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Sunday, March 30, 2008

i am alive

haha got a little message from Chris asking if I was alive and okay! - Sorry about that blogger friends I have had a TEETHING child and I do not think we are going to be a good teether! That plus preggo plus Andy working on the OTHER house everyday after work this week really wore me out! We had a great Easter - I took Tatum to my mom's early, we went to the house and worked until 1:30ish and then came here showered and went back to my mom's for Easter Dinner. Of course the Easter Bunny visited us there. Tatum got a cute little basket and lots of neat goodies. We read her some stories out of her baby bible and came home! It was very nice ... didn't get ANY pictures with my camera - what a big dork I forgot it! However my mom did get some, but she doesn't know how to upload or share them yet! I have to go teach her this week!

Now are you ready for the BIG NEWS - ... are you ready ... are you sitting down?! I enrolled Tatum in Day Care this past week too! (cry cry sob sob) She starts on the 7th and I know I am going to do worse than her by far! I wanted her to start when she was a year old anyway, but I thought with the new baby on the way, the change in houses soon and all that we have going on that it may be better to start her early and try to get her "used" to it before the move and the baby. He (still no name, but right now Hayden is on the top of the list) will be here in August and that gives her most of April, May, June and about 2 weeks of August to get "used" to school. I did not want her to think she was getting sent away because of a new loud crying thing ... haha
I hope she loves it. I was hoping to find one closer to our new house, but I did not like any of the ones near us ... so the one I did pick is close to our house now and will not be too far out of the way once we move ... anything for her! My parents (dad really) drove me to Charleston, SC 2.5 (there and back) hour drive EVERY Monday and Wednesday after school during High School to play soccer. So a little extra 20 min each way drive will NOT hurt me that is for sure! The one I had my hopes up so big over was the WORSE one ... I left the place crying and weeping. (uncontrollably) that must be Baby Boy Kemp. Haha

Anyway I am alive I am sorry I missed a week of blogging hopefully our teeth ... YES multiple will HURRY up and baby Tatum will go back to sleeping again! Love to you all!


Andrea said...

Well I can surely relate to you right now. We aren't teething, but we are potty training and it is certainly not fun. Also, David will be starting mother's morning out later this year and I really hope he likes it...

Heather said...

It's hard to leave them at day care - but if it's a good place it'll get easier. Then the hard thing becomes when they wave you off - Ok, you can go now!

Glad to see you back.

kimmyk said...

wow, lots going on.
emotional times.

good idea putting her in now if that was your plan. what are you going to do when you have your new lil' one? continue to send her? probably a good idea if you do-that way she stays in her routine and it will give you time to rest when the new one comes. i love the name you have picked out for him...adorable.

the 9 month photos of miss tatum were adorable. she's getting so big!!! and she looks like her papa!!!!!

Tara said...

I hope you get some sleep. Evan is a horrible teether. He just went his first 5 night stretch since he was 6 months old.

Good luck with the new daycare/school.

Chris said...

Girl I feel your pain. Just keep telling yourself this too shall pass! The teeth will calm down I promise. Looking at daycares when prego is hard. I left a few crying when I was prego with Lindsay. The first two weeks she was there I felt awful! However, you'll see that if it's a good school she'll thrive. She will love the interaction with other kids and she'll just amaze you! I love LOVE our daycare now. I really feel like it's a good thing for Lindsay and she's not there open to close so that's a relief.
You will find daycare can be a real life saver at times...especially while your prego and trying to get so much done. I'm guilty of letting her stay an extra hour in the afternoon so that I can sneak in a nap. HANG IN THERE....keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I put Luke in two day preschool last September and I felt so guilty. He was not socializing well and his speech was not progressing so my pedi recommended that I send him. She said he needed more interaction with kids and less with adults. It was pretty bad at first, but it gave me some one on one time with Alex, time to run errands with only one kid in tow, and some extra time around the house. It has worked out really well and he is doing so much better. He may still have to do speech therapy but he is like a completely different kid. Maybe you can just leave her for a few hours the first few weeks.