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Thursday, August 06, 2009

I think I will become a Dr.

This is serious ...
Pay attention!!!
Last Wednesday we left Myrtle Beach to go to Ohio.
We go to Ohio every year to see my family.
(Well my mom and dad's family)
Thursday we arrive ... have to call my Aunt's Dr and BEG them to see Tatum.
She was diagnosed with the Croup.
IT IS VIRAL ... which in turn means NO MEDS for you ... good luck with cranky baby!
Friday Bowden started to get very very cranky.
I chalked it up as a tooth (that has been trying to come out for MONTHS) and the "Croup!"
He ran a fever ALL day ... but as you know NIGHT time is 100% WORSE!!!
So at 4 am we woke with a 103 fever ... his legs were swollen and he was SCREAMING!
We finally left for the ER around 6:30 am.
They sent us home ... "it is viral, it will play it's course."
That day was rough ... a lot of crying and in and out of sleep ...
That day was not SO FUN!
Saturday night was HORRIBLE ... he cried all night HOURS and HOURS of screaming!
FINALLY at 4:15 am Andy and I decided that it was NOT viral and it was time to go back to ER.
(now remember we were in a RV with 4 adults and our 2 kids, also a MEAN ASS dog)
On the way to the Dr I called our local Dr. Crying ... yes of course I was crying!
She told us to go back to ER and demand that we not leave UNTIL they tell us SOMETHING!
X-ray, Blood work, and a catheter ... still NOTHING!
Things from there started to get a little better, but not great ...
He had a low grade fever and we decided to come home a day early ...
We packed up and headed home on Monday!
We got home Tuesday ... swam in the pool and river ... relaxed and just hung out!
I kept them from home on Wednesday ... thought that they needed a "break!"
Thursday I took them to day care ...
We didn't even make it to 11 and they called!
He was miserable ... has a rash and high fever, wont stop crying!
We go get him and take him to our Dr.
Guess ... just Guess what they said ...
VIRAL ... NOTHING is wrong with him!
Are you shitting me?~
They did give him a steroid to try and kick his body into getting better ...
I am loosing MY MIND!
I am going to go to school to become a Dr.
I think it would be cheaper than ALL the visits to the Dr.


Unknown said...

Gurl - what a mess!

Andrea said...

Oh man. I can so relate to the many trips to the dr. Not looking forward to the upcoming cold and flu season. We've done the croup over here too. Scary stuff. A barking cough that sounds like they either can't breather or are going to vomit!

LCP said...

Makes you crazy...doesn't it...makes you think everyone thinks YOU are crazy!!

I love we get to take Jack back to the doc for a "follow-up" visit from his first ear infection...Bollux I say...just one more way for them to get more money out of me and my insurance!!

Sure hope the kids are past the "virus" now.