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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kick Ass Blog Award ...

My second award ...

Kick Ass Blog

I just met Dawn and yet again I have found another great friend! I think this blogging stuff is going to be bad for my wallet one day! I say one day because right now with 2 babies under 2 I don't think that traveling is permitted ... haha

Never mind the fact that we still have 2 house payments and nothing even resembling the idea of a future home buyer for the other house ... oh well!

Thanks Dawn I just love the blog awards!

Now I must send out 5 awards to kick ass blogers like me ...
1st - KimmyK ... my very first blog friend
2nd - My new best friend through blogging ... Robin
3rd- Smith Family ... B/C we can chat about 2 babies! :)
4th - Partin Family - she updates frequently and always has good pictures -
5th - JayJenny Because she is SO REAL!!
So there you have it friends ... and don't forget to check them all out ... especially Dawn she updates daily and they are always good!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Playing peek-a-boo

Giving bubby kisses at Great MeMaw Kemps

Great MeMaw Kemp holding her Great Grandson

Tatum visits Great PaPaw Miller Clapping for herself!!! HAHA
Bowden with Great PaPaw Miller
Oh she melts my heart!!!
The 3 of us!!!!

Tatum ... over it ... HAHA

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am here, I am alive, we are ALL still alive. Very very tired, but here and alive!
Bowden had his 2 week check up today - we are already over birth weight ... I got some good boobie milk! haha The little paper with his stats on it is in the car, and I am way too tired to go get it so you will have to wait until tomorrow. We took Tatum with us to the Dr because YES SHE IS STILL SICK ... 3 weeks now. Green snot, cough and pulling her ears ... oh but the Doc says ... it is Viral and it has to play it's course ... Pisses me off! (and yes we tried antibiotics and decongestant ... 2 rounds of each)
Anyway we took some cute pictures today, but my cord/cable is in the car too ... so tomorrow my friends I promise!
Thanks to all of you who have been sending support, prayers and all of the great comments! Keep them coming ... 16 last post that is THE MOST I have ever had! Love love it!
I have been reading all of you ... and I am sorry for the pour spelling and lack of capitalization ... you see I read and comment while breast feeding ... so I can only use one hand since I am SO FREAKING HUGE that if I drop the boob it will suffocate my little man, and that would be NO GOOD! Anyway have a great night and I promise I will have a post with pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ugly

Well I have been posting about how well things have been going and then wouldn't you know it BAM we hit a BRICK WALL! The saw the ugly part of having 2 under 2. 2 nights ago ... (Tuesday night) everything was going well, Andy and I had talked to several people about how well it was all going ... the sleep, the tears and the over all having 2 babies. Then at 8pm I fed little man (I am breast feeding) and said honey I am off to bed, didn't get much rest today feel like I need it now ... he said okay I will be up later. His later turned into 11pm when he heard Bowden crying ... he came up stairs and got him out of his bassinet and brought him and all of the items needed to change his diaper over to me ... that is his JOB I feed baby, he brings baby and puts baby back, when feeding is over. So yep at 12 we were all done eating, I wake Andy up tell him Bowden is ready to go back to bed, as he is walking across the room I hear Tatum. I say "was that the other baby" With a deer in head light look he says "Yeah, what do I do" You see Tatum will let Daddy put her to bed, but wont let daddy console her when upset and I still was trying not to pick her up. Anyway ... he went to her, got her calmed down which was amazing ... however 2 hours later he still could not put her back in the crib. Each and EVERY time he tried to put her down she would sit up and scream dadadad ... it was so sad. (PS She WILL NOT SLEEP WITH US IN THE BED, WE HAVE TRIED WHEN THIS HAPPENS AND IT IS A NO GO) So it is now 2 o'clock ... I walk in the room and say okay enough is enough, you did good honey but get out ... I took over! I rocked her for almost an hour and I heard the little man crying ... so up with her I went walked her over to the crib and success ... she was asleep. Now time for me to fed the baby. An hour later ... yep 3am I am finally putting him back down and I get into bed. I crawl into bed after being up 3 hours that I am usually sleeping ... I start balling my eyes out ... the kind of cry that you hyper ventilate to ... the cry that shakes the house. I turn over and Andy is looking at me like oh no ... he comes the tears (again with Tatum I cried and cried for weeks) he said honey " you are doing great it will all be okay" I said I know I am so so tired ... with that he started to cry and simply said "honey I am so sorry." I told him I loved him and within seconds we were both asleep.
Tatum usually wakes up around 7:30 ... you would think after not sleeping for 3 of the 11 hours that she usually sleeps that she would have slept in ... NO WAY JOSE ... she was up at 6:15am. We were going to go "visit" the great grands on this day ... Andy got out of bed, dressed her fed her and sent her to Day care ... he said for the first time ever he walked in, handed her over and said GOOD LUCK! He walked back in the door said the Great's could wait to see her another day! We slept on and off until 11 ... of course still waking every 2-3 hours to feed the baby, got up took showers and went on our trip. It was a good day after we got some rest and got our 2nd wind back.
Anyway ... that is the UGLY and yes last night was much better!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tatum kisses Bowden

