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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travels ...

So I was going to have a blog make over done to this plain jane blog, but I can't get it done. I can't find the hours in the day to do what needs to be done, never mind the things I just want done. hahah So you are stuck with this ... blog for now!
Traveling ...
Lets see, we have been camping at Yogi Bear, had family in town for Labor Day weekend, the race in Richmond, Cancun, and a Panthers game since my last post. I can tell you that while all of it was a blast I am TIRED OUT ... too much! Too much for me! This weekend (well tomorrow) we are leaving for the Charlotte races ... yes I just came home from Charlotte Monday ... Next weekend is my mini reunion party that I have been working on for MONTHS! Halloween is open, then Naji and Jarretts wedding, 1 weekend break and then family in town ... weekend break and then headed to Raleigh for my SnowBE's Christmas! Can we say I am ready to be HOME!

Yogi Bear: Our set up ... 4 camper quads and behind us were 4 other campers with us!

This was the "fun" for most of the weekend!

Play-dough time ... the kids LOVED it!

Bowden ... being the happy baby he now is!

Labor day fun:
Most of the gang
Babies at the baseball game!

Bowden playin in the sand!

Tatum building a sand castle with her daddy!

I have so much more to post - but for now this is it ... we went to the Charlotte Races this past weekend and this weekend I have a reunion! I will be back with more pics soon!

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My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

looks like you had fun!!!