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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making a move

SO ... Tatum has figured out that at night she is down stairs ALL ALONE.
It all started about 2 months ago when her and Bowden started to "watch" movies.
She doesn't say the words "I'm scared" but she says " I don't like it" which I translate to she is scared!
We have never let them sleep in our bed - but unlike making Bowden CIO (cry it out) for sleeping purposes I CAN'T leave her in her room KNOWING that she is scared.
Even though CIO with Bowden broke my heart I knew it wasn't "hurting him" this is terrifying to her and she understands!
SO we are toying with ideas on how to make her more comfortable.
She already has 4 (yes 4) night lights in her room AND the light in the bathroom which is connected to her room we leave on.
SO we are trying to figure out if we will:
1. put her upstairs (our room and Bowdens room is up, hers is the only one down) We could move to her room
2. remodel our extra living room into a master bedroom with attached bathroom (her room and our room would then be down leaving Bowden up by himself)
3. put her and Bowden in our room together ... in separate beds ... our room is HUGE and us move down.
4. Put her in our room alone, us move down and keep Bowden in his room by himself. (would make both up but separate rooms)
Do your kids co-room?! Have they ever?! Is it hard to move them from each other when they get older ... should I just focus on NOW or worry about older? The constant waking up and the 1 hour + that is takes us to get her back in her own bed is killing me ... we have started to let her come into our bed but not until after 5 am ...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


We are all sick - Both kids have Strep Throat
Mommy has a ear ache and sinus infection
Just thankful it is this week and not next!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Bzzzz Christmas with my BE's

The host always gives a "gift" the gift always has the year, and place of party. This year Najshula was our host and we went to her house in Clinton, NC ... our gift was a ornament! Love it!
This is the Front

Here is the back of the ornament

This is the 8 of us (Tennille had to go back to feed baby Ellis) @ Walmart shopping for our gifts - this year we donated to toys for tots!

This is our group photo in Naji and Jarrett's back yard! Their house is beautiful!

Amy and JD prayed for baby Will for a long time ... here she is with her baby boy! Loving him fully!

This is me and Ruthie - isn't she adorable - she belongs to BK and Drew!

Had a blast as always .... I miss my SnowBE's already!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cards Ordered

OMG I love Shutterfly!
I just used my code and got 50 free cards.
Which saved me over 1/2 of my card costs!
NICE! Merry Christmas to me!
They also gave me a link to share our Christmas card ...
It is in the mail!
If you don't get one in the mail - come back here
Jan 1 and I will post it!
Love it!
I also got free shipping - you can get free shipping on any order over $25 with the code ship25!
So will you get your cards from Shutterfly?!
To be honest I had a little bit of a hard time getting the free cards - IF you do it make sure that you chose a 5x7 STATIONERY CARD the link to those specific cards is attached.
I picked a "photo card" and it was not considered a stationery card. Go figure!!! But I called customer care and after a short wait was helped by a very nice man!
Thank you Shutterfly!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Card

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house and I am ready to design my Christmas cards! Have you ever used Shutterfly for your Christmas cards?! I used Shutterfly last year for my cards and I loved them!

My favorite card this year is one that allows me to add 5 pictures to it! You can go here and see if they have a Christmas Card you would like. They have so many choices, I really liked the ones with a monogram section but I really liked the one I picked.

I also used shutterfly for the birth announcement of Bowden - IT was adorable!

You know what else is nice about Shutterfly ... they have invitations too! Yes invitations ... you can look at those here.

I have been trying to create a calendar for our parents this year - and Shutterfly does those too. What could be a better gift?! A personalized calender for the grandparents with the little faces they love the most?! Can't think of anything better!

How bout you ... are you doing personalized Christmas cards?!

Did you know that Shutterfly will give you 50 free cards if you blog about it?!

YES you read that right - 50 free cards is you blog about it!

WOW Shutterfly you ROCK!!!

