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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another shout out for help

I love blog land - you wanna know why?!
Well it starts with FRIENDS and resources that I would never have else where ...
I asked for help getting a nose sucker thingy ... and guess what I got it!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU Becca from A shipley Renovation, she scored me 2, and so did Chris from Bresnan Family ... You both ROCK!!!! Now remember to all you new expecting moms or if any of you know a mom 2 be tell them that that nose sucky thingy is GOLD!!!
I have met so many people and so many new friends ... all of whom are so so supportive of me and my feelings, thank you all for the kind words over the last few months. You all know I am having a hard time and each day I am surprised by your vote of confidence and your kind words! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Okay and here is my shout out for help - *** See update at bottom of post
Tatum has a blankie - the child can not ride in the car without it, nor can she sleep with out it! If you don't believe me ask MelBel I called her yesterday while I was driving ... Andy forgot to take her bankie to Day Care and it was horrible - no nap, the teacher said she screamed all day and then when I tried to drive home - she was SCREAMING ... so here it is ... our favorite bankie ...
The duck bankie is the purple and yellow thing up by her head

In the RV in her car seat snoozing ... death grip on it

Anyway I can't find another one and we need one (we still have this one, but we need a extra) ... the tag on it says but when you go there it is for retailers only ... you can not make a purchase off of the site. The place we bought it from here does not have anymore ... I have googled, Craig's list, eBay and searched for another for weeks ... if you happen to see one in a store please ask them for their number or info I will buy one - three and have them shipped to me!!! I even contacted Ganz ... they can't tell me which stores they have sent them to?! What is that ... the duckie bankie is silky on one side and furry on the other, it has a duck head on the top corner and it is a LARGE bankie, not a tiny one like from wally world - which by the way we have tried. It does not have to be a duck, but at least a larger size bankie ... here is a picture of it from ...

it is the duck hanging over the chair in the back ...

If you see one please let me know ... or if you happen to know where I can buy ganz items please tell me! Thanks in advance!

**** would you believe that someone from contacted me - they sell baby ganz and they didn't have the "duck" but they did have a lady bug and a frog that were similar ... I ordered both ... I hope they are the SAME as the duck - I will keep you posted! If you do see a duck out there let me know!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Call me Britany

Well I was at Babies *R Us yesterday buying a forward facing car seat (BTW how bad of a mommy am I?! She isn't 1 nor is she 22 lbs but we turned around yesterday?!) Anyway I was checking out with my 2 car seats ... one for Andy's car and one for mine and I had a box of #3 diapers and 2 boxes of NB diapers. The lady at the check out kinda looks at me, then continues to ring my items. The lady in line behind me says ... "do you have THAT many babies?" I say to her ... Well I have A 10 month old and another on the way. To which the nosey BITCH replies ... "Oh goodness ... you didn't figure it out the first time dear?!" I replied "well honestly it was all part of God's hand." Then I went to the car and cried.

R U serious ... back off lady! Why is it that strangers feel so FREE to say whatever they want to whom ever they want no matter the situation?! I should have told the witch that i had 5 at home and trips on the way. That would have shut her damn hole!

I have tried very hard to say to people that it was an "UNexpected BLESSING" that way they know we weren't "trying" and they know to shut the hell up! I really wish Andy had been with me, maybe then I would have been strong enough to tell the old hag to shove it up her arass!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The joys of being preggers

okay so the WORST thing about being preggo the second time around when your baby is STILL just a baby .... the poop. OMG ... my nose is so sensitive, it was when I was preggers with Miss T, I can smell things from MILES away. Andy, my mom and my dad all laugh very hard at me. Someone will walk in the door and I will be on the other side of the room -
Me: Geeses, take a bath would ya
Them: r u serious "we" can't smell anything
Me: you don't smell that horrible BO
Them: no

Me: something is burning
Andy: where
Me: I don't know you don't smell it
Andy: probably in China
Me: seriously I smell burning
Andy: half ass walks around the house looking for burning ... honey you left you iron on AGAIN ...
Me: I told you something was burning :)

So ... back to the point ... Miss T and her poop ... it STINKS my gosh does it stink! NASTY stuff there ... never had a problem changing her until I went and got all knocked up again. haha
So that is my worst part of this pregnancy -

How bout you?! Wanna share?

Stephanie - I am guessing you will say heart burn or constant sick. Girl you had it bad the entire 9 months!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Come Rescue Me PLEASE!!!!

Took Tatum to the Dr today -
Poor baby has a ear infection (her first)
Sinus Infection and Pink EYE -
Seriously I can't handle anymore!!!

