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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby #2 is a ...

Today was our visit to Prenatal Peek we were there for a while approx 20 minutes and the tech kept saying move for me move for me, then all of a sudden she said okay "Buddy" so me your stuff. This was the conversation:

Me: Buddy?

Tech: well we are not allowed to say if we aren't 100% sure but I am 99.9% sure it is a _____I just can't get that money shot.

Me: So you think it is a ____.

Tech: Yeah I do. Do you have to go potty?!

Me: I could go -

Tech: Well go and drink your juice on the way and then come back -

I walked down the hall drinking my juice and went potty I got back to the room and sat back down - Andy was smiling saying I hope she gets the money shot -

Tech: You ready

Me: yep

Tech: Freeze - money shot -


I tried to scan the photos but my darn scanner is broke - I will send the pictures to work with Andy tomorrow and he can scan them for me!!!!

Now let me brag about Tatum -

Happy 9 months my little baby girl! She is amazing - she is crawling now, and it is a REAL crawl not a jump crawl. She is going to be walking soon - she walks all over the house using the couches and tables to get where she wants to go! She still has NO teeth, but is starting to drool some, but I don't know if it is teeth or not. Her gums are not showing signs of teeth.

Here are some pictures of Tatum!

She loves to stand at the table

Hi everyone look at me!

This is the sneaky Tatum!

Mom, no more pictures PLEASE!


Andrea said...

Yay! Congratulations! I hope you are able to upload those ultrasound pics.

I had to do that same thing with David-go to the restroom and try again in order to get the "money shot".

So happy for you ; )

Anonymous said...

I KNEW it was going to be a BOY!! I knew it the minute I found out you were pregnant!

Congratulations! I get to do a "boy-themed" name frame! :0)

I'm so happy for you, Andy & Tatum. This is awesome news!

Becca said...

That's exciting!! One of each! BTW, your little girl, Tatum, is TOO PRECIOUS!!!!

Tara said...

Thanks for visiting my page. Tatum is a doll. Congrats on finding out he's a boy!

tommie said...

Yeah! Congrats on the little boy.

Those little chubby thighs are adorable. What are those leggings? We could totally use those. Tights are a pain in the a$$ since she is newly potty trained.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Boys are so great...but what am I saying girls are too! Can not wait to see ultrasound photos! Is your husband really excited about having a boy or has your daughter got him so wrapped that he wanted another girl? Congrats on a healthly baby!!!!

Chris said...

OMG one of each...too cool!! Congratulations to the big sister and MOMMY & DADDY!! Can't wait to see that u/s pic.

I'm freakin' over those leg warmers. TOO CUTE! Where did you find them????? Happy 9 months to Tatum!

Do you have a boy name picked out yet???

Heather said...

Happy 9 months Tatum! You're a cutie!

And congrats on the money shot. Very exciting.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your little boy - that's awesome!!

Christina said...

Congrats!! I sometimes wish I would have had one of each, too.

And the BabyLegs look awesome on Tatum!