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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Cry it Out: FAILED

Last night was NO GOOD! Something about Tuesday Nights. That is when Andy Bowls.
Bowden must know his Daddy is not home and take advantage of me.
He started to cry around 8:45 - I did the every 15 minute thing for about 1.5 hours.
He was asleep around 10:15 then he woke again at midnight.
He was up from Midnight - 2am. (Andy usually gets home around 11:45)
Andy asked if I wanted him to go in and get him, I told him NO he is going to cry.
I let him cry until 2 (going in every 15 minutes, patting him, paci in mouth and even sucked his nose a few times)
Finally at 2 I gave in, changed his diaper, sucked his nose, gave him some Zyrtec (he couldn't breath through the snot) and gave him a bottle.
He passed out of exhaustion during his bottle. I put him back to bed.
Crawled in my own bed and as soon as I started to fall asleep he started screaming again.
I got up, grabbed the boppie and put him in our bed - propped up so he could breath better!
He slept until 7:15.
AACK! What is it about Tuesday?!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Only 2 time

That is how many times Bowden woke last night!
Once around 11:45 I turned him over, patted his back and walked out!
Then at 3:45 and I fed him, then right back to bed!
We are making waves! HUGE waves!

Other than the sleep issue I have NOTHING to blog about!
For that I am sorry!
You see besides 2 babies and work I have nothing else to say!

We are having some major issues at work -
We currently have a lien on a huge company for $451,000.
Honestly I have to say that if we don't re-coup some of that money, QUICKLY!!!
We will be shutting the doors!
We can't carry that bad debt for much longer.
We have been in business for 30 years.
My dad has never mentioned closing, or the big "B" word.
He has always said he would commit suicide before claiming bankruptcy ...
So I have a very heavy heart! I have been praying for work and my Daddy
like never before.
I just hope that our lawyer can make something happen quickly!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sleeping Post

Well things here have been going very well!
Friday night Bowden only woke once - I fed him and put him right back down.
Saturday Night he and Tatum stayed with my parents!
We had a wedding to attend in Columbia, SC and then a Birthday Bash here in town to attend.
So we woke up, got ready, took the babies to my parents.
Then drove to Columbia.
We left the wedding around 5 - got home by 8:30 and then to the bash!
It was a country birthday bash, for several people!
We had a BLAST~
Here I am in my Cowgirl outfit!

Some pictures of the babies:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Project Cry it Out - Day 3

Well I am almost scared to post it ...
He slept again! 7pm - 7:15am
I really am starting to think that there is something wrong with him.
I have called the Dr and we are going to see her Monday.
You see - 3 nights ago I really thought he was getting ready to break a tooth through.
So I gave him some Tylenol. He slept!
No tooth.
The next night I did it again. He Slept!
Andy and I have both thought there was something hurting him from the start!
The only thing I have done differently is put him "fuzzy" PJ's.
So what do you think?! Is the Tylenol making him sleep?!
Did one night of crying it out really work already?!
How do I make the Dr understand that I think there is something wrong with my baby?!
Is there only something wrong with him in my head?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project Cry It Out - Day 2

Last night was weird!
I am not going to jump up and down in joy - just YET
But that boy SLEPT!
I think it was pure exhaustion, but I put him down at 7:05pm.
NO CRYING at all!
He made a few noises through the night, but NO CRYING!
I got up at 6:30 -
I ran to his room, peeked into his room - he was FINE!!!
I took my shower.
Dried and styled my hair, put on my makeup.
First time I have gotten ready without having to tend to him since he has been born - 5 months! After getting ready I laid on my bed - SILENCE it was so nice!
*Tatum doesn't wake until we either wake her or will wake around 8 on her own.
At 7:20am I heard him start to wake.
I ran to his room - picked him up - and hugged his so so tight! I kissed his all over - Good BOY!
Wow what a full night of sleep can do for a girl!

