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Thursday, June 25, 2009


  • Bowden got tubes on Tuesday, he is doing well! No GREAT changes yet, but I think things will start to get better with his breathing and his constant ear aches.
  • I have tons and tons of pictures I want to share with all of you and NO (NONE) time to do that right now!
  • I am not sure who I let schedule all the things for me that are on my calendar, but I say it every year ... I wont do all of that again.
  • I am not so much into blogging that much anymore ... why you say?! Well I really feel out of control. EVERY blog I read is struggling with; loss, money, posting, romantically, or even with pregnancy. It is not building my spirits any and yes I am one struggling also!
  • um yeah that is about it for me ... I am out ... love you all ... sorry I have been absent and I will be back to post some pictures!


The Smith Family said...

I feel the same you do about blogging. I've actually gotten addicted to my facebook account and it's easier to update than my blog.

I hope Bowden's tubes help him out. Keep us posted.

Unknown said...

Don't give up my blogger friend partner! A small update is a good update :)