No Day Care until at least Friday

We are currently working on our AISC certification at work and all the inspectors are here ... I am freaking out!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Need a hospital worker to HELP!!!

I do not think that any of my readers work at a hospital, but if you do and I didn't know I AM SORRY and if you don't, but you know someone that does ... HELP!!! I am in need of a nose sucker ... not sure what the REAL name is ... all I know is that is sucks the snot out of a babies nose before they figure out how to blow! We had one and it was wonderful ... have bought 6 ... yes 6 and all of them suck ... I have searched HIGH and LOW for a hospital grade nose bulb and can't get them. I WILL PAY!!! I WILL PAY ... did I say I WILL PAY for 1 or 2 just in case we mis place another!

Can you help?!

PS if you are a NEW mom or a expecting mom ... or just know someone who is going to be a mom ... tell them, remind them or inform then that these things are GOLD GOLD I say and that they should guard them with their lives!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well I haven't posted in a while and I AM SORRY ... I really have NOTHING to talk about. The house is moving right along, the cabinet installation started on Friday ... they will continue Monday and then measure for the tops ... it is looking awesome! We added the salt system to the pool and it is looking great. We will have to recover the concrete and re coat the pool (ONE DAY) but that can't be done this year! Andy said today that he was jumping in at the end of work so I am headed back over there around 4 to catch it on camera! The pluming in the 2nd floor bathroom is approx 50% done and hopefully by next week they will be done with that! All the ceilings are complete, wait the bathroom isn't done, but it will be next week! Next in line is painting the rooms! I so hope that we are IN THE HOUSE and our now house is SOLD by the time ROBIN gets here ... her and Matt will be here in August and I can't wait!
On the day care news - things are going great! Tatum only cried on Tuesday when I dropped her off and it wasn't a HUGE cry just a little pout! She now has 4 teeth ... 2 on the bottom one out in the top and the other on the way ... and neither is her front one?! Weird! She is talking more and more everyday, but still just some GIBBERISH ... you wouldn't know by the way I talk to her ... I carry on FULL conversations with her ... hahah
Really that is IT ... it has been boring and busy at the same time, but a house busy that really not much to say!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I am speechless ... and depression update

So today I had a hair appointment, my mom offered to pick Tatum up from Day Care ... which by the way I had a successful day of NO CRYING!!! Mom asked if we wanted her to take Tatum to her house to eat dinner and let us go out to dinner to pick her up later ... OF COURSE!!! So we went to our favorite restaurant ... Miyabis (Japanese where they cook in front of you) we eat Sushi there every other week ... tonight we decided to eat in the Grill ... we are sat with a family of 4. A dad, mom and 2 daughters. I start to talk to them a little about having a daughter and a boy on the way ... she mentions that they are close in age too. Then a gentlemen and his son are sat with us ... the gentleman is in his 50's. The boy is 4. (yes I asked) The man heard me talking about unexpected baby 2 ... he proceeds to tell us that he has 3 daughters in college and then his little UNEXPECTED blessing ... his son. He starts to talk to us about how HIS unexpected was the BEST gift he could have ever gotten. We talked the whole dinner, I told him my story of dropping Tatum off on Tuesday (see below). Anyway at the end of dinner he nods at the waitress - a good friend of ours - and she leaves - When she returns Andy hands her our debt card ... and she announces "the gentlemen paid for everyone" Andy was speechless and so was the man at the other end of the table. I stood up gave him a hug, hugged his son and thanked him SEVERAL TIMES ... UNBELIEVABLE - I have never had anything like that happen but I tell you what it was AWESOME!!! WOW is all I can still say ... best part the girl (waitress) struggles with her bills and has had a VERY rough life. He left her a tip over $100, I thought she was going to cry ... all in all the man paid $230 for dinner with strangers! WOWO!!!!

Onto depression update -
Tuesday when I dropped Tatum off I was crying SO HARD I pulled over in the parking lot ... I did not want to wreck due to crying. While in that parking lot and while driving I talked to GOD ... told him I needed strength ... I was not raised in church and I honestly can say that I can count on 2 hands how many times I have attended a service. (which by the way I plan on changing within THIS year) ... I will give you the story of my parents and church if you want to know - but wont go into that here. I will be a member of a church by Fall and my babies WILL be raised in church! I believe in God and I do PRAY daily. I can say that I have never just asked God for strength the way I did on Tuesday. Well let me tell you - he either gave it to me or just The idea that I could get drugs helped me!!!! I decided not to take the drugs - (see below) and guess what I have NOT cried SINCE the moment I asked for strength!!! All I can say is WOW again!