Sunday night Andy and I were just sitting in the living room playing with Tatum after dinner and watching some Olympics ... Bowden was sitting in his vibrating chair thing and all of a sudden Tatum just walked over and kissed him on the back of the head! Of course I cried ... cried like a baby. Ran for the camera and asked her about 10 times to kiss him again .. she did kiss him again, but only a few times and my stupid camera has a delay so I missed "THE" shot every stinking time ... aack! Anyway here are the ones that I took ... enjoy!
First things first ... mom and dad bought Tatum a swing set ... here is the "house" part of it ... they have been putting it together for 3 weekends now ... but Tatum still loves it!

This was the second kiss and I missed the picture completely ... sorry about the dirty onsie ... we had just finished dinner and were on our way to a bath!

She had just kissed him and was looking at her Daddy like he was NUTZ because he kept asking her to kiss him again!

This is the best one I got ... I snapped it "just before" aack then it would not snap another for a few seconds ... doesn't this melt your heart?!

Tatum and her tongue, she is like our dog!! Tired from all the kissing ... taking a break!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Things are going well ... of course we are sleep deprived, but for the most part things are going better than I expected! Friday I did have a cry all day kind of day. Only because I was so so worried about Tatum, I had not seen her in almost 5 days and I just wanted her to say "I know you love me mommy" yeah like that will happen in the next few months. Oh well ... she has done will with it all, even the breast feeding. I try my best to pay attention to ONLY her while Bowden is sleeping and I try very hard to include her in "what" I am doing with him. I miss our night time routine. Andy has completely taken over all of that ... so when it is time for me to get back to it we will be switching off nights. Her bedroom and ours is upstairs, so if I go up to bath her and put her night night, then that is it ... I only have been doing the stairs 1 time a day ... and that is NIGHT NIGHT. Plus I can't get down on the ground yet. I still have not been able to pick her up ... I can put her on the couch with me, if I am sitting ... but I can't and haven't TRIED to pick her up from standing. I can tell that it pulls on my C-section area while I am sitting so I am sure it will when standing. Anyway that is enough from me ... things really are going well. Now if we can just get Bowden to sleep at night like he is SUPPOSED to it would be going really really well. haha enjoy the pictures:
His first car ride! He is so so tiny!
This was the first meeting ...

Tatum says "tee" and points ... this is her acknowledging him ...


Tatum ... poor baby has a double ear infection and getting 2 new teeth ... she was so so tired

Why can't he sleep like this at night?

I promise he does wake up

Tatum is enjoying all of her "old" toys ... it is like Christmas for her!

She loves it ... she even has been eating her snack under the arches!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Here they are ... for some reason the picture of Bowden wont go right to left sorry ...
But here is Bowden in his hospital picture and Tatum in hers ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey *** Updated

**** Pictures added

Hey guys ... its me ... Kim I am doing well!

Emotionally I am 100% better than I was with Tatum.

Pain wise I am about 50% better than I thought I would be!

Tatum has a ear infection and a sinus infection so when she visited me today we sent Bowden to the nursery ... she HAS NO CLUE what is going on so she didn't know to ask for him.

