fun! The room is great ... I LOVE IT! Andy really likes it better than he thought he would ... tomorrow the furniture assembly process begins ... good luck to us! Haha ... Hope you enjoy the pictures!
The room is not done but we are getting there ...
Mom trimming and Andy Rolling
Mom putting up the border
The closet is all together
The Shelf and fun stuff!
Since the name is still up in the air I just did our last name ...