Why I went with NO DRUGS
In talking to the NURSE on the phone - she was answering some questions and we were trying to figure out if I needed a extra appointment to talk to the Dr - she told me it takes 3 - 5 weeks to FULLY work and be in your system (I need it right now, I am having panic attacks, not thoughts of "bad" things)

- She (the Dr) only wanted me to take it for the middle trimester - to wein me off of it in a few weeks - (R U Serious?!) 4 weeks to get in my system and work and then wein me off over 4 weeks, for me to then take 4 weeks to get it out of my system) It all seemed like once I started to get "off" I was going to go right back to having the attacks.

- they kept referring to me as depressed and I kept telling them I DO NOT think this is DEPRESSION I think it is anxiety - and I need something RIGHT NOW ... when it happens not 4 weeks from now! I told them that I can go days weeks and be FINE then poof someone put a wrench in my well oiled machine and I FREAK OUT!

So I said thanks but no thanks I need to come in and talk to someone ... about a different option.

Since I have NOT cried since that day I have not made another appointment. If I start to get more attacks I will call them ASAP! Thank you all for your support and kind words. I told Andy I LOVE MY BLOG, I LOVE MY GIRLS AND it truly helps heal me ... he said that is good honey, that is good!

Okay last note and I am out ... ROBIN is coming to MY BEACH!!! I can't wait to meet her and her Hubby Matt! I am so excited and nervous! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Call me Depressed

Okay so I have LOST IT!!! The Dr called my cell phone yesterday at 4:15pm and left a message saying that Tatum needed to go for a Ultra Sound this am at 8:30. I need to call and preregister her at the office before 5pm. I did not get that message until 7:45 this am ... as I was pulling into day care. Now I am a mess because of day care, 2 houses, a baby on the way and now my child my baby who I sent off to day care had to go into the dr for a US. I LOST IT! I started balling. I called Andy he was like "honey breath, it will be okay." I took her to Day Care to "keep the schedule" and called the Dr on my way to work. NOTE: it took me a good 30 minutes to calm down after dropping her off. I HAVE NO IDEA why I am so upset that she is there - NONE!!! I know this is good for her, I know it first hand, I saw it in more than 80% of the kids I taught ... she needs it! I know - so my head knows that why doesn't my heart? So I FINALLY called my Dr and told them I am a mess ... I could barely talk, so now they have prescribed me Lexapro. I have SO many questions about it, I asked for an appointment. I want to know if it is something I can take ONLY when I need it - you know like Zanix - or if I HAVE to take it daily. I don't need it daily, or maybe I do ... I dunno Help! Anyone have any advise or suggestions?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tatum's 1st day of school

Well here we are - I dropped her off, Thank God that Andy was able to go with me today or I would not have done as well and I did. Even though I am not ashamed to cry with him I do try to be a little tougher with him around. We went in and walked her around showed her all the toys and such, I set up her crib and then went over her (now) schedule with her teacher - Trivia is her name and I am not sure if I spelled that right or not. Anyway I was good until it was time to leave - I made it out of her room, almost to the front door and then the tears started. They didn't stop until I got to work, and they are just on time out right now. I can feel them welling up and I have to talk myself out of crying all over again.

Well here are her pictures - notice only one of her and I ... didn't want proof that I cried like a baby.

Locked and loaded, ready for the drive.
Yeah our first day of school.

Tatum with her teacher I promise she was smiling before the picture took.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Big Day - send me strength

Big Day - send me strength
Well it is Sunday ... 8:31pm and the hubbs and I are watching UFC fights that we have recorded and haven't been able to watch yet. I had a good day home with Tatum, my MIL said she would keep Tatum today so I could help work on the house, but I turned her down to stay home with her before her BIG DAY!!!
Yep tomorrow she starts school. OMG! I tried to tell her several times and I do not think she got it! haha I only cried once today and I really tried hard to tell myself this too will be OKAY! She needs it, I know she does. When I did my Student Teaching I told myself EVERYDAY that my children would go to Day Care that it was OBVIOUS those children that had and had not. Not that ALL of the ones that did not go were bad, but the majority was not in their favor. I am starting to see that BRATTY girl in Tatum. I hope that she does better than I do. Anyway so if any of you out there can send me strength tomorrow I would appreciate it, we will be dropping her off around 8am. I am making Andy go with me!

On baby news - we have narrowed the baby bedding down to 2 - what do you think ...

