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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Less counting

Note the title isn't "counting over" it is just less counting ... I have started to relax a little more! She is eating, she is gaining weight and she is starting to form her personality so Mommy is a little more relaxed. We went to the Dr on Thursday and yes this visit was action free ... no poopie on the table and we didn't even pee on the Dr. YEAH

The Dr told us we are 95% in height, 25% in head measurements and 50% in weight. All in all that sounds like we are all off scale and out of wack, but I happen to think she is perfect. What is a percentile anyway ... haha Precious now weighs 8lbs 1oz and is changing everyday I have taken SO MANY pictures but I am glad that I have cause you can see the change in all of them!

Here are some in chase you need a fix ...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our Day Out

Well today we had a BIG day ... a day filled with adventure and fun ... it was called WORK! You see I am the VP and part owner of our company and if I ever failed to mention it ... I am a CONTROL FREAK! Several years back ... before I was out of college we had a business partner ... his wife embezzled money and things from us ... so now due to that and the CONTROL ISSUES I refuse to teach anyone how to do what I do. So what do I do?! I pay bills, I do payroll and stay on top of all of our insurance, I do all the billing and all the contract jobs. Mostly I DO IT ALL! I did teach my Mom how to do payroll so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed and behind ... she has done very well. She has never used Quick Books and for the most part she is great at it ... i even think she does better when I am not around! I think I make her nervous! haha Anyway today she picked us up, yep me and Tatum and took us to work ... this was only after it took us almost 3 hours, to shower me, dress and change her ... we went through 3 diapers in 45 mins and feed her ... which by the way she REFUSES to stay awake for! haha then we were off ... off to WORK! I tell you what I missed it, I missed my guys, I missed the control and most of all I missed being in the middle of it all. I will go again next Tuesday and as soon as I can drive I hope to go at least 2 hours each day until we are have somewhat of a routine in order ... that is the Control Freak talking again. I guess some of that will go away with time ... but for now I like to control it all! Haha

Other than that not much happening here ... I hope that all my Blog friends are well and I am off to read all of your recent posts now!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stop the counting

Okay ... so I count the minutes she feeds, I count the wet diapers, I count the poopy diapers ... when does the counting stop? Holly Molly - I have flipped out a few times during the past few days ... I am so so emotional, that I cry! I cry happy tears, tears of joy and then I will cry tears of frustration ... it is all so much fun! Now my Baby Girl ... she is ADORABLE ...

Also forgot to tell you about our trip to the Dr ... so we went to the Dr again Monday to do a weight check ... they nurse said that we needed to have her in a clean diaper and naked, ready to weigh ... so we start to undress her, I undo the first tab on her diaper, then the second, the hubbs starts to hand me her new clean diaper and she starts peeing all over the place. I start to giggle tell Andy "she is peeing, she is peeing" (Note - I am new at this, her diaper is the first I have ever changed so the remove and replace thing needs work) So then we start to clean up all the pee and I notice this nasty look on her face, I say OMG she is going to shit ... and wouldn't you know it ... she shit all over the place ... I tried to hold her over the table but you know that great paper that is worse than a brown paper bag when it comes to absorbency ... all the pee and poop was rolling off the table! I tried to pick her up cause her clothes were getting wet and she was still pooping ... so I started holding her over the trash can. Andy was laughing hysterically and I was saying "oh this is okay, this is okay it happens, don't stress out" I kept telling myself it was okay not to freak out! It finally stopped and Andy was like Honey you did great it is over you did good, we had to call the nurse in and tell her we did bad ... she giggled and said that "it happens" it was all good.

Anyway ... that is what has been going on here ... I am off now to take a nap ... hope you are all well! My first baby Dudley (the dog) doesn't seem to mind the baby ... see him below, he is so cute!!! Our Honorary Aunt MelBel and Naji came into town to visit us ... Here are some more pictures:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fathers Day

Well ... mom bought some cute shirts from Food Lion they said: Worlds Best Grandpa Hands Down ... the idea is to let the grandchild paint their hands on the shirt ... well this is NOT A VERY GOOD IDEA for a 1 week old! Not only does she not have control of her hand, neither did we! We tried to put the paint on her hand for her and then place the hand on the shirt ... UM NO! That didn't work either ... in the end she had blue paint all in her hair, her ear and from her hand to her elbow! I think my mom wet her pants laughing hysterically and I said something like " okay I am stressed out this is enough" I almost lost it again ... theses damn hormones are killing me! Anyway ... in the end we painter her feet and put them on the shirts ...