Please keep praying for us! Maybe that is why he slept!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Cry It Out - Day 1

Bowden has still be waking up 4 - 6 times a night
Mostly they consist of me rolling him to his belly, patting his back for 15 - 20 minutes then he will sleep 1.5 hours.
He did really well for about 2 weeks, only waking 1 time to eat. I am not sure how we got back to waking so much, but I know he can do it.
Last night while Andy was bowling I had to resort to trying the cry it out method!
The Stand off started at 8:15 I went to Bowden's room, picked him up and tried for about 20 minutes to calm him, he fell asleep in my arms. I put him back down.
Upon his head hitting the bed the screaming started again. I walked out. I told myself to clean something for 15 minutes and go back. 30 minutes later I was on my second trip up to his room. I of course had tears in my eyes and I was on the verge of sobbing. I walked in his room, patted his belly (he was on his back) and put the paci in his mouth. I walked back out and downstairs. I had his monitor on, but turned all the way down, I could see the lights lighting up with each scream.
I decided it wasn't to late to call his Dr. So I did. She called me back and I started to cry - she reminded me that he would not remember and sometimes this is the ONLY answer. The first stand off lasted 2 hours - (*Note the only reason I made it 2 hours was because of 4 wonderful friends and Facebook! Thank you Stephanie, Robin, Mandi and Allygator) It was 10:23 exactly and he fell asleep. He slept for about an hour and a half.
When he started again, Andy was home. He went in, turned him over patted his back and left the room. He cried for about 30 more minutes and then was asleep. We did this all night. The last stand off was at 4 am. I fixed him a bottle, went it the room, propped his head up (the Dr said DO NOT PICK HIM UP!) stood at the side of the crib and fed him his bottle. When it was gone and I took it away he started to cry - I did pick him up, but not in a loving way - I simply placed him on my knee - him sitting up and burped him. While he was quiet, but wide awake I put him back in the crib, he rolled over, I patted his belly and put the paci in his mouth. I walked out. He cried for about 20 minutes ... that was 5:15 - at 8:22 this am he was still asleep! I looked in on him, and he was on his belly in the corner sleeping like he has never slept before - probably of exhaustion.
I hated it, every minute of it. However I hate that I can't function in my day to day life too! I can't wake with him 4 - 6 times a night. He is 5 months old now - I am worn out and past exhaustion! So once the Dr gave me the OKAY and the promise that if I don't give in it will work I was FINE! I was okay hearing him cry! So many people say it will work I just have to stick to it!
Hope you enjoy my report of the days to come!
Pray for me and for him!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayers needed ...

Bowden is NOT sleeping once again!!!
Last night I put him down at 8pm.
He was up at 11:45, 1:50, 4:35 and 5:43.
I am going out of my mind here!
Currently (8:51pm) he is screaming at the top of his lungs.
I had to walk away.
I have a horrible headache, daddy is bowling and Tatum thankfully is in bed!
Please pray for us!
Pray for my patience, pray that he sleeps soon and pray that this gets easier for me!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pig Tails, Glasses and a Real Baby Doll

Look ... you can't even tell she has a mullet!!

She loves my Glasses!
Tatum loves to put "Bubbie" in her baby doll stroller!
I watch close cause he will fall out - but it is too funny!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The REAL boy

So I told you I would capture my boy at his best-
Here ya go!
I have tried to get video -
but you see he is so spoiled that when I get close to him to take it
he thinks I am going to pick him up, so he stops! haha
In the high chair - guess I wasn't feeding him fast enough!

He had just rolled off of his mat and blanket - I promise I don't let him lay on the wood floor!

Sissy had a BAD diaper - So I laid him in her bed (for his safety) and the screaming started IMMEDIATELY - Andy says it is because he was covered in PINK! haha!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I cried so hard

Okay so does anyone watch Private Practice?!
It is on Thursday evening ... I am only 2 days behind!
So this was the story line
A single Dad -
He, his daughter and his son all had CF.
The daughter got some kind of bacteria.
She is/was going to die, there is no cure.
If the Dad or the son were near her, they too would get it and die.
So the dad had to choose ...
Let the daughter die alone, and stay with the son.
Or go to the daughter and be with her while him and her both die, leaving the son alone.
They were both young children. The daughter was older maybe 7 - son was around 4.
In the end he went to the daughter and asked Addison to see that the son was taken care of.
I cried and cried - one of those cries that I could not stop.
Andy started to laugh at me, "It's only a show honey!"
"I know but I couldn't imagine having to make that choice"
So dear Internet what would you do?!
I would go to Tatum ... I could not let her die alone - I would have found someone to care for Bowden first but I wouldn't be able to watch her die and not hold her -
Andy said he would stay with Bowden - He would need him too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Even with the big "L" we had a great time