I did a @ home photo shoot yesterday with my kiddos trying to catch a few good shots for our card ... one is above ... and I can promise that Santa was not harmed in the making of the photos!
Did you know if you blog about Shutterfly you can receive 50 free cards too?!
You didn't?!
Well all you have to do it go HERE! It is easy breezy!
Thank you Shutterfly you make photo sharing easy!

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well we got all of our Christmas decorating done this weekend -
I LOVE this time of year!
Our yard looks kinda mix matched because the kids LOVE the big blow up items and I like the more traditional items, but you know it is all up to the kids.
We usually put up 3 trees, but this year we only put up 2 and I love it!
I love to wake to the trees lit, the stair banister covered in lit garland and all the decorations.
Love it!
How bout you?!
Have you decorated yet?!
Pictures to come ... but for now how bout this sneak picture of what I hope to put on our Christmas card -
Our Elves on the Shelves - do you do this?!
Ours are Charlotte and Wilbur
yes the babies LOVE Charlotte's Web!!

This is my attempt in trying to get a good photo for our Christmas cards ... hahah

I did get some good ones but you will have to wait and see it in the mail!

Take 30 -

Tatum being silly with our roses from the garden!

Take 200 -

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Minnie & Mickey

I love Halloween!
I like to see the kids, the families and all the pople that dress up inthe spirit of it all! This year our entire family is playing dress up!
My kids are obsessed with Mickey Mouse! can you guess what we are ...
YEP! We are the Mickey Mouse Club House!
ALL OF US! Even the Grandparents got involved!

We went camping at Daddy Joes Jelly Stone in Tabor City, NC the 1st weekend of October and had a practice run!
Today was the P-A-R-T-Y for daycare! So the kids get to practice again ...
here we all are:
Daddy = Goofy
Mommy= Clarabell
Tatum = Minnie
Bowden = Mickey
Grammie = Daisy Duck
Grampy = Pete
Nanna and Poppie = Oh Toodles

Poppie - as Oh Toodles

Mickey, Clarabell, Goofy and Minnie

Goofy and Frankenstine (friend)

My Mice!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Court Day

Today was our final day of court -
I cried and cried.
The "other" people LIED so much!
It actually was sad, and they actually were CAUGHT in several lies.
I am praying that the Judge picked up on that and will remember that they were NOT creditable witnesses.
I have tried to tell myself over and over that I did the right thing.
I was sworn in and I TOLD THE TRUTH!
The WHOLE truth, even when I knew the answer wasn't going to "help us."
My company has been owed $451,000+ dollars for 2 years now ... going on 2 years 2 months and it has been HORRIBLE!
The wait has been horrible, it has put a bind in my relationships with my parents, my husband, my workers and most importantly my babies!
It has mentally crushed me!
But the WORST part of all was the lies.
How does a man put his hand on the bible and stand up there and LIE?!
Really that is HORRIBLE!
I am so sorry for them, that they have to live life that way - knowing that they LIED!
I am trying to remain positive that I did MY job the best I could and I TOLD THE TRUTH through out the court process!
Right now the Judge ordered that the lawyers give a "summation" of the trial. (aprox 30 days)
Then the Judge will have aprox 30 days to determine her decision.
I am going to try and stay positive!
Please pray for my strength!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Unanswered prayers ... maybe not

Over here @ Kellys Korner she posted about wanting something so badly and thinking that God wasn't answering or hearing ... it then lead over here ... to Amy's sight. SO ... we are all sharing stories about how God finally answered our prayers -

My story starts in college 93-2000 (yes I was on the 7 year plan)

I came out of HS with a bad reputation and with HORRIBLE grades.

I got to college and realized this was my life - I had to take control.

Actually my soccer coach said shape up or ship OUT!

My friends ... soccer was my LIFE!

Anyway I prayed and prayed but really what was I praying for- to be good?!

That was all up to me! So I finally stopped praying for that!

I made it through college, with 2 serrious boyfriends (at different times hahah)

Neither of them turned into a life time partner.

I finally graduated with 2 majors and 3 minors.

Then the search was on for a JOB, Hubby, and of course that family that everyone so wants.

