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Monday, March 03, 2008

Ideas Please!

Okay so we are remodeling this house ... most of you know that! haha
The bathrooms that are upstairs are backwards - the BIG bathroom is in the hallway access for the quest/baby room.It has a HUGE tub and a HUGE walk in shower with 2 shower heads it also has a 2 sink combo! The master bath is tiny it has a tiny shower, the shower in our RV is larger than it is, No tub a toilet with 1 little sink and no cabinet under it. Okay so the bathrooms are only 5' wide - there for the HUGE bathroom has a step up into tub - see below!

Okay so that tub is huge and nice, it is very deep however like I said it has to go - I am so short that I can't get out of it - I need a step ladder and God for bid I or Andy ever get hurt or sore we can't get down in it ... haha so this is where I need ideas -

When we switch the bathrooms around we are thinking of putting a corner jet bathtub unit in the master end - so my help is this ... the DO NOT make a corner tub/shower unit, but they do make a corner jet tub that has a lip to install a bath back splash! So have you ever seen a corner tub/shower in use?! Is that okay?! Is that normal?! Ever seen it?! Help!


Anonymous said...

so, um, i'm going to be of no help on this matter. i'm sure my friend, becca (rnshipley) will have some suggestions when she gets back from vacation.

i'd love to know how it all turns out, though.


Unknown said...

It wasn't a corner tub but we had a big, garden tub that had a shower in it (I think it was fairly common in Houston at the time...early 90s) and honestly I think it's a good use of space. My current bathroom would be a hella lot bigger if I didn't have the separate shower and tub (we did it for resale b/c we're never in one place long).

As for the corner...I'm not sure...are I assume that you are planning on an angled tub (when you say corner tub), does this have to be so? I'd say it would be more aesthetically pleasing butted up as an angle might make it more awkward...useless, I know. Sorry.

Chris said...

I can't help you here at all. I have NO EXPERIENCE in renovations or anything of the such. I will however support you with lots of FABULOUS compliments when it's all done and you post the pictures! Oh and I'll be jealous as hell b/c I'm dying for a new master bath with a nice big tub! Someday, in my next house! Can you imagine being 8 or 9 months prego and trying to get out of that tub you have now? GOOD LORD! I left you a comment on my blog about your sex appt next week...tee,hee....that ought to make people wake up and pay attention. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we have a corner jacuzzi tub and seperate shower unit. We put tile on the backsplash to make it look nicer. The shower has glass doors and I think it looks pretty good. I can take a pic and send it to you!

-Allison Norris

Anonymous said...

Ok, now that I look at the picture...I understand better. Do you want the show to be in the tub? I have never see that, but I am sure it has been done!

-Allison Norris

Unknown said...

Hey there- I was waiting for your comment to come through e-mail to respond and for whatever fluke reason (probably b/c it knew I was waiting for it) it never came...e-mail me at the_kept_woman at (yes, with the underscores)! :)