I can't believe just how different Bowden looks than Tatum. It is amazing that he is from the same mommy and daddy that she is and they look NOTHING alike!

I was sick (throwing up) all day yesterday and today I have been up walking around ready to GO! They said I could go home tomorrow, but insurance covers us until Thursday, so I may ask to stay so I can take advantage of all the great nurses! I love this hospital ... LOVE it .. they even gave us "Stork" Dinner tonight.

Well it wont let me upload pictures ... stay tuned ...

Robin thanks so much for the updates

Melmel I love you thanks so much for all of your calls and help! I think it will be easier for me to see you this time! haha

I will be in touch!
Our steak dinner for 2 ... with good bubbly (Sparkling grape juice)

It even had shrimp cocktail

Andy drinking his bubbly!

Ms Maggie brought Tatum a teddy bear ... isn't it cute!

Squeaky Clean

Hey y''s Robin again.

Thought you guys might want your Bowden fix for the day, even though some of you might have already seen these pictures.

So, for those of you who haven't...enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

And, Baby Makes 4...

Kim, Andy & big sister Tatum welcome with love...


born at 7:57am this morning, weighing in at 7lbs, 13 ounces & 20 inches long.

This is Kim's friend, Robin, guest blogging for her.

From what I hear, mom & baby are doing just fine...Kim's just feeling a little sick to her stomach right now.

I hope to update you more after I talk to Kim, so for now, you'll just have to look at these precious pictures of baby Bowden.

Feel free to leave Kim comments, as I know she'll love hearing from y'all when she gets home from the hospital!!

Congratulations Kim, Andy & Tatum!!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Persistence is the Key

Persistence ...
well I guess that all of my calls and my persistence really paid off! We have the surgery set for Monday am! Yeah! After all that was what they promised for 18 long weeks. I called everyone I knew and asked everyone who was who at the hospital and at my Dr ... I finally got a hold of the head of the practice, Lynn. She is above the office manager, I very compassionately explained to her what was happening, yes with tears and all and told her that I felt as if NO ONE even tried to correct the problem, and even if the problem could not be corrected NOT ONE person apologized or acted as if they had done wrong. When I told her that I had asked EVERY appointment if the date was okay and was told yes ... she was amazed ... told me NOT TO WORRY she would FIX IT! Well she did! She got us in for Monday. I will make sure you are all posted! Andy has strick instructions on contacting MelBel and Robin to make sure that one of them is keeping everyone update ...
OMG Monday I will be a mommy of 2!

Robin left today - so so sad, I didn't get to do as much with them as I wanted to ... it was just too hot outside and my Kankles weren't able to attack the beach sand. We went to the baseball game, they came here for a cook out and a swim, we went to the aquarium together, Dixie Stampede and dinner last night ... Matt said next time we have to do more than just eat! haha I agree! It really was wonderful to meet and I love her like a sister! Stay tuned for pictures ... maybe tonight b/c if not you may never get them!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Wednesday ... I guess

So everyday I have called the Dr 2 times a day ... the little girls behind the desk (whom think they are above all the patients) have not been any help. Yesterday I called and asked for the office manager, of course she is out of town ... I spoke to her assistant, she was a BITCH! I started to call around town (I know people, haha) I got the name of the HEAD of the practice. Not a Dr but the HBIC, I called her last night. After feeling like I was getting no where I started to cry on the phone, I cried so hard I thought I was going to hyper ventilate ... I got it together got off the phone, and then decided that NO MATTER WHAT they tell me today I will accept and get over it! Move on ... I can't get that upset about it again. NO MATTER if I was right or they were right it isn't worth it. So it is 12:56 and still NO WORD from them, so I suppose that the appointment for Monday is a NO GO and we will be there on Wednesday ... I will let you all know if anything else comes up?!

