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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Why gibberish?! Well honestly I have so much to say that I don't even know how to get it all organized! So I will just start with the announcement that I am another honorary aunt. I don't have any real nieces or nephews because the one sibling I have, does not have children. (even if he did I wouldn't know it, we haven't spoken in years) But some of my very best friends in the world do. The newest addition to my extended family:

First Picture: Kaylie only a few minutes old
Mommy and Kaylie Just after birth: looking great Trea!

So congratulations to Trea and Rick! Kaylie is beautiful and I can't wait to witness her growing up! Andy and I love all of you!

Kaylie with Daddy

I guess that really is the most exciting news I have ... Other than the fact that work is swamped, we keep getting bid after bid after bid, and usually we bid and get no awarded jobs. Something has changed it seems like we are getting every job we have bid lately ... Even the ones we bid high. Which is great, but we will have to hire some more people that is FOR SURE! On Monday we bought a new delivery truck ... We knew our old one wouldn't make it through all the work we have coming up .... The new truck is awesome and our delivery driver is now OFFICIALLY spoiled!
The Hurricanes lost last night in over time ... ... That sucks they will now have to play the next game out of town ... Which is BAD. For any of you who played sports you understand this. "home team advantage" is NO JOKE! We will see how it all goes but that "Stanley Cup" is looking future and future away.
I think this weekend will be low key and spent relaxing and getting ready for our busy busy summer and all of the upcoming travels!


Unknown said...

Funny... I do recall a certain someone saying that my blogs are getting too long and that I need to shorten them up.... BUT I do believe that yours are getting longer ;) It's only a matter of time. Just bustin' your chops! :)

Stephanie823 said...

Ok. I hate Trea (she looks like a model after just giving birth - so not fair) and that baby is precious - but she looks so big!! I'm scared!! :) haha. She's adorable....