I knew I wouldn't get everything I wanted.

Moved home to live with my parents.

I applied for job after job teaching, my parents gave me 6 months of rent free living and then it was OUT of the house I was to go.

I started to beg God to help me find a JOB, a place to live and of course a good boy.

One day on the way to a interview I stopped @ my dads work (he owns a construction company) to bring him lunch - he was in a horrible mood. He was writing all the billings, payables, and payroll in a book with a pencil ... did I tell you it was 2000?!

I asked him why he didn't have computers "those things are too much trouble."

I saw the light - Dad I will come here work for you and I will set up some computers so they are all connected ... blah blah blah and I will substitute teach until I can get a full time job.

Told him he could pay me the least of any employee he had.

I went home and started to research construction software.

I came to work that Monday -

I got the company up and running my dad was amazed.

Then I found a cute little house that needed LOTS OF TLC.

My dad and I made a plan - he agreed to help me fix it up and he helped me get a loan.

I got a small raise because business was picking up (now that we could track stuff we were making more money)

Then it all just fell in place ... ALL IN GODS time!

By 2004 I was married to a wonderful man, 2007 baby 1 was born and 2008 baby 2 was born!

GODs big plan was baby #2.

He was a HUGE surprise. BIG Surprise.

I cried and cried I didn't want a baby - I already had a baby (she was only 5 months old)

Today we are a perfect family of 4 still at times questioning if God is hearing us, but I know he is. I just look back over the years and see all that has happened - I feel him surrounding me - I know my babies 14 months apart is the BEST thing that ever happened to me!

They are wonderful and really it was a blessing in disguise!

Oh yeah I am now the VP of my dads company and I have helped take it from 300,000 a year to doing over 5.3 million 2 years ago. Construction is currently slow right now, but we are still here and surviving!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Baby

Okay ... TOO funny not to share!
Daddy told Tatum and Bowden that they could go to *Wal*Mart if they were good on Saturday while he was away ...
We took them today to pick their toys.
Tatum picked THIS DOLL
She begged Daddy to let her take it to bed.
He tucked them in, read them a story and kissed both of them night night.
He said the "baby doll" was sleeping as well as Tatum when I got done putting Bowden down.
I got a tea, snack and sat down with my lap top, not 2 minutes later ...
Tatum was SCREAMING and CRYING like she was being HURT.
I went running in ...
me: "Honey what is wrong?"
Tatum: "My baby wont stop crying"
me: "it is okay baby, sometimes babies cry. she needs her paci"
I then put her paci in her mouth and started to sing and pat both of their backs.
I thought "they" were both asleep
Tatum: "mommy why did she cry?"
me: "sometimes babies cry honey"
Tatum: "well you take her to your room, I need to sleep"
are you kidding me ... I almost fell on the floor!
Just like her momma!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Out of it

I am out of the blogging world -

haven't even been reading other blogs.

Somehow I have lost interest -

I have tried all week to get a post together

I have tried all week to read other posts and for whatever reason I am BORED!

Weird! I guess I am in a FUNK!

I am tried - it is our go go go go season.

I thank my Dr everyday for tying my tubes because Bowden is so darn cute he makes me want another baby - haha!

Tatum is freaking so smart is scares me - I am afraid of her growing up too quickly!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today Bowden is 2!

WOW! How time flies!

Just 2 years ago I was coming home to a 14 month old with a brand new baby in tow.

Bowden was born on August 11th exactly 14 months after Tatum.

He was NOT a happy baby at first.

It took several months for him and I to love each other.

But NOW ... wow the love I have for him is almost breathless.

He is such a handsome, fun, happy baby boy!

His hair is still curly and as blond as blond gets.

His eyes are crystal blue and will melt ANY ONES heart!

I love him so much my heart aches when I look at him!

To my baby boy -

You are growing so quick.

You are so smart!

You already know all of your colors, you can already count to 10.

You LOVE Mickey Mouse and all of us!

You are the MOST LOVING little boy I have ever met.

You will NOT go to bed until you give EVERYONE a hug and "Iss!"

