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Friday, June 23, 2006

Stupid People

Okay so get this ... at work we do evaluations on a 2 time a year basis ... Our last evaluations were in March. One of our guys got a $0.25 an hour raise. Yesterday he went to one of our managers and asked him if he could look into taking away his raise?! That it caused him to have to pay to much taxes. He was only getting another $6 - 7 a week on his check and he thought that it was not worth it ... We tired to explain that the government figures his retirement on his pay scale and taxes paid in. We also tried to explain that with every $6 - 7 each week eventually it could be $28 - 35 each week ...
Now do you still want to ask why this place drives me NUTZ?!

1 comment:

bentongal said...

ok that would be BAXTER.... he bitchs about EVERYTHING !! Have a good week !!!