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Monday, December 07, 2009


Christmas is just around the corner and like ALWAYS it was SnowBE Christmas week. It ALWAYS is the first weekend of December and as always it was a BLAST! Thank you Melanie for hosting.
BK showing us the ornament that MelBel's mom made us!
The 2009 SnowBE Christmas Group!

Our lovely faces!

SnowBE Necklace that I got for Melanie and Naji - wanted to do it for everyone but they were a little $$$ so maybe everyone will get one for their birthday's?!

Me and Amy hiding from the rain.

We had a blast - it was COLD ... we adopted twin 5 year old girls for our "project" each got a new 16" bike, each got a pair of jeans, with a shirt and a fleece jacket. They both then got a smaller toy that was on their list. It was a blast. Hope you are all doing well!


Chris said...

great pics. Loved the comment you left on my blog. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We are doing ok. Thanks for checking in!

Chris said...

Thanks for your card! Yours will be in the mail tomorrow. I didn't still have your new address. oops!