PS Why is it that the girls that work in Dr office think they are so special ... they are just like you and I, most of them don't go to school for that ... they are just working, not doctoring?! I mean geese!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Damn Dr's Office

Well it seems that the Dr's office messed up and double BOOKED the surgery room for C-sections on the 11th. I requested the 11th at my 20 week appointment. People that was 18 weeks ago. At every Dr visit since I have asked if all was a go for the 11th, and they have said YES!!! We went to the Dr today for our last visit and I shit you not ... "we have a scheduling problem." I wanted to break out into tears right then and there, but I didn't of course I waited until we got outside and released it all on Andy, and of course him being the GREAT husband he is said "You want me to go back in there and tell them this is not happening?!" I said no, we will be fine. But how disappointing to be scheduled (or so I thought) for 18 ... yes 18 LONG weeks. Telling everyone we will have 6/11 and 8/11 to then be told they mis scheduled it. Anyway I calmed down some and called the Dr back, told them that we had a precise schedule in place and that if at all possible this NEEDED TO happen on the 11th. Told them we had family flying in town, baby sitting arranged for Tatum, and all of this was planned over the last 18 ... again 18 weeks. She said they would see what they could do and that they would let me know FRIDAY ... are you freakin serious?! FRIDAY?! So we are up in the air I may have a baby Monday, may have a baby Friday!? I will try to keep you posted and please please all of you say a prayer for Monday!

In good news ... we met and yes it was more than I expected ... you know we have all had some of those things we waited and waited for and then in the end it wasn't quite what we thought it was going to be ... um maybe your first time having sex?! hahah JK ... seriously I thought prom would be wonderful, and it was fun ... but it was disappointing at the same time ... okay so I was so so nervous that I had so many expectations of meeting Robin that I would be let down ... and guess what ... it was more than I expected! Serious, it was like we had known each other from kindergarten ... it was amazing, and it isn't over yet! We went to their hotel last night to pick them up ... and as soon as we pulled in the parking lot I was telling Andy "stop stop that is her, that is her" I was jumping out of the truck before it even stopped! 8 months 3 weeks pregoo and I am jumping out of the truck! We hugged, I hugged Matt and then I didn't stop talking until I fell asleep! haha Seriously I talked like a person who had been stuck in a cave for years and hadn't spoken in forever ... talk talk talk.

After today's Dr's appnt I decided I needed bed and rest that I could not emotionally be any fun to her ... so my mom took me and Tatum to dinner and I just put her down. Some baseball star is pitching at our single A game tonight and Andy and my dad had tickets so that is where they are soon as I finish this post I am off to bath, then bed!

I will see Robin tomorrow, then Wednesday we are headed to the Aquarium, Thursday we are off to Dixie Stampede. Until then ... here are some pictures from the ball game last night ... Andy got used his company to get the box at the ball game, so I could have AC and you know Robin and I sat outside in the heat the entire night ... duh! So here we are ... don't we look like we have known each other for YEARS!!!

Okay it is either my computer or blogger, but I can't post the pics, I will add them tomorrow ... nighty night!
Me and Robin ...

Matt excited because the Arby's guy hit a hommer and we got free sandwiches!

Fireworks after the game!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tomorrow People ... Tomorrow

Do you know what tomorrow is?!
Tomorrow is FINALLY the day I get to meet Robin.
We have been counting it down for MONTHS,
we she has been doing the counting down,
I have been doing the Yippies! haha
Tomorrow also marks the 7 day mark until I am a mommy of 2!
Her and Matt are here for a week and I can't wait!
We have lots planned!!
Next Saturday is my mom's B-day!
Me, Andy, Mom, Dad and Tatum will be going out for dinner and then getting ready for my trip to the hospital!~ Tatum will be staying with my mom the few days we are there, which is only 2 miles from her house, so I am hoping to see her a lot!
I followed Chris' advise and got Tatum some presents of her own:
Her own baby, baby seat and diaper bag.
Hopefully she will have fun playing with her baby while we take care of her "real" brother?!
Sunday night Andy and I will be going out to dinner to have a quiet one and she will start to stay with my mom then ... if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the transition for HER (Tatum) any easier I am open and ready!
I will post some pics of Robin and I Monday ... tomorrow when she gets her we are all going to the baseball game! :)!
Love to you all and be thinking of me over the next 8 days!