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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4th of July

We went to Edisto Island for the week before the 4th
We loaded up the camper and the kids for a full week
of camping -
Friday night (the 25th) we went to my Husbands cousins house -
they live on a Plantation, Mullberry Plantation. Jason is the Manager.
It is beautiful. We had a blast!
We also found out that Tatum is either allergic to cats or dogs while there.
My parents have 2 dogs - neither of which shed so we didn't know.
But I am praying it is the cat!
By the time we returned from Edisto I was worn out.
Ready for some down time.
But it was just in time for the 4th -
We had a great neighborhood party - the fireworks lasted 32 minutes.
Not to shabby for donations!

Pics - oh you want pictures - here they are!

PS I chopped my hair off - if you are my friend on FB you know this -
I didn't get 1 picture taken of me ... I am sorry! I will post that later this week!

Melts my heart - I asked them to smile and Bowden went in for the hug and cheese!

Hate to brag but man are they cute!

Just incase you missed it USC, Gamecocks are the National Baseball Champs!

Hahah this one cracks me up - if he were older he would look creepy!

Play time in the camper!


Chris said...

Post a pic of your hair. I wanna see! That one pic of Bowden is HYSTERICAL!! Glad you had a good 4th! I have never heard of that Island. Mike and I are trying to decide where we might go next year on vacay and we were thinking about MB again. So maybe we can finally meet in person and let the kids play. Unless you are prego again!!! LOL!!!

Chris said...

Hey saw your question on my blog. The rail is made by safety first we got it on Craig's List and it's an older model. The one we have on Lindsay's bed is made by Summer they have them at Target for about 19.99 we bought that one new. It is cool because it folds flat and stores under the mattress when they get older and you don't need it anymore. I believe Brooke's does that too. Do you have a bed for Bowden yet?

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