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Sunday, April 01, 2007

We got a lot done this weekend

Well Saturday me, Mom and Andy worked really hard to cut in and paint the babies room. Then Mom and I went to Julia's baby shower ... Andy called Brandon and asking him to come help him put some dresseres and a shelf together ... they continued to work on the room until very late at night. They constructed 2 dresser systems and a shelve on the wall. This morning Mom and Dad got here around 8:30 and the rest of the decorating began! Dad hung the chair rail, mom and I sized the walls and then hung the border. While Dad was working on chair rail mom and I painted the Kemp letters and that is my favorite! I had SO MUCH fun! The room is great ... I LOVE IT! Andy really likes it better than he thought he would ... tomorrow the furniture assembly process begins ... good luck to us! Haha ... Hope you enjoy the pictures!
The room is not done but we are getting there ...
Mom trimming and Andy Rolling
Mom putting up the border
The closet is all together
The Shelf and fun stuff!
Since the name is still up in the air I just did our last name ...

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kimmyk said...

It all looks so pretty!