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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night we were playing the OH so fun "where's Tatum game?"
She was running around "I runnnnin" the house.
When she would put the bag on her head she would stop dead in her tracks ... 
We would all say "where's Tatum?' 
You all know the game -
Each time she removed the bag we would say "There's Tatum" 
okay so here is the funny - 

After about the 3rd time of me saying "there's Tatum" 
she would pull the bag off her head and say "thre she is" 
the next time she would say "I fnd her" 
It was so funny I almost peed my pants! 
She also got to the point where she would have the bag on her own head and say "were tata."

She is amazing me with all that she is saying now! 
PS I tried to video it, but every time I tried she would stop. 
Gotta get her used to the camera - when you pull it out she says "picher cheeeesss" and pauses for you to take her picture - she doesn't get that we are trying to take video! hahaha   

1 comment:

The Partins said...

LOL.... Jamie does the same thing with the camera, but she stops and say "maul" (Smile) but yet, she won't smile. go figure.