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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

I am so thankful for so much - I can't begin to list it all -
I am way too tired! I love my babies! I love my Hubby and most of all I love my life.
I often think of ways to escape my life, often this "what if it were different"
What if we didn't have babies?! What if I weren't married?
What if I had married that guy from college?
And then I take a deep breath ... look around
smile BIG and that is when I Thank God for all of his "Unanswered Prayers!
Okay enough of Thanks ... lets compare -
Tatum Turkey Day 2007
She was Born June so she was almost 5 months old -
Bowden Turkey Day 2008
He was born August so he is almost 4 months old -

Tatum on the top Bowen on the bottom

Again Tatum

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I feel horrible

Today we spent the day with my mom and dad - Andy had a catering gig to do at a football all star competition (yes even though he was sick he went). So mom and dad told me to bring the rest of the sick gang over and they would help me with them. We rode in their RV over to one of the local RV parks - my mom's sister, her hubby and my cousin were coming down from Ohio to celebrate Turkey Week with us! My parents wanted the RV at the beach to hang out and have fun. The park also has a indoor pool and several outdoor play grounds that we thought Tatum would enjoy.
Tatum is still not feeling very well - she now has diarrhea and is not eating, drinking or sleeping very well. She stayed with mom last night and mom said she woke up this am (6 am) screaming mommy mommy ... my mom got dressed and went to go get her ... she (Tatum) was covered in diarrhea, it was up her back, in her hair, in her bed, on all of her bankies and of course she was SCREAMING because her little tushie was burning. So all day ... she only went one more time and she told us right away ... Uh Oh ... and walked to the changing table ... so we knew.
Well our family got into town ... it all started out okay - but then everyone wanted to see THE NEW BABY ... not such a good thing to Tatum. It is always very obvious when people don't have little ones ... they don't think that the biggest needs attention too! Well Tatum started to throw a all out FIT ... screaming and kicking - I mean a FIT ... I put her in time out for 1 minute and she didn't come close to stopping. I took her in my mom's room and tried to talk to her, she laid on the bed just sobbing ... finally I asked her if she wanted to go bye bye she said ... yes bye bye and started to wave. So we load up the car and leave, her and Bowden cry all the way out of the neighborhood ... but by the time I get to the HWY they are both asleep! Awwe quiet I think ... I will just drive around! So I drive for about 40 minutes and then went home - as soon as I pulled in the drive Tatum started SCREAMING ... mommy mommy mommy! I brought her inside put her down and went back to get Bowden. When we came in the door she was standing in front of her changing table screaming ... I put her up there ... guess what ... YEP she had diarrhea. Probably at my mom's and her little tushie was so burnt that it was bleeding. OMG I felt horrible - still do. I have NO IDEA why I didn't think to check at my mom's ... I just thought she was throwing a fit.
So now 3 hours later she is in bed with Budros Butt Paste and Vaseline caked on her tushie and I am still in tears!

Whats Worse take 2

A. A baby with colic, and acid reflux that can't get comfy enough to sleep
B. Allowing that baby to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy
C. A Mommy that is still nauseous and sick to her tummy
D. A Daddy, aka our rock, our constant who is sick too - yep out of both ends
E. A 17 month old who now has moved on to not eating and diarrhea

Yep you guessed it - we are officially now ALL sick!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Whats Worse

A. a baby with Colic AND acid reflux
B. a baby that will only sleep while being patted on the back and in mommy's bed
C. a sick mommy, yes out of both ends - from 7 am - now
D. all of the above?!

Yes the correct answer is D - but at least Tatum is feeling better!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night we spent the evening running from room to room
Rocking and holding Bowden because his Acid Reflux is acting up
and holding Tatum's head while she threw up all over the damn place.
It was so sad - I would have taken her sick any day to save her from that!
Both of them for that matter!
She started to get sick at 7:30 pm and didn't stop throwing up until after 1am -
it was horrible!
9 loads of laundry later and some very blood shot eyes!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tears and Prayers

Sorry I have been absent - I guess the lack of sleep is really getting to me -
The lack of sleep is not getting to me as much as my friend Adrienne, Jim and Owen
Please pray for them and the birth mother - they are all needing to feel God's presence.
Adrienne you are all in my prayers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Weekend **** Updated with a picture

Friday night we went to a Oyster Roast at one of our friends houses ...
Bowden was with us, but Tatum was with Grammy (my mom).
She was staying with her so we could get up at the crack of dawn (5 am) to go fishing.
Bowden went home from the Oyster Roast with his second Mommy, Angee.

Saturday morning we get up at 5am and got to the fishing dock -
Fishing is canceled, the wind and seas were too rough.
Andy gets excited - "we have sitters in place"
"Lets go to Columbia"
I say OKAY ... I start texting Robin . Yes I sent her a text at 6:15am.
We got to Columbia (3 hour drive) around noon -
Had to get our tickets, Meet up with Andy's Uncle for a parking pass and then ...
We get a phone call ...
Angee calls, "Caden (her son) broke his nose. We are on our way to Hospital"
OMG let me find my mom - she will come get Bowden.
I start calling ... I can't find her she isn't answering any phones.
I call Ken, (He works for us, rents my house)
Can you please drive to my parents and tell my mom to go to the hospital to get Bowden ...
By the time he got to her - the story was that Angee fell and broke her leg - haha
Caden is fine, nose actually not broken.
We get home from Columbia around 7 pm.
Grab a bite to eat, go to a local bar to have a few drinks with Angee
Her daughter wanted to go to a sleep over, her son went camping with his daddy and
My mom kept Bowden over night - he didn't sleep well!

Sunday we went to the Soup Off at Market Commons.
Tatum danced and entertained all the pass-er-bys ...
It was a great LONG weekend! I am glad to be at work!
Wish I could lay down and take a nap!

My camera ran out of battery juice so I didn't get any pictures of me and Robin

but here is me and Andy at the game!

Robin sent me this to add to the blog! It was so great to see her!

This is me and Angee ... thought you may want to put a face with the name!

We are so lucky to have her in our lives ... she is a great friend!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Best of both worlds

You wont believe it ... Fishing was cancelled and we are on our way to Columbia.
We were having 20 mile an hour winds with 6-8' seas.
The fishing got put off to next week and I get to go to Columbia to see the Gamecocks play and ROBIN!!! Yeah!