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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Legs

Many of you asked about the "leggins" Tatum was wearing in her picture ... well I first saw them on A Mommy Story and I LOVED them. So I asked were to get them and here ya go ... BabyLegs! They have them for babies and toddlers. They are great for sunny weather, and for crawling. They are wonderful for changing diapers and they have HUNDREDS to choose from! I love them!

A few older pictures of her in some baby legs


tommie said...

Those are so cute! I think we are finally out of tights weather. But we might be able to still fit them next year.

Tara said...

I love that onesie. I have something similar to the baby legs. I forget what they're called but Evan used his for a short while.

The Partins said...

those are so cool! What a great idea.

As to sleep... I'm starting off by only letting her nap in her crib during the day. If she won't fall asleep, I keep playing with her until she is too tired to resist, and then I put her in her crib. I also have a little toy that plays music that I only play when she sleeps or I'm feeding her so she associates it with sleep. I'm doing this for a week and then I will start the night time part. I hope it works!!! :-)

Chris said...

Those are precious and I love that last onsie....OMG..too funny!
Thanks for the scoop on the baby legs.

kimmyk said...

those are freakin adorable!
i love the second onesie!!!! too freakin' cute!

Anonymous said...

oh, she is gorgeous, kimmy! LOVE these pictures!

Nature Girl said...

she is an absolute doll and those leggings are soooo cute!

Yay for a baby brother too! How cool is that!


Chris said...


Saw your comment on my blog about the itching and it's all gone. Fluke??? I don't know. Thank Goodness. I think maybe I was just too stressed out about the dog and the cat etc....Thanks for asking!