My Dad's was the first we tried ... the image on the far right of the shirt was our attempt of her hand ... The four little dots to the far left of shirt was my mom's idea of a dog print ...

Second Shirt was for Andy's dad ... you can see the 2 feet, they worked much better!

And here are the 2 proud Grandpa's ...

For Father's day Andy got 3 retro body suits ... (all for baby ... hahah) They say: "That's How I Roll" "I take the Bottle" and "Lil' Pimpin" - he wanted some "fun" items so when he takes her out around the town she can be stylin' ... then he also got this:

We had been looking at Golf Carts for sometime ... and we finally found on ... yes the day that we got home ... so Andy was off to get it! He had a great weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tatum Lyndsey Kemp

Hey everyone ... our bundle of Joy is here ... she is BEAUTIFUL!~ I can't stop touching her!

It has been a roller coaster! I tried very hard for the vaginal delivery but in the end it did not work out ... I was taken to the surgery room around 7 pm on Monday and they had to perform a c-section. Baby would NOT DROP - I had very sever contractions from 9 am until 6 pm with no change in cervix or dilatation. It was all very emotional ... which by the way all still is. I had no idea I would be a mess like this but I am. Andy has done great, and he seems to totally understand my SOBBING for NO good reason! I am pretty sore and tired so I am going to take a nap while baby is asleep and I PROMISE I will write more this weekend! I PROMISE for now here are some pictures for ya ...
Trying to walk her down ...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

5 hours until blast off

Hey everyone ... well it is almost 11 and I am to report to the Hospital at 4. I am not nervous about the birth ... that is what our bodies are made for. i am not nervous about the pain, that is what DRUGS are for ... but I am nervous about not getting to eat for HOURS AND HOURS and I am nervous about bringing baby home! I have prepared for her arrival at home for 8 LONG (itchy, swollen, tired, cranky, sleepless, ... most of you know) months, all very worth it may I add. But why do I still have this sickening sense that I AM NOT READY?! I read in one of my many "get ready" books that this is normal and that I wouldn't be a "normal" woman if I weren't second guessing myself! I guess that is true cause I have second guessed just about all MAJOR decisions I have made in my life. I think that is a prerequisite of being a woman.

Anyway to stop the rambling ... in hopefully 24 hours or so I will be a Mommy ... I will have the entire package ... the hubbs, the car, the house, the job and the baby! WOW it all seemed so much more promising when I was 5. HAHA no really I am excited and I know that there will be hard days, good days and sad days ... all very welcome. I am going to be a MOMMY! Well wish me luck and I will soon see you back here ... pictures and update as soon as I can!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


News Flash
Baby Kemp will be arriving next week FOR SURE!
On Sunday I am to report to the Hospital by 4 pm. They will check me in and start Cervidil - a gel that is used to thin the cervix. I will have that for aprox 12 hours, the next am I will be allowed to shower and take a break and then they will start the Pitocin - the drug used to make contractions start. I was only 2 centimeters dilated today, but last Thursday I was only a finger tip ... so some progress was made! We will have some more uncomfortable sex, we will walk and I will be drinking my raspberry tea. I am open for any other suggestions you have for me to try ... so send some love and tell me what to do. The rash has gotten worse with each passing day and it is almost unbearable to not scratch it ... but yet when I TOUCH it, it burns and stings ... makes my eyes welt up with tears and my stomach hurt with horrible pain. I can't believe that something can itch like this ... never in my life have I experienced something so aggravating. I try very hard to put it out of my mind, but it is really hard.