I am home, I am alive - The Panthers sure did suck! Jake didn't do his job - not even a 1/3 of the job he should have. What a putz. He pissed me off, and it was his Birthday - ass hat should have kept his ass in bed on Saturday - Andy and I had a wonderful time. I drank way too much over the 2 nights we were off. (I say off because we had no babies and no work) I can't tell you how many times I was just sitting there and I would say "do you hear that?" NOTHING - it was NOTHING! Wonderful! We had a wonderful time ... oh I think I already said that. haha
The best part - Saturday am we woke up around 8:30 went down to the Hotel Restaurant and ate breakfast - I was in my PJ's - haha yes I was ... then we went right back to the room and slept until 1:30. Off and on watching tv and napping! OMG it was wonderful - to just lay there no kids, no phones, no computer and we didn't even talk. NOPE, didn't do that either - just were lazy! It really was awesome!
I have a wonderful husband and we both have WONDERFUL parents that made this past weekend possible! Thanks to everyone that helped out!

Dinner Friday night at Nikko's - That lady is the owner!

After dinner it was desert at The Melting Pot


Tailgating before the game!

Love my blue whiskers!
PS I just was asked to pray for a friend ... will you pray with me?!
Adrienne at Our Journey Of Love needs us ... bloggers she needs you too! Pray for her and her family!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


What is up?! I have this neat new feature on my side bar that is SUPPOSED to tell me when people update their blog ... nope doesn't do it! It is driving me nuts! What is up with that?!
A preview of what is to come ...
What you all are waiting for ... Bowden at his best! haha
We are leaving tomorrow am to go to Charlotte First Round Playoffs for The Panthers!
This was my request for Christmas ... a weekend away with NO KIDS and something fun ...
Just so happened that The Panthers ROCK and we picked THIS WEEKEND!
Andy's Brother will be at our house all weekend and the babies will be all over the place!
Both parents are keep both babies one night of the weekend .. haha Good Luck! I hope it goes off without a hitch and Please Please Go Panthers!
When I get home I will be getting major pictures of Bowden at his best and a good video for you!
For now ... take this one as a preview!

Oh yeah ... Tatum now will wear pig tails ...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tell me why ...

So why is it that every picture of our children that we take is a "good" one?!
Today I was chatting with Melanie and she said you know - the only reason I really know that Bowden is a "bad" baby is because I hear him cry while we are chatting! She mentioned that all the pictures and videos I share of him are of him being a "good" boy!
*I must add here that I have 10X's the pictures of Tatum at her age as I do of Bowden. Now some of this is because I am mush busyer now than I was with her ... 2 will do that to ya. The "New" of a baby was worn off with Tatum. (Sorry Bowdie) and mostly because everyone I get if him crying or being ugly I delete.
So TODAY my friends I promise you that in the next week I WILL POST a few pictures of my HellPest and I will also give you all a video of him being him ... stay tuned for the good, the BAD and the UGLY!

Monday, January 05, 2009

The "Big" move

Well we made the "BIG" move.
We moved Tatum Bug .... DOWN STAIRS!
I really think the first night was harder on me than on her.
However the second night was hard on us ALL!
But it was harder for different reasons ...
Tatum brought home a NASTY NASTY Cold.
You all know - one of those colds that you take them to the Dr. for and then you hear:
It is viral ... let it play it's course, but the kind that sounds like she is coughing from her toes.
SO ... this is the deal Bowden got the cold and he can't breath, which in turns means he can't sleep!!!
Tatum can hear Bowden now. Her room is directly under his!
Well last night (their second night in their new rooms) Bowden slept all of 3 TOTAL hours out of 12. MY GEEZE!!!
Anyway ... here is hoping that tonight is a better night than last night!
PS we took Bowden to the Dr today and all is going to be better ... we got meds!