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Monday, April 05, 2010

Helping me find God

I have never been a "churchy" person. My mom and dad both grew up in church, they went to church every Wednesday and Sunday their entire lives ... until they married. I guess at that time in life they were frowned upon because my mom had already been married once and she had a child. Her first husband was a emotional abusive asshole and he walked out of her life when he learned she was pregnant. Neither of their churches would marry them and that was it. I guess due to that I never attended church with them.
In high school I attend church a few times ... but to be honest it was only so I could go on the winter ski trip with the youth class. In college (I attended a Presbyterian affiliated college) I attended Church a few times, I did take 5 or 6 religion based classes ... all of which I enjoyed ... again being honest I was required to take them! I have ALWAYS prayed, and I have ALWAYS talked to God. Even with my mom and dad I said my nightly prayers, we prayed before meals and we talk about God ... we just never did it in church.
Through blogging I have met some amazing people ... a handful of which have brought me closer to going to find God and finding a Church that I love. I know it is just an excuse, but with both of our kids being so young I find it extremely hard to get up and get them ready out the door and to church without resenting the fact that I only have 1 day then that I am not running around trying to get everyone ready and out the door. I work M-F and that means that I get up at 6am I take my shower, I get ready, get the kids up and ready and to Day Care before 7:45 then I am at work at 8 - 4 I leave work at 4 pick the kids up and bring them home for aprox 3 hours of awake time and poof then it is bedtime and we do it all over again the next day ... so to add in Sunday too ... well I get anxious and start to throw a pitty party for myself.
HOWEVER I have made a promise to my self ... and to my KIDS ... we will find a church and we will be in a church before CHRISTMAS!!! We will I know that is a HUGE time frame but I must get used to it ... we are starting off by going to church while RVing ... sometime we RV/camp 2 times a month! On the months that we don't RV 2 times we will go to 2 hometown Churches if we camp 2 times we will go to 1 hometown church ... I am praying that this will allow me to see what I like and don't and I wont feel the pressure to pick "one" but it will allow me to serve GOD!
Now you ask what does this have to do with my Bloggers ... well there really are a few that have brought me to this point ... but 1 in particular! It is her and her family that that have opened my eyes ... made me believe that GOD is with you, he has a plan and really NO MATTER the time it all works out the way HE wants it to! I have prayed for this family like I have no other and the things happening in their lives is AMAZING!
I am blessed that I read her blog and I am blessed to call her a friend! I love you guys and I will continue to pray for you!

Sorry the post is vague on the blogger I am speaking of, but the family has some BIG news and I don't want to spoil it at all for them! But I do want them to know that I am thankful that God brought me to them!


Jamie said...

Wonderful news Kim,

Take your time and don't rush it. It will take a few visits to find a good fit. Oh and the first visit to a new church is always a little strange so if you get a good vibe on the first visit but still aren't sure...go a second time. Familiarity seems more inviting. Best of luck and praying for you guys as you search for a home church!

Susan Michelle said...

I don't know what religion church you're looking for, or if other churchs do this, but our chuch (St Michael's) has services every day.

Chris said...

Good for you! Jamie gave good advice. I was wondering if you were speaking of Robin?? I am Catholic and I Love my church and Faith. You may want to try a Catholic church one Sunday. It will feel weird the first time since there is so much verbal prayer and sitting and standing. But give it a try! Let me know if you do!!

Chris said...

I got your text and my phone is acting up on my texting so I was going to tell you I was really hoping you had some good news about our girly Robin! Go to Barnes and Noble and get yourself a copy of Catholics for Dummies. That really helped me out a lot in the beginning of my studies!