Every time I drop you at day care or leave you with a sitter you chase me down and say hug hug when I hug you, you say "Iss, Iss" and plant a huge kiss on my lips while hugging and patting my back!

I Love you with my WHOLE SELF!

You are the most wonderful unexpected blessing I could have ever gotten!

Please stay MY baby boy for ever!
I love you! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4th of July

We went to Edisto Island for the week before the 4th
We loaded up the camper and the kids for a full week
of camping -
Friday night (the 25th) we went to my Husbands cousins house -
they live on a Plantation, Mullberry Plantation. Jason is the Manager.
It is beautiful. We had a blast!
We also found out that Tatum is either allergic to cats or dogs while there.
My parents have 2 dogs - neither of which shed so we didn't know.
But I am praying it is the cat!
By the time we returned from Edisto I was worn out.
Ready for some down time.
But it was just in time for the 4th -
We had a great neighborhood party - the fireworks lasted 32 minutes.
Not to shabby for donations!

Pics - oh you want pictures - here they are!

PS I chopped my hair off - if you are my friend on FB you know this -
I didn't get 1 picture taken of me ... I am sorry! I will post that later this week!

Melts my heart - I asked them to smile and Bowden went in for the hug and cheese!

Hate to brag but man are they cute!

Just incase you missed it USC, Gamecocks are the National Baseball Champs!

Hahah this one cracks me up - if he were older he would look creepy!

Play time in the camper!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tatum is 3

WOW how time flies - My baby girl is 3!
I cried on her Birthday (Friday) I can't believe how fast it is going.
My husband makes fun of me for snapping SO MANY pictures ...
boy oh boy am I glad that I do!
My Dear Tatum,
You are the brightest star in my ski.
You amaze me everyday, your smile melts my heart.
The way that you love and share with your brother is a breath of fresh air.
You are fearless, but a little shy too.
You are so so smart. You passed your 3 year old assessment as a 4 year old level.
You are SO FUNNY and make me laugh so hard at times I think I may fall over.
You have the best hugs, kisses and the BIGGEST tears.
You are great at throwing a fit and trying to get JUST what you want. I struggle EVERYDAY not to give in. But for you and your future I am doing my best to stand ground when I think it is needed.
You so peese and tankyou with everything and have finally started to say wlcome after each and every thank you that I give you.
You are a great swimmer, you can swim without your swimmies (only under water) from one narrow side to side of the pool.
You love the be outside. You really don't like TV but you will ask every night to watch Mickey Mouse.
You love Minnie Mouse SO MUCH that right now you often call yourself Minnie if anyone says you are "goofy or silly" "No I'm Minnie" and I laugh EVERY TIME!
You love to sing "You are my sunshine."
Your favorite color is pink and no matter what it is is HAS TO BE PINK!
You are getting very good at talking on the phone, you actually listen and answer no instead of just a nod of the head.
You know your birth date, our names and your name.
You can count to 20, sing your ABC with pride!
You know Tons of songs and can recite so many books that we ready daily.
You know all of your colors, what to mix to make more colors and you are getting very good at tracing your name, and drawing T's and X's.
You love to color and love to paint.
You love to swing and BEG to go HIGHER HIGHER before I am even done pushing you.
You almost know my phone number ... you mix up the first part but someone could find me if needed!
You are getting better at goodbyes and hugs. You haven't always been a "lover" you were more of a "this is my space girl" but you are getting more affectionate (even your teachers think so.)
You are in gymnastics at school and you LOVE IT!
You are currently also taking swim classes that you hate!
You love to go see Daddy at work and pick out your own 'Fruit!"
I love you with all my heart, you have changed my world.
You have changed my relationship with my mom. (in good ways)
You are a joy, a ray of sunshine and I am blessed to call you mine!
I love you with all my heart!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

My Mothers Day for the last 6 years has been spent in Darlington, SC.
I am a NASCAR fan and if you have been here before you KNOW this!
This year was no different than the others ... I was with the ones I love and yes it was HOT!
In 2005 and 2006 I was party hardy with no babies and not yet pregnant.

