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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tatum goes to the Ball Park
Um yeah this was one of 3 times that the child has been up past 7:30 pm.
I am a freak about her schedule ... it really stresses me out if we are not home and in bed on time ... but we did a late nap and guess what ... she did GREAT! Not even 1 melt down!
I think it helped that we were in a box with food and place to run!
The crowd cheered for a good play ... she joined them!

Tatum and her friend Kaylie ... so glad her and her Daddy joined us!
I love this one ... she was sitting on my lap ...

Bowden Gets Tubes ...

Just like his sister ... I couldn't resist the pictures in that cute little gown ... Of course we were again the only ones in the place with a camera! HAHA

To see Tatum in her gown click HERE

We arrive at the surgery center at 6:30 am

Bowden is STARVING ... hasn't eaten since 11:30 pm

I woke him to feed him knowing if I didn't this would be a bad day

he was happy and really was a good baby!
Look at that diaper hinney ... don't you want to pinch it?!
He has no idea they are coming to get him!
Arrive Surgery at 6:30
Leave by 8
Home playing by 8:45

He did GREAT!

Fun in the Fort!

My mom bought Tatum a tent/tunnel thing for her Birthday ... She has been begging Bowden to go through the tunnel ... but he wont! I decided we (me and dad) needed to play with her ...

Um yeah ... check this out:

Mommy crawls through the tunnel ... Tatum came over top of me and out of the tunnel also!

Daddy trying very hard to get out of the tunnel!

Bowden trying to tell Dada that it is okay ... he IS here to help with a pat pat pat!


  • Bowden got tubes on Tuesday, he is doing well! No GREAT changes yet, but I think things will start to get better with his breathing and his constant ear aches.
  • I have tons and tons of pictures I want to share with all of you and NO (NONE) time to do that right now!
  • I am not sure who I let schedule all the things for me that are on my calendar, but I say it every year ... I wont do all of that again.
  • I am not so much into blogging that much anymore ... why you say?! Well I really feel out of control. EVERY blog I read is struggling with; loss, money, posting, romantically, or even with pregnancy. It is not building my spirits any and yes I am one struggling also!
  • um yeah that is about it for me ... I am out ... love you all ... sorry I have been absent and I will be back to post some pictures!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do you think she is excited?!

Tatum LOVED, LOVED the cake, singing and the candles ...

all she wanted was more more more!

My baby is 2

I am so not sure where all the time went, but it has been 2 FULL years since my Tata was born. Today my sweet baby girl turns 2. I can't believe she is 2. I messed up her 1 year birthday party ... it was HOT, I was 7.5 months preggo and it snuck up and screeched out the door before I knew it. This year I am a little more prepared. We are having a double birthday party for her and one of my best friends daughter. Kaylie is turning 3, Tatum is turning 2. Since we would have invited ALL the same people we just doubled it up. We are having a pool party Saturday in the day and then that evening all babies go to Grandparents and the adults are having a cook out at our house! I can't wait! Melbel found this cute outfit for me on Etsy for Tatum ... check her out ...

Baby girl I don't even know where to start. The last 2 years have been the best of my life. I can remember my parents telling me to enjoy high school, that those days would be some of the best in my life. Now they are telling me to enjoy your baby years, that soon I will miss the sleepless nights and the cries, rocking and diapers. I see it already. You are growing like a weed. Your smile in infectious and your laugh is breath taking. You are my sunshine. I look forward to your hugs, smiles and "isses", yes even with open mouth. You are such a joy, hardly ever a bad baby. A great sleeper, great eater and a wonderful big sister. You know exactly how to make people laugh and when you catch onto them laughing you will do it every time you see them ... just to make them laugh. I love you, I cherish every moment we have together and I look forward to every moment we will have in the future. I love you, you are my sunshine and hope you have a great birthday!