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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas ... Came and went ...

Hey everyone ... um yeah the one person who still reads me ...
I am so so sorry that I have not posted since the first weekend of December -
It seems that life has taken over me.
I used to wake with the gut feeling that I had to blog ...
and then 2 house, 2 babies and a failing business later I am here ...
Trying to live life and stay on top of all the laundry and house cleaning.
Lets see what is happening here ...
Bowden is the love of my life - (Never thought I would say that)
if you have been here before you know that the first 8 months of his life were nothing to be desired, and if it wasn't for the hubby and I NEVER being on the same page at the same time he may not be here! He is freaking adorable! I just want to mush his face with kisses.

Tatum - she is the bell of the ball. One of the funniest kids I have ever met - and I must say beautiful ... she is now potty trained and at 2.5 (30 months) old she was just moved up to the 3 year old class. I do not think it was because she is super smart - because she isn't - (Still doesn't recite the ABC's by herself and sometimes messes up counting to 10 - but she knows all of her colors, shapes, can identify her veggies, knows all of our FULL names and she can sing all kinds of songs ... just not the ABC's - But she is funny as all get out and freaking adorable!

My business - SUCKS - last year at Christmas we had a HUGE party - gave out bonuses, and paid the guys the week of Christmas to stay at home with their families - this year ... No Party, No WORK, No Bonuses, and the last year 38 employee line has been reduced to 6 - yes 6 ... that includes me ... I even fired my dad.

My Hubby Business ... well someone was going to buy him out - it was going to put A LOT of money in our pocket, and a good job for him ... that would have been a literal move ... Sounds okay to me - But it fell through ... the Banks wouldn't help the 10 million dollar a year company buy him ... for a mere 2 million?! Didn't make sense to us ... but they will try again in a year and maybe we will get even more money?! Everything happens for a reason right?!

Okay now onto what all of you come here for ... yep the one of you that still Visits (Thanks Mel) Pictures:
We went to see Santa -

Cheese - this is the best I could do to get them to sit still - hahah

Such a Sutie Pie - Look at those eyes!

The Little things that Santa left Tatum ... he left her a Kitchen as a big gift

The little things that Santa left Bowden ... he left him a tent with balls and a tunnel as his BIG thing!

Bowden being a ham! Love him!


Chris said...

I still read your blog and thanks for your last couple of comments! I'm glad you got our card!!! Miss you. Call me some time! Sorry your life is so crazy right now. I'm praying that it gets better for all of us!! SSSOOONNN!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I still read!!!!

I'm so sorry your business has had such a difficult time. I really hope 2010 is better for you.

I'm amazed Tatum is potty trained at 30 mos. Emery is now 26 mos and I can't imagine she will be potty trained for a long while. She has no interest whatsoever and only occassionally tells me she is dirty.

Must be nice to get one out of diapers during the daytime, eh?

Hope your hubby's business buyout works out for you next year. Sounds like a dream!

Happy New YEar!

Nature Girl said...

I can't believe how BIG they're both getting! And ADORABLE!!!! Both of them! Omgosh those little pinchable cheeks of Bowdens! LOL...

Sorry your businness is having such a rough year. I hope it all gets better soon!

MaKat said...

Hey! I still check in! ;) Sucks about your businesses. At least you still have a great family. The kids are growing up quickly! Bowden looks like a little man already!

Hope your new year is going well so far! Stop by sometime- I don't post often either- kid #2 is getting the shaft already!

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