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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I think I am crazy

Well last week when I went to the Dr, she asked me "what if she is not an Abigail?!" I was like, "What do you mean?" She went on to tell me this story about how she had both her babies named before they came and then when they came she named them something completely different ... so now I am dwelling on that. What if i have chosen the WRONG name?! Andy likes it because he wants to call her Tatum anyway! So now here were are back to square one with the nursery theme ... yes i took the sheep stuff back ... and now with the name too ...

Please vote:
Abigail Ann
Tatum Ann
To be Determined when baby arrives?!


Roadkil said...

To be Determined when baby arrives
But this is a choice that you both need to agree on. We argue quite long to finally decide on the right name. We have less than two weeks left and we have finally chosen one.....I think!


kimmyk said...

I had my sons name all planned before he was born. He was Cameron Jacob. I had a c-section and was knocked out-when he was born they looked at Jamie and said "What's his name?" and Jamie blurted out "Adam Jacob". It wasn't even a name we had thought of or discussed. For 9 months we knew his name was Cameron. But for whatever reason, that's not what came out.

Now looking at him--he's an Adam and I couldn't be happier with that name. So many boys are named Cameron now.

I say name her when she's born. But Abigail is such a pretty old fashioned sort of name.

Mustafa Şenalp said...