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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Weird Week

This week has been a really busy, weird week! Work has been crazy, because it is billing week and home life has been mellow and slow! It has actually been very weird. Not much really going on, we are still trying to plan our anniversary vacation which is really messed up because it is currently planed for the same weekend as my college (Lees McRae College) homecoming.
We are trying to figure out how to do it another weekend so I
can be at the homecoming. But so far it has not been working out. I am not going to give up just yet. But I will have to make a decision soon because I was supposed to be in charge of getting the house and stuff for all of the Snow BE's. A ACK Stress is not good.

Other than that not much going on ... We were offered a Mountain house to use for a quick getaway any weekend we want and I hope that this weekend the gang from MB can figure out a plan for that!

My current calendar is looking pretty bare ... I don't have anything in pen until July 21st when Melanie and William come back to the beach for a weekend visit and to celebrate Williams Birthday! Then August 1 - 6th I am off to Ohio. To visit family for the great ol Football hall of Fame. We go to this every year and my aunt puts on a great party! After that I am headed to Jamaica with my Hubby in October for our anniversary! I want to plan a trip to Raleigh to see Julie and Rick's new house (and of course to rub that baby belly). I want to plan a trip to Cali. To see Scott and Kristy. And of course the trip we want to plan to go to the Mountains.

Okay time to stop rambling about my hopeful travels ... But one last note: if you have a moment check out my friend Stephanie's blog. Her brother is FAMOUS, he is in the band Motion City Soundtrack : Her family is so proud and I think it is just awesome to say I know someone who has a famous family member! Ha ha

Hope you all have a great rest of the week, it is almost over!

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