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Friday, July 24, 2009

SO MUCH Going on I can't see straight!

Last weekend we went to a wedding ...
Lisa and Vinnie got Hitched!
It was in MD!
We had a BLAST!
Missed the babies!
This week it has been Dr appointment after Dr appointment!
Wednesday Bowden went to MUSC to see the GI specialist about his acid reflux.
Wednesday night we went to a Baseball game ... we were in the box!
Tatum fell off of a stool.
Fell right on her head/forehead! Scared me to death!
I called the Dr that moment!
They told me to "watch" her close!
I did ... she seemed fine!
Thursday daycare called at 2 - she had blood coming from her ear!
I went as fast as I could to pick her up and took her to her Dr.
Dr said it was fine - she could have caused a blood clot to bust loose ...
I was so upset I never asked if it was her head ... they told me to take her to the ENT ASAP!
That night I woke her every 2 hours just to make sure she was fine!
ASAP was this am at 8:30! (Thank you Dr Rosner, we love you)
We got there ... Dr said everything was FINE.
Blood clot was from her body trying to get rid of the silicone ear tube!
The fall knocked it loose, it was not her BRAIN!
YES I cried!
They drained and suctioned her ear.
SHE is fine! I however need a drink!


Angela said...

Oh my! You guys sound like us. Kade and I have been to the doc so much lately it seems like a second home. He was even in the hospital. But we seem to be on the mend now. So glad that Tatum is ok.

LCP said...

Wheww...I felt my blood pressure rise just reading about all of that.

Glad kiddos are OK...