I was 8 months preggo with Tatum and let me tell you it was HOT as all get out!

Preggo with Bowden and Tatum was back at the camper taking a nap - mom and I were being silly putting on these weird hats - I know I was overwhelmed with life and having a baby and carrying a baby - this is the ONLY picture of me there was in the month of May!

Tatum was about to turn 2 and Bowden was not yet 1 - 2009 was a hard one! Bowden still wasn't sleeping and Tatum was into every thing!

Oh look how far we have come. Both were awake and ready to see the cars. We took them to qualifying (only 1 car on track at a time) because we thought it wouldn't be so loud, I got them both noise reducing ear muffs, but was still worried about their ears. - It was perfect - it was so hot that they only lasted 15 cars and were over it ... but hey they loved the 15 cars they saw!

While the 3 years of preggo and newborns was hard I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Happy Mothers say to you all and to me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love you

Out of the blue
for the first time ever
just driving down the road
from here sweet little lips
"I love you Mommy"
melted me heart
I cried like a baby!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We went to the Circus ...
couldn't you just eat them up?!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Helping me find God

I have never been a "churchy" person. My mom and dad both grew up in church, they went to church every Wednesday and Sunday their entire lives ... until they married. I guess at that time in life they were frowned upon because my mom had already been married once and she had a child. Her first husband was a emotional abusive asshole and he walked out of her life when he learned she was pregnant. Neither of their churches would marry them and that was it. I guess due to that I never attended church with them.
In high school I attend church a few times ... but to be honest it was only so I could go on the winter ski trip with the youth class. In college (I attended a Presbyterian affiliated college) I attended Church a few times, I did take 5 or 6 religion based classes ... all of which I enjoyed ... again being honest I was required to take them! I have ALWAYS prayed, and I have ALWAYS talked to God. Even with my mom and dad I said my nightly prayers, we prayed before meals and we talk about God ... we just never did it in church.
Through blogging I have met some amazing people ... a handful of which have brought me closer to going to find God and finding a Church that I love. I know it is just an excuse, but with both of our kids being so young I find it extremely hard to get up and get them ready out the door and to church without resenting the fact that I only have 1 day then that I am not running around trying to get everyone ready and out the door. I work M-F and that means that I get up at 6am I take my shower, I get ready, get the kids up and ready and to Day Care before 7:45 then I am at work at 8 - 4 I leave work at 4 pick the kids up and bring them home for aprox 3 hours of awake time and poof then it is bedtime and we do it all over again the next day ... so to add in Sunday too ... well I get anxious and start to throw a pitty party for myself.
HOWEVER I have made a promise to my self ... and to my KIDS ... we will find a church and we will be in a church before CHRISTMAS!!! We will I know that is a HUGE time frame but I must get used to it ... we are starting off by going to church while RVing ... sometime we RV/camp 2 times a month! On the months that we don't RV 2 times we will go to 2 hometown Churches if we camp 2 times we will go to 1 hometown church ... I am praying that this will allow me to see what I like and don't and I wont feel the pressure to pick "one" but it will allow me to serve GOD!
Now you ask what does this have to do with my Bloggers ... well there really are a few that have brought me to this point ... but 1 in particular! It is her and her family that that have opened my eyes ... made me believe that GOD is with you, he has a plan and really NO MATTER the time it all works out the way HE wants it to! I have prayed for this family like I have no other and the things happening in their lives is AMAZING!
I am blessed that I read her blog and I am blessed to call her a friend! I love you guys and I will continue to pray for you!

Sorry the post is vague on the blogger I am speaking of, but the family has some BIG news and I don't want to spoil it at all for them! But I do want them to know that I am thankful that God brought me to them!


Happy Easter!
Ours was wonderful!
We enjoyed every minute of the long weekend!
It was beautiful weather in Myrtle Beach!
Sunday after our family lunch and egg hunt we took naps and went to the Circus!
It was a blast!
Here are some Easter photos - hope you enjoy!