PS I am not drinking OIL ... don't tell me that one please!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dr Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is another Dr appointment ... that is fun isn't it I think I am sick of doctors poking and prodding me. I think at the first "physical check" I asked if she could please remove her arm from my viagina ... geesh lady is that your elbow??? Not that it wont soon be worth it and trust me, I am not complaining ... I am very excited about what is happening in our lives. At our last appointment the Dr told me to walk, drink raspberry tea, and to have SEX ... yes lots of SEX. My husband stood in the corner grinning form ear to ear all while red faced and embarrassed ... I laughed so loud I thought the Dr might pee her self! I proceeded to tell her that was exactly what got us into this mess and had she missed all the tears that were flowing 1 minute before her she started to tell us how to "hurry" this along. Her reply was I didn't say romantic sex ... he just needs to do it with quickness and make a deposit! I was like OMG ... she just told my husband to completely enjoy himself, no worries about me, but to rape me! Haha ... he loved it ... so yes since last Thursday we have had sex all but 1 day and yes every time was very uncomfortable and most defiantly not about PLEASING ME ... anyway with this uncomfortableness - if that is even a word I am hoping and praying that tomorrow I will be further along than a finger tip and "high and dry!" haha
I really would like to be further along, then I wont feel so bad about scheduling this baby to come early! I have been having some slight contractions ... nothing big, nothing to harsh, but something! I haven't has that "bloody show" some talk about ... the mucus plug ... if I have lost it I did not know it! The contractions haven't been constant or even remotely close, but at least it is something ...
Anyway with the boring and rambling post please say a quick prayer for me tonight ... a prayer that I am further along that a finger tip and for a induction date to be set!
I will let you all know tomorrow!
Good night for now!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I was Tagged

Okay so I was tagged by Chris ... you can see her blog Bresnan Family Blog here!

She tagged me to post 7 random things about me that you may or may not have known ... so here I go and if you want to play please leave me a comment that you played so I can go check it out!

1) I was a soccer star!
When I was in High School I was the ONLY girl on the soccer team. We did not have woman's soccer and my freshman year I tried out ... they wouldn't let me play ... we had to FIGHT the school system ... anyway I made the team my Sophomore year, but did not get to play ... they said I wasn't good enough ... however most of the boys starting didn't get to play on the club team I was on cause they sucked! Junior year and Senior year I WAS THE MAN ... or woman ... haha the coach finally let it all out ... I was not only a starter but I was the captain of the team!

I also tried out for the Olympic team when younger ... I was a alternate 3 years in a row ... which means I was one step away from the actual team!

2) I only dated the Hubbs for 3 months before we were engaged!
I think it was date 6 ... still no kiss and most def no sex, but I told him we would be married soon! hahaha The day of our second date I drove past a wedding boutique ... saw a dress in the window and said that will be my dress ... I bought it before he proposed! haha!

3) I have 5 tattoo's ...
the first ... at 18 with my college friend Stacy is a flower and is on my hip.
Second is a Moon with a flower and a star with a oh so neat sex symbol in it ... got it at 22 with my at the time Boyfriend who I was madly in love with ... is on my right ankle.
3rd, 4th and 5th all at same sitting ... A SnowBE ... which is what my college girls call our selves ...

4) I am what most woman would call a redneck ....
I love sports, I love to hang with the guys and I like beer out if a can! Yes I said I prefer beer out of a can. We will see if that is the same after baby Tatum comes! I have even drank beer from a boot ... another old college thing!

5) I was the proud owner of a Harley!
When we got married I sold it to add to the building of our dream house ... I loved it while I had it! I only had it for a year and never really got Comfy on it ... but I did ride it from my house to my parents quit a bit ... only 7 miles haha ... I taught my mom how to ride it too! PS ... see next answer ... I never did tell Chirs' mom I had it, until after I sold it!

6) While filling out any questionnaire ... if the question asks if I miss anyone or if I could spend the day with anyone who would it be ... my answer is ALWAYS the same ...
Chris Ball, I would give anything to spend one more day with him! He was the best friend any person could have ever had, he was friends with my dad and me ... he was killed in a motor cycle accident in 2000 ... he was killed 2 days after his 23rd b-day! I will always have a special place for him in my heart and I will never let a day go by without thinking of him!

7) I am sure all of you mothers have been through this ... not sure if I have said it before, but I AM SCARED to death of the up coming birth and raising of our daughter! I know it was planned, we did this on purpose ... for sure it was on purpose! It took almost 9 months of actual trying, 11 months of not preventing ... and now in the last 2 months I am so nervous! I am scared that I will not handle giving birth well and scared that I will be horrible at raising her!

Well that is it ... please play and please let me know!