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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look for a CHANGE

Hey everyone ... all 3 of you that read. I am sorry I have been absent. I knew that 2 would be hard, but then when you throw in ALL the other stuff that we do I am way behind. Bowden had a great 1st birthday. We didn't do anything big ... kept it small and had 3 different small celebrations. Tatum thinks that everyday is "Bubbie Burfday" now. It is too cute!

Andy has asked me to make a camping blog ... so rather than doing another one I have decided that this blog is now going to have a BIG CHANGE! I will if needed blog about other things, but I will be mostly posting our camping things.

The first one will be this weekend ... we are going to Tabor City, NC. Yogi Bear Camp Ground. I can't wait!


Jamie said...

Great idea Kim! You guy are always traveling somewhere. When the kids are older y'all should try Damascus, VA and the Virginia Creeper Trail! Older as in can ride a bike or have patience to be pulled behind a bike. It is a blast and there are kids all up and down it.

Unknown said...

Ha! I've totally tried to sell her on the Creeper Trail too. It is SO much fun for adults too!

The Smith Family said...

I look forward to reading about your camping trips.

Unknown said...

We have been trying to plan a camping trip soon. I love camping in the fall, but I'm a little worried about roughin' it with a little one!

Chris said...

sounds cool. Mike & I love to camp. He wants to wait a few years to take the girls REAL camping as he puts it