Zoom Zoom

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This post not intended for the "queezie"

Andy came home from working on the house on Sunday and said that he can't wait for the house to be finished ... I said I know, me either. His response was I am sick of being HURT. I just started laughing ... then he pulled out the camera and said Honey for real look at this ...

First his finger - he hammered it -
Note the black dot on the tip of the thumb -

The dot on the thumb - was hit here on the floor
he hit is SO hard that it did not cut it open, it just PUSHED the blood out of it!

Next we have the top on his thumb - he almost cut it off with a
electric screw gun - here it is bandaged up!

Here we have a head injury

He was busting out tile and one flew up and cut his head!

More tile flying up on his leg ...

My response was well if you put this .... (see below) down you may not be so hurt!


But in the end ... this is what we have ...

Once this was 2 bathrooms, one very small one in the Master

and the other was HUGE and for the guest/babies room.

Now as you can see it is ALL torn out and ready to clean up then add all the

good stuff back in - here is a shot from the Master bath door all the way to

the other end wall ...

This was what it looked like before -

Master end - tiny side

Huge guest/baby end BATH

HUGE walk in shower and vanity on that end also

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our HORRIBLE night and day

So I keep telling everyone how bad Tatum is at teething ... she has been waking up several times a night and SCREAMING like a gorilla was/is tearing her arms and legs off. She went for her 9 month check up last Tuesday - everything was A-okay then on Thursday Her Grandmama (Andy's mom) calls and asks me if she has been acting sick?! I say well she is teething - she says she is very hot - I told her I was on the way and I would be there within a few minutes~ I got there - took her temp it was 104.2 I started to FREAK out - called the Dr they told me to get her in a warm bath, give her Motrin and watch her temp. So I did ... within 30 minutes her fever was down to 102.2 and all was getting better - since then she has been on and off fever and very crabby. I took her to the Dr on Thursday just to make sure it wasn't something else - they said they thought it was a viral infection and time and Tylenol and Motrin would heal it. Since then her fever has not been that high, but she has continued to have them ... then last night ...

At 2 am I hear what sounds like a hurt puppy ... whining and crying ... I thought she was just "talking" her self back to sleep ... but it was a weird noise so I thought I better go check on her. (On Monday night Andy sleeps upstairs - he works on Tuesday am at 3 am so he sleeps up there and showers up there to keep from waking me up more than she does) I go to her room ... she is lethargic ... can't hold her head up, can't sit up and is BURNING up! I yell up to Andy "I need help down here - HURRY" He comes flying down the stairs (naked may I add) ... I give him the phone - here leave a message for the Dr to call us back - I am taking her temp now - 104.9 I take her cloths off put her in the tub - the Dr calls says to give her Motrin asap and watch her fever, said she would call back in 30 minutes. 30 min later I was feeding her a bottle, getting her ready to go back to bed - her fever had already dropped to 101.2 and she was very sleepy! The Dr told us to bring her in the office today.

Tatum wakes up at 7:15 and I get her ready, give her her am bottle, try to feed her (she has not been eating) and we play a little - then we leave to go to the Dr. we get there and we have a NEW Dr. At first I was like OMG this is freakin' great - but I LOVED HER!!! She was wonderful! Anyway ... tells me that she either has a viral infection or a UTI - we need to get a urine sample. I say how do we do that ... she says by catherator (sp?), I start to cry. I ask her if she is aware that I am preggo. She says if you can't be in the room that is fine. I say no I don't think I can. Now the 2 girls (nurses) in the office are her honorary aunts- we know them very well. they come in upset that they have to do this to her and I cry harder. So I walk out and stand in the office - she starts to SCREAM, I start sobbing. The Dr takes me to another room and tries to console me. I hear the door open, I run to her ... mommy's here mommy's here ... turns out my little Tatum Bell has a UTI. And it is off the chart bad! OMG how horrible am I - she has probably had it for a week and I thought it was her freakin' teeth.

So I have to take the urine sample to the lab at the hospital and go get her script filled - my mom meets me at the Dr picks Tatum up. I go to CVS drive thru drop off the script - go to the hospital drop of the sample then back to CVS. To my mom's to give her the meds. I get to work around 11. Geese day blown.

But it is good thing- at least now we know what it is and she will get better soon. Wow she may not be such a bad teether. All is good - until 2. At 2 my mom calls. Tatum has had projectile diarrhea and she thinks her temp is WORSE. I leave work rush to her house, get the baby. Run her to the Dr. OMG she is allergic to the meds - nope not allergic - after all just a VERY STRONG med that made her belly upset - good luck for the next 10 days. Did I mention she CAN NOT go in the SUN?!

So that was my day - I hope my night is better - how was yours?